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FBI warns of bogus coronavirus cures and email scams

It is bad enough that COVID-19 has caused devastating real-world impacts across the globe - but it has not stopped the fraudsters waiting in the shadows - hoping to make a quick buck at the expense of our fear and confusion.

Why scientists are using fungi to make medicinal drugs

A new review of reviews finds that an array of products drawn from in excess of 10,000 fungi could be the key to the development of new medicines. Included among the compounds was a product that led to the cholesterol lowering drug lovastatin.

Dutch flaunt Brexit booty with EU agency opening

Amsterdam - The Netherlands showed off the spoils of Brexit on Friday as it officially handed over the European Medicines Agency's new building in Amsterdam after the regulator was forced to move from London.

Does Brexit mean a U.S. healthcare model for the U.K.?

One of the hotly discussed topics in relation to Britain’s exit from the European Union is whether the planned trade deal with the U.S. will lead to the precious National Health Service being partly subsumed by U.S. private healthcare.

Government of British Columbia expands biosimilar medicines

The Government of British Columbia has announced a program in which patients taking originator biologic drugs will be "switched" or transitioned by their clinicians to a biosimilar biologic drug within a six-month period.

Microbiologists bring best practices to the Adriatic region Special

Sterile pharmaceutical products need to be manufactured to the highest possible standards and the technology, processes and regulatory expectations continue to shift. Understanding these changes was theme of a two-day event in the Adriatic region.

Medicines Discovery Institute aims to bring new drugs to patients

Cardiff - A new research centre based in the U.K. called the Medicines Discovery Institute aims to bring a new generation of medicines to patients by pioneering the latest in biomedical and pharmacological research techniques.

Foreign drugs rare commodity in sanctions-hit Iran

Tehran - "Talk of sanctions on Iran reemerged, and my essential medicine was no longer available," said Masoud Mir who suffers from thalassaemia, a genetic blood disease common in Iran.

HP accelerating antibiotics by printing medicines

Global technology company HP is to work with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help to speed up the testing of new antibiotics, as part of the race to combat antimicrobial resistance.

Artificial intelligence system develops drugs from scratch

The drug development process is a convoluted process with as many false starts as there are successes. A new research project has shown how artificial intelligence can help to accelerate the process.

MEPs slam EU medicines agency move

Strasbourg - The controversial post-Brexit relocation of the EU's medicines agency came under fresh criticism on Thursday as MEPs condemned the process used to choose Amsterdam as the new host city.

EU deputies in Amsterdam amid row over medicines agency move

Amsterdam - Amsterdam was under pressure Thursday as EU deputies visited the site for the new post-Brexit headquarters of the European Medicines Agency, amid concerns over the hotly-contested relocation.

Disruptions in store for pharmaceuticals in 2018

New technologies, cloud computing, and wider use of risk assessment are among the continuing changes that are disrupting the pharmaceutical sector. Expect 2018 to see the pace of change to accelerate.

Blockchain technologies could return control of data to patients

The focus of blockchain technology has been with supply chains and finance, but the applications are far wider including life science research, like new drug development and the control of patient data.

Madrid, Catalan separatists spar over failed bid for EU agency

Madrid - Spain's central government and Catalan separatists traded the blame Monday after Barcelona failed to be picked to host the European Medicines Agency, which is leaving London after Britain's decision to exit the EU.

Screening for novel drugs using powerful computers

London - Searching for new types of drugs is a medical imperative. This is a complex task involving many types of diseases and chemical interactions. To assist with this process, Francis Crick Institute researchers have developed a new model.

Microbiologists review best practices for making medicines Special

Birmingham - The manufacture of medicines is at risk from cross-contamination from people, a result of the shedding of microorganisms. In February a special two-day conference considered how best to manage this risk.

Keeping medicines safe from microbial contamination Special

Nottingham - The U.K. hosts one major pharmaceutical microbiology event each year, hosted by Pharmig. Here practitioners hear from experts, discuss current trends and learn about new technology. The main theme was keeping medicines safe.

Why has the cost of EpiPens increased for consumers?

Epipens, used by those who suffer from allergies and anaphylaxis have significantly risen in cost over the past year. Pharmacists are putting this down to a lack of competition.

Arizona allows pharmacists to change prescriptions

Phoenix - Arizona has become the first U.S. state to allow pharmacists to change the medicine prescribed on a doctor’s prescription for a similar drug product. The law requires the patient to be informed.

450 cases of birth defects from anti-epilepsy drug in France: officials

Paris - A common drug used to treat epilepsy has caused congenital defects in around 450 babies in France who were exposed to the medication before birth in the uterus, according to an estimate by health authorities published Tuesday.

Review: Microbiologists from Europe discuss keeping medicines safe Special

Nottingham - This week the U.K.'s biggest conference dedicated to pharmaceutical microbiology took place in Nottingham. The key themes were risk assessment, coping with aging facilities, and addressing contamination issues.

New drugs, mergers and protests, pharma industry round-up

This week a new drug for dealing with opioid overdose has been announced. There’s a buy-out for a dyslipidemia product; plus another larger merger; and also a vaccine price protest. Digital Journal brings another round-up of pharmaceutical sector news.

FDA blocks imports from Megafine Pharma

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed an import ban on the drug maker Megafine Pharma's Nashik site in Maharashtra, India.

Is medicine research hampered by poorly designed trials?

Edinburgh - A new survey looking into thousands of experiments for various new medicines designed to fight disease has found that the majority are not sufficiently rigorous.

British health policy focuses on drug shortages

London - U.K. politicians are set to discuss a range of health initiatives set out by the government. These include the availability of anti-cancer drugs and proposals to tackle psychoactive drug substances.

Two dead in U.S. as preparation for hurricane Joaquin continues

Two people died today in the Carolinas from flooding brought on by heavy rains. And in the Bahamas, a very violent Joaquin continues to batter the islands with 130 mph winds, while the min. pressure of the storm has dropped further to 931 mb.

Latest drug recalls and safety label changes

Bethesda - As we do regularly on Digital Journal, the latest drug information changes, safety warnings and instruction changes are highlighted based on information provided by the U.S. FDA.

FDA extends warnings on compounded drugs in syringes

Bethesda - The U.S. FDA has revised its guidance for health professionals concerning the administration of medicinal drug products prepared in Becton-Dickinson syringes. The initial concern related to a drug potency issue.

Pharmaceutical industry news round-up

Digital Journal delves into the key pharmaceutical sector business news. This week we bring updates from Novartis, Bayer, Boehringer and Lilly.
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Exhibition stands at Making Pharmaceuticals 2015.
Exhibition stands at Making Pharmaceuticals 2015.
Sucking leech (Hirudo medicinalis)
February 22  2011
Sucking leech (Hirudo medicinalis) February 22, 2011
Spain s Guardia Civil seized hundreds of thousands of illegal and unlicensed drugs from China and In...
Spain's Guardia Civil seized hundreds of thousands of illegal and unlicensed drugs from China and India.
Guardia Civil
Spain s Guardia Civil seized hundreds of thousands of illegal and unlicensed drugs from China and In...
Spain's Guardia Civil seized hundreds of thousands of illegal and unlicensed drugs from China and India.
Guardia Civil
Operator processing vials at a pharmaceutical facility.
Operator processing vials at a pharmaceutical facility.
Medicine vials on display at making Pharmaceuticals 2015.
Medicine vials on display at making Pharmaceuticals 2015.
Delegates pursuing the various stands at Making Pharmaceuticals 2015.
Delegates pursuing the various stands at Making Pharmaceuticals 2015.

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