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Mental health News

New online mental health toolkit

Psychologists and web designers have got together to produce an online tool that allows people to evaluate their own mental health. The new concept is called Lantern.

Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival coming in Toronto

Toronto - The first and largest mental health film festival in the world, Rendezvous with Madness (RWM), returns to the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto from November 10th to 15th, 2014 for its 22nd edition.

Low mental health budget means long wait for UK patients

Only 1.4 percent of the UK's public health budgets are spent on mental health, according to a recent report by mental health charity Mind.

Link between physical and mental health

Researchers have shown how a muscle gene associated with the metabolite kynurenine, which can cross the blood-brain barrier, relieves symptoms of depression in exercising mice.

Revealing the genetics of schizophrenia

Three independent genetic studies suggests that schizophrenia is a group of heritable disorders associated with distinct clinical syndromes.

Would you want to know if you will get dementia? Special

If you had an incurable neurological disorder, would you want to know? This global study found that three out of four respondents said “yes”, even if there was no cure.

Op-Ed: Youth and mental illness: A cohesive strategy is needed

In celebration of this year’s International Youth Day observed on Tuesday, August 12, mental health was rightfully placed at the forefront of discussions.

Genetic causes of schizophrenia are 'considerable'

The number of known genetic variants linked with schizophrenia has more than tripled, following a massive genome-wide association study.

Broad Institute's groundbreaking announcement on psychiatric research Promoted

On Tuesday, July 22, at 10 a.m. ET the Broad Institute and the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research delivered a groundbreaking announcement about psychiatric research research.

One in three Alzheimer's cases is 'preventable'

New research from the University of Cambridge argues that one in three cases of Alzheimer's disease worldwide is preventable.

Op-Ed: Many factors contributed to Rodger's massacre

Santa Barbara - Whenever a mass murder occurs in America, the tragedy is politicized before the bodies of the victims reach the morgue. Instantly the cause of the massacre is simplified, by wrongfully placing the blame on a single entity.

Canadians' mental health records shared with FBI, border patrol

Toronto - Canadian police departments have been sharing mental health information of Canadians by uploading it to a database that the FBI and U.S. Customs has access to, which has been used to deny entry by border control agents.

Op-Ed: It’s not about the police, but how they are trained

Fullerton - The jury in the Kelly Thomas case in delivered a verdict of not guilty. As you may recall, the central issue was the responsibility for the death of Thomas.

Disturbed sleep and nightmares may point to psychotic disorders

New research has warned that nightmares and disturbed sleep patterns in children may be an early warning sign of psychotic disorders in later life.

Genetic complexities of schizophrenia revealed

Two new studies provide insight into the genetics of schizophrenia and the results show once again how complex the condition is.

Canadian initiatives to support mental health

Toronto - Grand Challenges Canada, an organization funded by the government of Canada has announced it is to fund three key initiatives relating to global mental health issues.

Op-Ed: One in ten children have ADHD and have the diagnoses to prove it

According to a fairly recent study, ADHD diagnoses for children between the ages of 4 and 17 years old have risen by 42% in the last decade. If these diagnoses are true, more than one in 10 U.S. children have ADHD.

Op-Ed: Mental health and Obamacare

Notwithstanding the current technical glitches and continuing controversies surrounding it, the Affordable Care Act has the potential to make a real difference on the mental health of millions of Americans.

No link between psychedelic drugs and mental health issues

A new study suggests that using psychedelic drugs does not increase a person's risk of developing mental health problems.

The best way to exercise your brain? Have an orgasm.

New Brunswick - The importance of keeping your body healthy through a healthy diet and exercise has been well documented for years but did you know that providing your brain with a daily mental workout will keep your brain healthy?

Op-Ed: 4 Ways technology is changing the treatment of mental illness

Mental health problems are mounting on a global scale and technology is rising to meet the challenge of helping to treat them.

Medical staff to help police with mental health cases

London - The U.K. government has embarked upon a new scheme where trained nurses will assist police officers attending to mental health emergencies.

New research suggests suicide is a mental disorder

With suicide rates higher than ever, scientists debate classifying suicidal tendencies as a behavior disorder. Continuing research will ultimately determine whether suicide stems from a behavior disorder or is in response to a mood disorder.

Mental health training to be offered to military veterans

London - The U.K. government has decided to offer support to military veterans suffering from mental health problems. This will be through a new nationwide training program.

Dealing with depression Special

For far too long now I have suffered with depression; it wasn’t until recently that I have started to find the strength to overcome it. For years depression had ruled my life and I finally decided that I was not going to let it control me any more.

Challenges for Jimmy Rave create opportunities for James Guffey Special

Atlanta - This past weekend, I went to New York City to watch my friends wrestle. It had been a while since I had been on the road so some of the faces were a bit unfamiliar. One in particular was a guy named James Guffey, known to his fans as "Jimmy Rave."

Op-Ed: Cannabis users linked to mental illness?

Many people throughout the world use cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana. But, according to a new study, people who have a mental illness are now linked to using marijuana more than people without a mental illness. I don't believe it to be true.

Op-Ed: Supreme Court Must Look at LGBTQ+ Mental Health Issues

Continuing to evade this historically divisive issue is simply no longer possible. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) must consider the issue of mental health in all its LGBTQ+ deliberations.

Antipsychotic drug use increases for Medicaid kids

New research, from the U.S., has shown that antipsychotic drugs among Medicaid-insured children were prescribed five times more often than for children with private insurance from 1997 to 2006.

Toronto housing project Home/Chez Soi will continue

In Canada there are safety nets for those who need a hand up but what about for those who need more than just a boost? Mentally ill street people have fallen through the cracks for years but that could be changing.
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Mental health Image

Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto s Dundas Square
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto's Dundas Square
Shane Mullins/
Jeff Moat  President of Partners for Mental Health
Jeff Moat, President of Partners for Mental Health
Shane Mullins/
Cloth embroidered by a schizophrenia sufferer
Cloth embroidered by a schizophrenia sufferer
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto s Dundas Square
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto's Dundas Square
Shane Mullins/
People with mental and psychosocial disabilities are among the most marginalized groups in developin...
People with mental and psychosocial disabilities are among the most marginalized groups in developing countries. Even though development actors have pledged to focus their work on the most vulnerable in a community, many programmes continue to ignore and exclude this vulnerable group.
Logo for the Cambridge-based Broad Institute
Logo for the Cambridge-based Broad Institute
Via Broad Institute
A walk on a path by the lagoon can soothe the mind and relieve stress.
A walk on a path by the lagoon can soothe the mind and relieve stress.
Screen shot
United States Marine Corps., via Wikimedia Commons
Duncan Bannatyne
Duncan Bannatyne
Wikimedia Commons
Cover of book   Henry s Demons
Cover of book, "Henry's Demons"
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto s Dundas Square
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto's Dundas Square
Shane Mullins/
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto s Dundas Square
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto's Dundas Square Casey
Shane Mullins/
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto s Dundas Square
Not Myself Today-wall of moods at Toronto's Dundas Square
Shane Mullins/

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