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Melatonin News

Op-Ed: Use of OTC medications to get children to sleep is rampant

Depending on which study you believe, anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of children will have a sleep disorder at some stage of their lives. In an Ontario study of the 70 percent of kids with sleep disorders, almost one-third were medicated with OTC drugs.

Bedtime reading on an eReader may keep you awake

University Park - Reading on an eReader at bedtime, rather than flicking the pages of one of those old-fangled, cuboid contraptions called books, may encourage alertness, a new study has found.

Are melatonin supplements useful?

McGill researchers have shown that melatonin supplements may make bones stronger in old rats. This has led to discussion in relation to people, and whether such supplements are effective.

Pediatrician warns against ‘magic-pill’ melatonin for kids’ sleep

Some parents turn to melatonin to get kids to sleep that is a sold as a ‘natural’ sleep aid. Shelly Weiss, M.D., president of the Canadian Sleep Society warns melatonin is not safe for long-term use for healthy kids.

Research: Melatonin-chemotherapy improves survival from cancer

A review of randomized controlled trials shows Melatonin combined with chemo or radiotherapy improves remission and survival. Melatonin also reduced side effects of the radiochemotherapy. Beneficial effects were noted in different types of cancer.

Lazy Cakes melatonin-laced brownie stirs controversy

Memphis - A popular new relaxation brownie that contains melatonin and other naturally found herbal ingredients has hit store shelves, and is being touted by some as a legal alternative to marijuana brownies.

Nighttime milking produces milk with extra melatonin

A Munich, Germany company has been able to find a way to produce milk with a high level of melatonin after five years of research. The cows' night-time milking contains 100 times the melatonin as normal milk.

Melatonin linked to type 2 diabetes

There is new evidence indicating that melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate our biological clock, may be linked to type 2 diabetes.

Melatonin: The proven wonder drug?

Melatonin is considered an important hormone that helps regulate our wake-sleep-cycle. Over the past 20 years, store-bought melatonin has nearly made it from fringe to mainstream. With this type of success, it really must have wonderful properties, yes?

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