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Pope says 'happy to write new page in history' with UAE visit

Vatican City - Pope Francis said he was looking to write a new page in the history of relations between religions with his visit to the United Arab Emirates from Sunday."I am happy ...

McCain takes parting shot at Trump in final message

Phoenix - Late US senator John McCain took a final swipe at Donald Trump in his farewell message to the nation delivered posthumously Monday, denouncing "tribal rivalries," as an aide confirmed the president will not attend the lawmaker's funeral.

Argentine sub reported short-circuit in last message: report

Buenos Aires - In their last message, the crew of a missing Argentine submarine reported an electrical short-circuit caused by seawater which had started a fire, a TV channel reported Monday.

New Taliban leader tells U.S. to end Afghan 'occupation'

Kabul - New Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada called on the US Saturday to end its "occupation" of Afghanistan in his first message since being appointed the militant group's chief.

N. Korea leader touts 'thrilling sound' of H-bomb in test order

Seoul - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un personally signed the order three weeks ago authorising Pyongyang's latest nuclear test, calling for 2016 to kick off with the "thrilling sound" of a hydrogen bomb explosion.

'Terrorism to be condemned' in French mosques at Friday prayers

Paris - The body representing Muslims in France said it would ask all 2,500 mosques in the country to condemn "all forms of violence or terrorism" in prayers this Friday, following the Paris attacks.

Pakistan shutting down encrypted BlackBerry messages for security

Pakistan's communications authority has asked the major phone networks in the country to stop delivering encrypted messages between BlackBerry smartphones within the next 90 days, due to "serious" security concerns.

iMessage experiences severe widespread outage, no known cause

Apple's iMessage service has been experiencing widespread service issues this morning, according to numerous frustrated reports from users on social media sites. There has been no official acknowledgement but the outage is now trending on Twitter.

Microsoft races to patch crippling Skype bug

Microsoft has rushed out an update to Skype on several major platforms after a crippling bug was discovered and widely reported yesterday. Similarly to an issue that recently affected iPhones, Skype would crash when a certain message was received.

Washington Post mobile site hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The mobile-friendly version of the Washington Post's website was hijacked for a short time Thursday night by hackers claiming to be from the Syrian Electronic Army. Visitors found warning pop-up messages from the hackers.

Xbox One May update brings new features including voice messages

Microsoft has released the May update for its Xbox One games console and media hub. It features several notable new features that have been often requested by the community including the ability to send voice messages and turn the console on remotely.

Video: Guy late for work leaves funniest voicemail ever

This voicemail is just too good not to share. A man is phoning the office to explain that he's going to be a little late and then witnesses an accident. From there on in it just gets totally hilarious.

Video: Holocaust survivor's inspiring message for young Germans

Newark - Ninety-year-old Emery Jacoby was taken to a concentration camp at the age of 20. Both his sisters also survived, but their parents were never seen again. He sent an inspiring message to young Germans, in the hope that such events will never be repeated.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini scheduled for release this weekend

If the five-inch Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be a bit overkill for your purposes, the good news is you do not have to wait much longer. Samsung has revealed the release date for the 'Mini' series for the S4 arriving this weekend.

Op-Ed: How Facebook could potentially replace e-mails altogether

Communication is becoming more and more convenient by the second. Perhaps not by the second, but as time progresses, so does the efficiency when it comes to communication.

Drycleaner puts 'Pro-life' message on their hangers

Cincinnati - Springdale Drycleaners, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been etching "choose life" ads on wire coat hangers that are used to hang dry-cleaning.

Syrian authorities send rebels text message:'Game Over'

Damascus - Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime, say they have received text messages on their mobile phones from authorities saying, "Game Over."

Luke Rudkowski: Message to humanity (video)

Luke Rudkowski of We are Change had one wish for his birthday. He asked everyone on Twitter and Facebook to make videos of themselves, saying their one message to the world.

Op-Ed: Animal PC gone completely wild

I want to take a jab at (JAE) Journal of Animal Ethics. I’ll refrain from referring to the critters as "brutes" and say they’ve gone completely “wild" for introducing Politically Correctness to send the right message to all animals.

The Queen talks about the Bible and sport in Christmas message

London - Queen Elizabeth talked of the history of the King James version of the Bible and the role sport and games play in bringing people together during her Christmas message this year.

Pope Calls On Humanity To Live in Peace With Environment

Pope Benedict XVI has called on humanity to protect the environment in his annual World Day of Peace message. In his address at the Vatican, the Pontiff has linked peace with the natural environment to peace among nations.

Pres. Obama addressed school kids, reactions run the gamut Special

School districts were faced with a decision about how to handle Pres. Obama’s speech to America’s school children. A sample of responses from Arkansas to Alaska are featured in this follow-up article.

Op-Ed: Has President Obama Lost His Mojo?

Among the attributes that first caught America’s attention about Senator Barack Obama were his vision, oratory and his capacity to appeal to an individual’s conscience and perhaps call one to a higher purpose.

'Pointless Babble' Accounts for 40 per cent of Twitter Messages

A study carried out by a market research firm in the U.S. has concluded that over 40% of messages sent via Twitter can be classed as "pointless babble."

Builders Find Message Written by Auschwitz Prisoners 65 Years Ago

A message in a bottle? Sounds like a fairy tale. In this case, it's anything but. Seven boys, prisoners in the Auschwitz death camp secretly buried a bottle to try to make themselves part of history. Here's their story.

Muhammad's Great Adventure, The Movie

Despite being a largish religion, movies about the founder of Islam are in short supply. It is apparently difficult to make a movie about a character who can't be shown at all.

Bebo Takes Social Networking Interstellar

Last week, Bebo poked Gliese 581, one of our stellar neighbours. The social networking site collected 501 messages from members then beamed them into space using a giant radio telescope.

Twittering or Texting Too Much Leads To New Psychiatric Disease

An article in the American Journal of Psychiatry claims that sending too many text messages has serious implications for your health, possibly leading to an addiction. The extent of this malady is still unknown because of the denial surrounding it.

Op-Ed: 'Either we heal now as a team else we die as individuals'

Nobody should underestimate the historic significance of the coming General Election in November. However, this significance has nothing to do with the fact that it will see either the first black or women candidate for President.

House fires with a message in the Northwest

People who are ant-sprawl activists or have other motives, than a new-built house sitting empty in a previous rural area apparently makes a great target for an attack by fire.
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