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Memories News

Review: Like Mike dazzles on new solo electronic track 'Memories' Special

Like Mike of the acclaimed electronic duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike is back with his new solo track, "Memories," which is quite stunning.

Will it be possible to erase 'bad' memories?

Will it be possible, at some future point, to eradicate 'bad' memories? Such as those associated with post-traumatic stress disorder? New study of snail neurons suggests memories that trigger anxiety can be erased.

Brain gains in elderly mice given human umbilical cord plasma

In what could turn out to be a major science breakthrough, researchers have succeeded in rejuvenating old mice’s brains and improve their memories by injecting them with plasma taken from human umbilical cords.

The new theory about memory formation surprises scientists

The rules of memory are 'beautifully' rewritten, according to new Riken-MIT research. The findings completely change earlier theories about the formation of memories in the brain.

Eating sweets rewires the brain

Eating sweet foods leaves a trace memory in the brain in a way that is different when savory foods are consumed. Here neurons in the brain are switched on and a memory is formed.

Meet the social network promising immortality amongst AI users

A new social network is promising users digital immortality and interaction with intelligent, developing AI visitors. Users will each have an AI representative on the site, making posts in the same style as they would when the real person goes offline.

Finding out how birds remember when asleep

Washington - A new study argues that birds could provide a new animal model for memory consolidation during sleep. The results may be applicable to people.

Can fear be prevented?

Scientists have identified neurons in the brain that are involved in encoding fear in mice. This has led to suggestions that it might be possible to "eliminate fear."

Miracle memories resurface in Sochi

As would be expected, Russian and American memories of the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics 'Miracle on Ice' are as different as the Cold War philosophies that provided the backdrop for a sporting contes...

How to fix traumatic memories?

Is it possible to take traumatic memories disappear? A group of scientists think that this might be possible for the most recent, trauma-inducing events.

New method for blocking harmful memories

Researchers have put forward a method for blocking harmful memories associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and drug addiction.

Review: Kenny and Dolly Together Show takes audience down memory lane Special

Tribute shows come in different packages. When the show is neatly packed it is first-class entertainment. When it is not, the audience can feel a bit cheated.

Lisa Marie Presley goes from Elvis Week to Grand Ole Opry

Memphis - Lisa Marie Presley is a very busy woman these days. The only child of Elvis and Priscilla, is busy promoting her new CD "Storm and Grace," but she also will make an appearance in Memphis for Elvis Week 2012.

Canadian hockey fan lives the dream at Stanley Cup final Special

Los Angeles - Jamie Forsyth is a Canadian-born, Los Angeles-living composer and hockey fanatic. He realized a long-held dream when he witnessed the Los Angeles Kings win the Stanley Cup.

Nearly 8,000 US soldiers to get video memories of their service

When the nearly 8,000 3rd Infantry Division based out of Fort Stewart, Georgia return from Iraq and Afghanistan at the end of the year they will be receiving Battalion-specific historical records.

Op-Ed: What if science could erase our memories?

Recently, New York researchers discovered how to delete memories in rodents. If the memory-erasing drug could work on humans, the consequences to control what recollections remain in our minds would be monumental.

Researchers have linked a neurotransmitter to blocking fears

Bad memories taking their toll? A new research study has found a link between a glutamate receptor and the ability to "unlearn" bad memories. This could have major implications in future treatment for anxiety, phobias and PTSD.

Trip Down Memory Lane: Subotica (Part I)

Subotica is a town in former Yugoslavia (now Serbia) in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. It is located close to the Hungarian border and thus, the population consists of Hungarians, Serbians and Croatians.

Research Reveals How Memories Are Made

According to the researchers the creation of memory in brain uses the same method as the individual cells use to control their genes during embryonic development

Babies Create Memories, then Forget

Scientists have found that babies do in fact create memories that last even for months. They just aren't able to remember and retain them long enough.

Seasonal Memories

Over-spending, standing in countless lines and hoping to just get through each day is not the way to celebrate the holiday season.

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