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Mental disorders News

A third of cancer patients go through psychological disorders

A study from the University of Leipzig has found that one in three cancer patients develop mental illness. According to the study, this almost 50% higher than the rate in the general population, which stands at around 20%.

Op-Ed: Invasion of the mind — A machine that can scan dreams?

Berkeley - Could it be that the “surveillance society” has gone a bit further overboard than anyone realizes? A new machine is claimed to be able to scan dreams. It can in fact reconstruct faces, if people think of them.

Op-Ed: Compassion training for adults — Yes, really

Sydney - Compassion is one of the higher human traits. It’s not as common as it should be, in fact you could say the current global society is designed to prevent it. So someone’s come up with a way of training people to be compassionate.

New research suggests suicide is a mental disorder

With suicide rates higher than ever, scientists debate classifying suicidal tendencies as a behavior disorder. Continuing research will ultimately determine whether suicide stems from a behavior disorder or is in response to a mood disorder.

Spare the rod: Spanking tied to mental illness in adulthood

Sparing the rod, doesn't spoil the child — it saves them. A new study shows use of the rod or any of its variations (slapping, spanking) increases a child's risk of lifelong mental problems. Experts suggest other methods like "time outs" instead.

Burden of mental disorders found in unprecedented study

Europeans are facing high numbers of untreated mental and neurological disorders, posing a major health challenge. The finding, according to the study authors, is a call for action, and is discovered in an unprecedented large study.

Study Links Pot Smoking to Psychosis

A new study says people who toke marijuana every day or every week double their chances of developing a mental illness over their lifetime. And if you've ever smoked a joint, you increased your lifetime risk of developing psychotic illness by 40 per cent.

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