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Indian party activist arrested over see-through dress meme

Kolkata - Indian police have detained a ruling party activist after she posted a meme superimposing the head of a state chief minister on a photograph of a Bollywood star in a see-through dress, an officer said Saturday.

Exam students vent their frustration at Edexcel GCSE maths paper

16-year-old school students have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at a maths exam paper by British exam board Edexcel, taken today. The trend has led to thousands mocking the "impossible" questions by turning them on their heads with memes.

South Korean girls build backpacks out of junkfood containers

Some students are making snack back packs from discarded junk food containers. Everything from bottles of yogurt to "Pocky" containers is getting transformed by South Korean girls.

Review: Benedict Cumberbatch talks about his otter meme

London - Fifth Estate actor Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on Friday's Graham Norton chat show in the UK. Up for discussion was his role as Sherlock Holmes and Julian Assange but more importantly his latest range of memes.

Pacquiao round six knockout sparks new online meme 'Mannying'

Manny Pacquiao's round-six knockout in his fight against Juan Manuel Marquez Tuesday has sparked a new Internet craze that will most likely obliterate planking as a forgotten fad. Netizens call the new rage, "Pacquiaoing" or "Mannying".

Op-Ed: Five best Internet memes of 2012

The creators of this year's internet memes had plenty of material to choose from, including the Olympics, the US elections, and photographs.

Obama embraces the Internet (again) with McKayla Maroney

Washington - Barack Obama has once again memed his presidency by flashing the “Not Impressed” face in a new photograph with gymnast McKayla Maroney.

Op-Ed: Will the 2012 debates be remembered as the 'meme debates'

The presidential debates have always provided a myriad of material for late night talk show hosts and comedians, fodder for opposing campaigns, and now social media memes, more than providing an insight into the plans a candidate has for the country.

Obama's 'horses and bayonets' zinger tops online debate buzz

Monday night President Obama responded to Mitt Romney's criticism of the U.S. Navy's decreasing amount of ships by saying, "Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military's changed." A Twitter meme was born.

Video: Mitt Romney in 'Binders Full of Women'

The moment Mitt Romney uttered the words "binders full of women" the internet began buzzing with tweets, Facebook post and news articles and op-eds.

'Perfect Split' meme is the new Chinese Internet craze

A new craze is sweeping through China with girls showing off their suppleness on Chinese social media. The girls post photos that show them doing the "perfect split." While girls dominate the new meme trend, men and animals have joined in the craze.

Israeli PM's cartoon bomb at UN sparks Internet meme

It didn't take much time for the Internet to respond to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bomb cartoon at the United Nations.

Clint's RNC speech to empty chair inspires 'Eastwooding' meme

When actor Clint Eastwood took to the Republican National Convention stage last night to deliver a speech to an empty chair, representing President Obama, photos began to surface of people lecturing their chairs in what's being called Eastwooding.

NASA's 'mohawk guy' Bobak Ferdowsi is new Internet meme

The Internet has literally fallen in love with a mohawked NASA staffer Bobak Ferdowsi. He stood out among the his fellow NASA staffers during the TV coverage of the landing of Curiosity on Mars with his "badass" mohawk hairstyle.

Trayvoning: New Internet meme sparks outrage

A new Internet meme called "Trayvoning" is catching on very quickly online. A new "Trayvoning" page on Facebook defines "Trayvoning" as "when you get a hoodie, get skittles, get Arizona, wear hoodie, go to Florida and get shot."

Texts from Hillary? No — Texts from predator drone

Washington - "Texts From Hillary," a meme gone viral on the internet, has just met its match: a dark and sinister version of its own making.

'Cat breading' latest online sensation, gets the Colbert bump

Bread and cats don't usually go together, but now these two disparate things are joining forces to power the latest online meme: cat owners place their kitty's head through a piece of bread, take a photo and upload them to "cat breading" forums.

Website compares your writing to famous authors

A new website that compares writing samples with those of popular authors has the Internet and literary community buzzing.

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McKayla Maroney meme photos
McKayla Maroney meme photos
Zeddie Little meme photo
Zeddie Little meme photo
Thiago Henrique
Obama & Matrix
Obama & Matrix
A tech meme
A tech meme
Tumblr pet shaming photos
Tumblr pet shaming photos
McKayla Maroney is not impressed with the marriage proposal.
McKayla Maroney is not impressed with the marriage proposal.
Photos of  Eastwooding
Photos of "Eastwooding"
From Occupied America
PM Netanyahu as Bob Dylan meme
PM Netanyahu as Bob Dylan meme
Ido Keinan
One of the many memes created by Anonymous activists honoring Melody s actions.
One of the many memes created by Anonymous activists honoring Melody's actions.
Mickey Valentine
McKayla Maroney and President Obama are clearly unimpressed.
McKayla Maroney and President Obama are clearly unimpressed.
Meme of Prime Minister Netanyahu s cartoon bomb
Meme of Prime Minister Netanyahu's cartoon bomb
Noa Angel
Photos of  Eastwooding
Photos of "Eastwooding"

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