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Op-Ed: Sonoma gathers for 56th annual Memorial Day ceremony for Veterans Special

Sonoma - Hundreds showed up on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014 at the Sonoma Veterans Memorial Park to honor all those who have served the nation in military service. This past Monday was the 56th annual Memorial Day Observance for Sonoma Valley.

Op-Ed: Remembering my Grandfather on Memorial Day Special

Memorial Day in the United States has two distinct identities. Back yard barbecues and parties are had by most to celebrate a free weekend, but for some the more somber undertone takes the forefront and they remember fallen American Warfighters.

Op-Ed: 'Buddy-poppies' appearing, it is Memorial Day, time to reflect Special

Sonoma - As summer approaches, just about everyone knows that Memorial Day is the official day that ushers in the summer season. But for veterans and those that still remember the wars Americans fought in to preserve freedom, Memorial Day is one of honor.

Review: Doug Briney salutes the 'Unknown Soldier' in new country single Special

Country singer Doug Briney will release his new single "Unknown Soldier" on Monday, in honor of the Memorial Day holiday, to pay homage to the troops.

Review: Jessie James Decker honors troops this Memorial Day in new video Special

Singer-songwriter Jessie James Decker has released a special music video today for "Coming Home," the title cut of her new EP.

Paul van Dyk to play Memorial Day show in Governors Island, NYC

World renowned DJ and Grammy-nominated artist Paul van Dyk will be playing a show in New York City this Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day weekend may be the most dangerous time of year

Despite being a day for remembrance, Memorial Day is often one filled with BBQs, beers, and often times DUIs. This article the dark side of Memorial Day and the new tendency toward drink and driving.

Conservatives pissed at Lena Dunham's Memorial Day toilet tweet

Conservative commentators were left in a frothing rage by a Memorial Day message tweeted by actress/filmmaker Lena Dunham.

A.C. Firefighters rescue 50 people trapped in casino elevators

Atlantic City - Memorial Day visitors to Atlantic City got more than they bargained for after 50 patrons got stuck in two separate elevators.

Op-Ed: Remembering the millions of innocents killed in US imperial wars

In the years since the end of World War II, the United States has killed more innocent people in more foreign countries than any other nation on earth.

Op-Ed: This Memorial Day, it's time for soldiers to come home

As cookouts and barbecues get under way, it's easy to forget those who won't have the opportunity to spend the day with their loved ones. This Memorial Day, let's honor their sacrifice by bringing them home.

17-year cicada broods make their presence known in New Jersey Special

Watchung - As the unusual cold snap broke on Sunday, the 17-year cicadas made their appearance known - emerging from the ground in swelling numbers.

Native American vets want recognition, memorial

A grassroots effort has been brewing among Native American Indian tribes around the country to erect a soldier statue on the National Mall in recognition of Native American Indians, as well as Alaskan Natives and Native Hawaiians.

PBS set to air Veterans Day special

Washington - As the United States gets ready for Veterans Day, PBS preps for their inaugural broadcast titled "National Salute to Veterans." It airs Nov. 11 on PBS at 7 p.m. CST.

Op-Ed: How I spent Memorial Day in four African countries

My 13 year-old son has a social studies project that is due the Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend, and the shot weekend offers little yield.

Op-Ed: Pausing to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day

Washington - The U.S. celebrates Memorial Day the last Monday of each May. Designated as a federal holiday in the U.S., it was originally intended to be a day to honor and remember the many brave and selfless individuals who have died while serving their nation.

Op-Ed: NYC’s sun worshippers kicked off summers’ start at Coney Island

Brooklyn - New York beaches have always been the most visited locations during Memorial Day weekend. Hands down, one famous Brooklyn beach destination, which is no other than Coney Island, is New Yorker's cheap perfect getaway.

Israel commemorates its fallen soldiers, terror victims Special

Jerusalem - Israelis commemorates their annual Remembrance Day for fallen soldiers and terror victims. Prime Minister Netanyahu pays tribute to fallen soldiers at official Remembrance Day ceremony and hopes for a peaceful time in the future.

