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Metabolism News

Antarctic's giant sea spiders show resilience to warming waters

Scientists have wondered for decades why marine animals that live in the polar oceans and the deep sea can reach giant sizes there, but nowhere else. Researchers from the Universities of Hawaii and Montana decided to find out.

Essential Science: Machine learning predicts metabolism

London - Researchers are testing out machine learning algorithms which can make a prediction about yeast metabolism based on an assessment of the yeast protein content. This insight will aid scientists to personalize treatments for metabolic disorder patients.

Binge eating linked to other health conditions

In a new study, the syndrome ‘binge-eating disorder’ has been connected with a broad range of other illnesses. The research indicates the strongest associations relate to the endocrine and circulatory systems.

Dinosaurs really were warm-blooded, study suggests

Dinosaurs grew quickly and were warm-blooded just like modern mammals, says a scientist who researched the metabolism of these ancient creatures.

Can our metabolism change our memory?

New York - Fruit flies learn and remember a preference for lower-calorie typical lab nutrition over high-calorie food, according to a new study.

Human metabolism mapped

Scientists have unveiled the most comprehensive atlas of genes underlying human metabolic pathways. This is in order to understand better, and treat, various metabolic diseases.

Transient fluctuations in blood glucose can have metabolic karma

A study from the Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute shows that even transient or short-term variations in blood glucose levels could result in long-lasting effects on a person's health

How a good diet leads to a healthy gut

According to a leading nutritionist, diet is key for our gastrointestinal health. A good diet can prevent several immune related disorders and ill-health effects.

Hormone therapy drug could help fight obesity

Some tests of a hormone therapy suggest it can reduce cholesterol and improve weight loss in obese patients with type-2 diabetes.

Could a breath test replace the blood test?

New research has shown that individuals can be identified by the unique chemical signatures in their breath, suggesting that exhalations could be used to scan for diseases or test people for drug abuse. Such tests could also replace blood and urine tests.

Obseity May be Combated by Making Metabolism More Inefficient

A study in mice has found that inactivating a pair of key genes involved in "fat-burning" can actually increase energy expenditure and help lower diet-induced obesity.

Op-Ed: Supermouse: Accidental result of a gene tweak

A mouse with the abilities of a super athlete, and the sex drive of a super stud has been created by a bit of tinkering with a gene mice share with humans. The downside is this is one very aggressive mouse.

Boost Your Metabolism the Natural Way

Fatigue and obesity plague many developed countries. This modern day epidemic stems from not only demanding schedules but also poor diet and health awareness. Here are some simple ways to boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels.

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More often than not  DNP powder is put in clear capsules and shipped to unwary customers with no kno...
More often than not, DNP powder is put in clear capsules and shipped to unwary customers with no knowledge of the safety of the drug.

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