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Prawns and Haagen-Dazs on the menu as Trump-Kim meet

Fpo - The main course may be hard-to-swallow denuclearisation, but Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un also had a heady mix of Yangzhou fried rice and a dark chocolate tartlet ganache on their plates during their historic summit Tuesday.

McDonald's vows to solve mystery of the missing mozzarella

Oak Brook - McDonald's Corp. has responded to a wave of criticism on social media about a new appetizer offered as a replacement for its popular dollar menu.

'Unified', 'appropriate' Windows 10 Start menu wins design award

The new-look Start menu in Microsoft's Windows 10 has been chosen as the winner of the IDSA Design Award. It has drawn praise for allowing users to experience technology in a "contextually appropriate manner", a point of controversy for some who prefer 7.

McDonald's reports profit overall despite decline in U.S. sales

New York City - The world's largest hamburger chain is still looking for the magic formula to beef up its menu and reverse years of declining U.S. sales.

Starbucks raises price of some of its drinks

Seattle - Feeling the pain? You're not alone. Your morning coffee just got a little more expensive. Starbucks, the nation's largest cafe chain, raised the price of most of its drinks by as much as 20 cents on Tuesday.

Microsoft still working on Interactive Live Tiles for Windows 10

During a session at Microsoft's Ignite conference last week, the company announced that it is still working hard on making Interactive Live Tiles a reality in a future update to Windows 10, enabling users to access features of apps directly from Start.

Op-Ed: Why search must succeed and be cohesive in Windows 10

If Windows 10 is to do only one thing right, it must be getting searching down to a finely-tuned art. After the disastrous full-screen interface of Windows 8, the new Start menu in Windows 10 needs to deliver the cohesive search once offered by Windows 7.

Dunkin' Donuts announces major West Coast expansion Special

Canton - Dunkin' Donuts, the ubiquitous East Coast coffee chain little known in the western United States, announced plans Monday to open hundreds of cafes in Northern California.

Starbucks drives itself to college

New York City - If you've ever been plum tuckered out during a long day of learning following a long night of studying, Starbucks plans to have your back.

What's for dinner? Starbucks, of course

Los Angeles - The giant Starbucks cafe chain appears to be considering expanding its food menu to include dinner items, including hamburgers.

'Titanic & Transport' — Enigmatic treasures on auction

Devizes - April 26 marks a very special auction run by Henry Aldridge & Son of Devizes in the UK. Named "Titanic & Transport," enigmatic memorabilia and relics from the famous RMS Titanic are on offer, including a very detailed letter from a survivor.

Taco Bell will start to have healthier choices by the year 2020

Fast food restaurant Taco Bell may be known for having a menu that includes a lot of junk food, but the company is planning to have healthier options by 2020.

Denny's new Las Vegas restaurant puts weddings on the menu

Las Vegas - Denny's opened up a restaurant on Thursday in Las Vegas, with a wedding chapel where couples can get married after eating a meal at the restaurant.

McDonald's to introduce calorie counters to restaurant menus

Oak Brook - Next time you head over to a McDonald's, you could start seeing calorie content on its restaurant and drive-thru menus. The world's largest hamburger chain will launch the initiative across the United States starting Monday.

Burger joint takes off 'half-breed' burger names from menu

Toronto - A popular Toronto burger joint decided to take two items off of their menu due to people complaining about the names that they were given.

An edible Oscar in 3D is on the Governors Ball menu Special

In keeping up with the times, Oscar is edible in 3D after the show at the annual Governors Ball, which takes place immediately following Sunday's Oscar telecast.

Tim Hortons to add Beef Lasagna Casserole to its menu

Toronto - Would you like lasagna with that double double coffee? Tim Hortons has announced that it is serving Beef Lasagna Casserole to its customers. Company officials will unveil the new menu item on Monday.

EasyJet under fire after offering pork only menu on Israel flight

Tel Aviv - Passengers aboard an EasyJet flight from Israel to London experienced a bit of turbulence when it was announced shortly after takeoff that the menu options for those wanting to dine were limited to pork products, instead of the standard kosher fare.

Pub in UK offers special menu for dogs

Not only are dogs welcome at one chain of pubs, they are now being offered a special canine menu. This is a move which could be very welcome to both dogs and their owners out for a walk.

Horse Meat: The New Delicacy

A French restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland is the first in the UK to offer "saucisson de cheval", or horse meat. Diners are devouring it faster than the restaurant can keep it on hand.

McDonald's to roll out dollar breakfast menu in U.S.

McDonald's will roll out a variety of breakfast items for only $1 in the U.S. early next month. The move is expected to provide a kick-start to falling breakfast sales.

Denny’s is Going Lower Sodium on Several Menu Items

Denny’s, the largest restaurant chain in the United States with more than 1,500 stores, is getting the salt out of several of its menu items, with new emphasis on its children’s menu.

Op-Ed: The Menu At U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization's Summit Tastes Divine

As world leaders discuss what can be done about the global food crisis they gorge themselves on the best that Rome has to offer. While people across the globe can only hope for a cup of rice they are indulging on puff pastries with mozzarella and shrimp.

No More Sandwiches: Starbucks to Trim Menu

Coffee giant Starbucks is trimming its menu in an attempt to re-position itself as the "leading roaster of specialty coffee in the world." The first items to go? Egg sandwiches.

Cracker Barrel Customer Cut by Razor Blade in Hamburger

Cracker Barrel announced today that it has pulled hamburgers from hundreds of its restaurants after a customer in Myrtle Beach, SC reported cutting her mouth on a piece of metal cooked in a patty.

Raccoon back on the menu at fundraiser

After a four-year absence, raccoon is back on the menu for the Hibernia Community Building's annual fundraiser. LaVeran Lorenz, 86, has agreed to resume cooking duties for the March 24 event - with a little help with the cleaning.

Chef Marco's wife puts divorce on the menu in his Dining Restaurant

Chef Marco Pierre White's Wife divorces him in his dining restaurant overturning the table and throwing wine and ashtray.

Family recipes on campus dining menus

One thing college freshmen miss most from being away from home is home-cooked meals with help of much-loved family recipes. Colleges are now making the transition from home to college easy by including family recipes on campus dining menus

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Chow down.
Chow down.
A typical menu selection at McDonald s.
A typical menu selection at McDonald's.
Julie Kertesz (CC BY 2.0)
Chow down.
Chow down.
Joints are on the menu at an Amsterdam coffee shop.
Joints are on the menu at an Amsterdam coffee shop.
Windows 10 Start screen [Preview build]
Windows 10 Start screen [Preview build]
SALES GROWTH: A life-size plastic Ronald McDonald character oversees business at a McDonald s restau...
SALES GROWTH: A life-size plastic Ronald McDonald character oversees business at a McDonald's restaurant in Delft, Netherlands, in 2005.
M.Minderhoud / Wikimedia Commons
Menu at Cusmos
Menu at Cusmos
CONCEPT: A Rock & Roll McDonald s restaurant is seen on the North Side of Chicago.
CONCEPT: A Rock & Roll McDonald's restaurant is seen on the North Side of Chicago.
TonytheTiger/Wikimedia Commons
A young guest wearing a present during Christmas lunch in Lyon France 2010
A young guest wearing a present during Christmas lunch in Lyon France 2010
Chow down.
Chow down.
Chow down.
Chow down.
A McDonald s restaurant with a cafe upstairs is shown on Yee Wo Street in Hong Kong.
A McDonald's restaurant with a cafe upstairs is shown on Yee Wo Street in Hong Kong.
Docryackie/Wikimedia Commons
Chow down.
Chow down.
Chow down.
Chow down.

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