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Mentally ill News

Class action launched over treatment of mentally ill inmates

Toronto - A proposed class-action lawsuit filed in Ontario on Friday that alleges the federal government fails to provide adequate care to mentally ill prisoners, relying too heavily on solitary confinement and not giving proper medications.

Nigerian atheist said to be mentally ill for not believing in God

Mubarak Bala, a 29-year old chemical engineering graduate living in Nigeria, has been committed against his will to a psychiatric hospital in Kano state after he declared he didn't believe in God, much to the embarrassment of his family.

Montana State Prison sued over treatment of mentally ill

Prisons in the United States have become the nation's newest mental health asylums. Not only does the U.S. have the highest incarceration rate of any developing nation, at least half of these inmates have mental health problems.

Tigers refuse to eat man who offers himself as food

A 27-year old mentally disturbed Chinese man is fortunate two white Bengal tigers in a zoo enclosure had already been fed the day he decided to offer himself as food.

Mentally ill people 'hit hard by recession'

The economic recession across Europe has had a major impact on people who suffer from mental health issues, according to research from King's College London.

Op-Ed: Chicago woman arrested 396 times — US justice system fails

Chicago - Shermain Miles, 51, lived in Uptown and was a fixture and menace in Edgewater, another north side neighborhood. The Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday that Miles has finally been ordered to a mental health and substance abuse treatment program.

New concern about antipsychotic drug misuse in nursing homes

New York - A new report indicates that antipsychotic drugs have been administered to elderly patients in nursing homes in New York City. The drugs were used to pacify thousands of senior citizens even though many have no mental illnesses and may not need them.

B.C. cop shoots and kills mentally ill man while he crawls

A heart-wrenching video showing a Vancouver police officer appearing to shoot a mentally ill man as he crawls on his hands and knees has set off a new investigation, five years after Paul Boyd was killed.

Video of CA cops beating homeless man to death shown in court

Almost a year ago, 2 California police officers beat a 37-year-old homeless man, Kelly Thomas to death. Now video footage of the brutal attack has been revealed in court.

Man targeting mentally ill in Toronto's west side

Toronto - A man appears to be targeting people with mental health issues in Toronto's west end area in the Queen Street West and Lansdowne Avenue.

Katrina Anniversary Affects Mentally Ill, Event a Joke for Others

The mentally ill of Hurricane Katrina continue to struggle with memories of the flood that devastated the Southeastern Coast of the United States just four years ago. Still some people found time to scoff.

Mother who placed child in oven not guilty by reason of insanity

In January a mother of five children called the police to ask them to come and get her. In the call to 911 she said she was harming her children.

Forcible Use of Electrical Shock Therapy Challenged by Patient, Human Rights Groups

Treatment for the mentally ill can be difficult when those who need medication or help refuse it. People who are depressed or suffer from schizophrenia can be candidates for ECT when they are considered to be at risk for harming themselves or others.

Police Officer Discovered Westside Health Care Center Failed Its Residents

Last March Cincinnati police Officer Aaron Layton made a disgusting discovery as he searched Westside Health Care Center room by room for a suspect. The nursing home was in such disarray that Layton returned 16 days later armed with a search warrant.

Iraq Launches Initiative To Gather Homeless And Mentally Handicapped

According to an official with Iraq’s interior ministry, the government is taking measures to prevent suicide bombing attacks by attempting to round up all homeless and the mentally ill to keep them from being used by insurgents.

Mental Health Facility Fighting to Remain Open, Lacks Essential Funding

One of Ontario’s only long-term care facilities for the mentally ill is facing increased financial pressure to remain open. The Royal Ottawa Place, home to almost 100 residents, is demanding increased provincial funding as a means to survive.

Stun gun use on mentally ill

Advocates for the mentally ill are questioning Houston police officers' use of stun guns on suspects with mental problems, many of whom were unarmed and then never charged with a crime.

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Just one individual out of tens of thousands who will call the sidewalks of Buenos Aires home tonigh...
Just one individual out of tens of thousands who will call the sidewalks of Buenos Aires home tonight.
The woman on the edge of the sidewalk on Kalakaua in Waikiki is on the beach side  one of a growing ...
The woman on the edge of the sidewalk on Kalakaua in Waikiki is on the beach side, one of a growing number of mentally ill on the streets in Hawaii's flagship tourist areas.

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