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Melanoma News

Essential Science: New drug combination could treat melanoma

Rates of melanoma are increasing worldwide, making it increasingly a matter of medical importance. A new drug combination, which is effective against the skin cancer, could save millions of lives each year.

Bacterium from dirt could fight melanoma

Scientists have identified a type of organism found in the soil which has the potential to induce the death of melanoma cells. This is through a molecule made as a metabolite from the organism.

Australian researchers say they can stop melanoma spreading

Sydney - Researchers say a combination of new treatments can stop the world's deadliest form of skin cancer -- melanoma -- in its tracks and halt its spread to other organs.

Gut microbes linked to immunotherapy response in patients

Austin - The composition of a person’s gut microbes appears to be a determining factor for immunotherapy, at least in relation to melanoma patients. This finding stems from a new study.

New skin cancer drug approved

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new skin cancer drug manufactured by the company Bristol-Myers Squibb.

FDA approves new melanoma drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first of a new type of immunotherapy that aims to direct a patient’s own immune system against the body's cancer.

Older men urged to ‘check their skin’ Special

A campaign called “Lawn” has been launched in the U.S. This is a public service advertisement that encourages older men to check their skin for suspicious or changing spots.

Improvement in skin cancer rates

The majority of men and women diagnosed with malignant melanoma are now surviving the disease, according to a new report.

Melanoma 'shuts down' body's premier immune defence

London - A new study by UK researchers shows a deadly form of skin cancer is capable of basically shutting down the body's strongest immune response.

Rates of skin cancer in young women have skyrocketed

The Mayo Clinic has reported a dramatic eightfold increase in melanoma rates in young women over the past four decades. Tanning beds are cited as a major culprit.

NSW bans commercial ultraviolet solarium tanning units

Opting for a suntan from a solarium is not a safe option according to researchers who now classify solariums as carcinogenic to humans. New South Wales will be the first Australian state to ban all commercial solariums from the end of 2014.

Breakthrough on live cancer cells raises hope for cancer victims

Washington - A potential breakthrough by U.S. researchers in the fight against cancer, through biomedical research, will soon be offering a cure for cancer patients by keeping the person's cancer cells alive in a lab.

Study: Viagra can fight melanoma

The body's immune system usually activates beneficially against cancer, but the inflammation that results doesn't help; sildenafil, better known under its trade name, Viagra, neutralized chronic inflammation in mice with melanoma, DKFZ researchers found.

New drugs against melanoma show modest, unprecedented progress

Researchers announced two new drugs and a combination approach against melanoma that significantly prolonged patient survival, tiny gains that show unprecedented progress against this most dangerous skin cancer, one of the deadliest cancers humans face.

Small aquarium fish providing clues to the cure of skin cancer

Boston - Researchers at the Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School identified a gene in zebrafish that appears to be responsible for the development of melanoma in humans.

FDA approval for first melanoma drug extending patients' lives

Washington - Drug manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. received the U. S. stamp of approval on Friday to manufacture and market the first drug medication to extend the lives of patients suffering from melanoma.

Vegetable-based Drug Could Inhibit Melanoma

Compounds extracted from green vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage could be a potent drug against melanoma researchers say.

Anti McCain Attack Ad by Two Liberal PACs Just a 'Press Stunt'

An aggressive attack ad launched this morning against John McCain’s health, which featured unflattering images of his melanoma scars and demanded the release of his medical records is just a stunt.

Study Says Sunscreen Lotion Threatens Coral

A new study commissioned by the European Commission says that the sunscreen lotion that we used to protect us from the sun is a major contributor to coral bleaching.

E Street Band's Danny Federici Dead At 58

Danny Federici, keyboardist of the E Street Band passed away Thursday from skin cancer. Bruce Springsteen was invited to sing with the band 40 years ago and the rest is musical history. Federici was one of those who had approached the New Jersey singer.

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