Underage Drinking and Memorial Day Weekend

There is a direct correlation between underage drinking and trips to the hospital emergency room during Memorial Day weekend.

Rolling Thunder Rolls Into Washington, D.C. Special

Washington - Memorial Day is the United States federal holiday set aside to honor fallen service men and women. It takes place on the last Monday of May.

Memorial Day weekend celebrated in U.S.

The last weekend in May is historically Memorial Day Weekend in the United States. The holiday means different things to different people but is most commonly regarded as a day of of remembrance for war veterans.

New Orleans Takes a Holiday While Worries of Summer Storms Wait Special

New Orleans was busy the Memorial Holiday weekend. The sun was shining, the people smiling, the bands, street corner musicians, mimes, and artists were there enjoying spring in New Orleans. Still as spring winds down, a savage summer could be waiting.

Dreams of Our American Fathers on Memorial Day Special

They were called the greatest generation, those men who made sacrifices to save the country from aggression and war. We remember them as we celebrate and honor their victories. In remembering them, we forget any imperfections and simply say thank you.

Google Homepage Adds Yellow Ribbon For Memorial Day

Google wants to commemorate the Memorial Day holiday by adding the yellow ribbon to its search homepage. In 2006 Google didn’t add the yellow ribbon on Memorial Day, and some people were upset at the decision.

Fears of islamic youths disrupting Dutch holocaust memorial day

There is widespread fear that the annual Dutch Auschwitz commemorations in Amsterdam will be disrupted by anti-Jewish demonstrations this Sunday. And Dutch prime minister Balkenende has invited islamic organisations to participate in the memorial service.

Op-Ed: 'I See Dead People...' - Barack Obama, the 'Sixth Sense' Candidate

Perhaps he's channeling the spirit of Audie Murphy. Or perhaps he's trying to make himself more appealing to a wider audience. The deceased, maybe?

On Memorial Day, Obama Acknowledges He Cannot Know What War Is Like

For Memorial Day, Democratic co-frontrunner Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona were in New Mexico.

My Moment of Remembrance; SFC Paul Ray Smith

In this memorial day service, I take a moment to reflect upon the life of Seregeant First Class Paul Ray Smith. SFC Smith was the first medal of honor recipient of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Clinton Addresses Puerto Rico's Military Veterans

CBS News blogger Fernando Suarez posts in his “From The Road” blog from San Juan, Puerto Rico, as he follows the campaign trail of Democratic co-frontrunner Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

Memorial Day: More Than A Day Of Remembering Those Who Have Died

Memorial Day is a time for dropping our proverbial weapons and taking the time to remember those who fought for our freedoms as a nation. It is a day to stand united and say 'thank you' to those who have served our country. In Memory Of...
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The VFW is a national organization serving the needs of veterans who have given much of their lives ...
The VFW is a national organization serving the needs of veterans who have given much of their lives in service to the nation, especially in times of war.
Courtesy of VFW, national headquarters Kansas City, MO
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary  Point Loma  California
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary, Point Loma, California
Guest of Honor and key note speaker for the program that Monday May 26 was General Joseph P. Hoar  U...
Guest of Honor and key note speaker for the program that Monday May 26 was General Joseph P. Hoar, USMC (Ret.). He noted that "War is not an easy business."
Sonoma Sky Park Aviators provided the annual  fly-over  during the riffle salute and the signing of ...
Sonoma Sky Park Aviators provided the annual "fly-over" during the riffle salute and the signing of "God Bless America" as the annual ceremony observance came to a conclusion.
Hundreds gathered on May 26 for the 56th Annual Sonoma Valley Memorial Day Observance at Sonoma Vete...
Hundreds gathered on May 26 for the 56th Annual Sonoma Valley Memorial Day Observance at Sonoma Veterans Memorial Park, California.
Flagged crosses for Memorial Day civic ceremony in Waverly  Minnesota
Flagged crosses for Memorial Day civic ceremony in Waverly, Minnesota
Ben Franske
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery  Point Loma  California
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, California