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Medicine News

Global drug spending set to rise to $1.4 trillion

In news that will no doubt please the shareholders of pharmaceutical companies, the global spend on drug products is set to rise by 30 percent by the year 2020. This means an annual pay-out of $1.4 trillion.

India’s second largest drugmaker receives warning letter

Mumbai - The second-largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in India — Dr Reddy’s Laboratories — has received a warning letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a result, the company has seen its share price slide.

Banana drug effective against viruses

Detroit - A chemical originally found bananas has the potential to combat a range of viruses , according to a new study. The drug is able to block the mechanism viruses use to take over human cells.

What pills do astronauts need to pack for space?

As the possibility of the first humans going to Mars inches closer, biologists are considering the types of medicines that would need to be taken on board a deep space flight.

Single blood test to diagnose most cancers

A new test, designed to detect a range of different cancers from a single drop of blood, is being developed in The Netherlands. If successful, such a method would cut-down the time taken to extract equivalent information from biopsies.

U.S. authorizes new pancreatic cancer therapy

A new treatment for pancreatic cancer has been approved in the U.S. This is a medication called Onivyde, produced by a research institute.

French court finds pharma firm Servier responsible in deadly drug scandal

Nanterre - Eight years after a scandal erupted over a diabetes drug linked to hundreds of deaths, a French court on Thursday found pharmaceutical firm Servier responsible for the first time for having left "defective" medicine on the market.

Agencies collaborate for improved public health

A number of major health agencies are coming together to improve public health on the global scale. The only downside is the pubic won't get to see the outcome of the information exchange.

Factfile on Nobel anti-malaria drug artemisin

Paris - A frontline drug in the fight against malaria, artemisinin has a history going back many centuries, for it traces its past to ancient Chinese medicine.

Chinese herbal expert among Nobel medicine prize winners

Stockholm - A trio of scientists earned the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine on Monday for unlocking revolutionary treatments for malaria and roundworm, helping to roll back two parasitic diseases that blight millions of lives.

Pharma company criticized over pigeons in process area

Mumbai - Pan Drugs Limited of Nandesari, India has been cited by the U.S. FDA for evidence of pigeons in an area of a drug manufacturing facility used to process medications.

Italian-Chinese medical team to perform first head transplant

Bejing - An Italian-Chinese medical team plan to perform the world's first head transplant in China, one of the surgeons said Friday, amid concerns over medical ethics in the country.

Many drugs dropped from England’s Cancer Drug Fund

London - In a controversial move, the UK government has removed a whopping 23 drugs from the list of available anti-cancer medications approved for patients in England.

Google advances its healthcare business

San Fransisco - With the creation of Alphabet, Google is investing more money and resources into its developmental healthcare business with several innovations in the pipeline.

Russian unhappy with cosmetic operations shoots surgeon, self

Sanktpeterburg - A Russian plastic surgeon died on Tuesday after a patient upset over the results of several operations gunned him down and then took his own life.

New skin cancer drugs in development

Two new skin cancer drugs are moving towards regulatory approval and market launch, with release intended for both U.S. and Europe.

How opium poppies process morphine revealed for the first time

The process by which a poppy encodes enzymes to make morphine has been discovered. This relates to a specific gene. This could lead to alternative ways to produce the drug.

Delays found in drugmakers reporting of serious adverse reactions

Washington - Drugmakers have delayed reporting serious and unexpected "adverse events" from their drugs, including death, in nearly 10 percent of cases, a study said Monday.

Using nanotechnology to treat diseases

Researchers are developing nanoparticles to direct drugs to specific places in the human body so that organs can be treated effectively. Many of these innovations can slowly release medications over a prolonged period of time.

Big pharma company makes major purchase

Major pharmaceutical company Novartis has announced that it will take over the privately held Australian and U.S. company Spinifex Pharmaceuticals. This represents further diversification of Novartis’ portfolio.

Study suggests higher mortality rates among depressed patients

Seville - Scientists in Europe have presented a study linking together depression and the likelihood that an individual will suffer heart failure.

World must step up fight against antibiotic resistance: Merkel

Ginebra - Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday urged all countries to help combat the misuse of antibiotics, which is fuelling drug resistance and allowing long-treatable diseases to become killers.

Will anesthesiologists be a thing of the past?

A new machine, piloted in the U.S., could one day replace the need for anesthesiologists. The machine has been piloted at ProMedica Toledo Hospital in Toledo.

Who will pay for new antibiotics?

Oslo - New types of antibiotics are needed in order to stem the flow of antibiotic resistant bacteria and the deaths causes from infections that were once readily treatable. One thing hindering development is finance. The question is: who pays?

Tramadol capsules recalled in contamination alert

London - Drugs company RelonChem Ltd is recalling all batches of its product Tramadol 50mg capsules. This is due to the risk of fungal contamination.

HIV antibody therapy shows success

A new study has revealed that delivering antibodies to HIV-infected people can lower levels of the virus. This offers hope as a new treatment for those infected with the virus.

Ghana gets its first emergency medicine training program

In a new initiative seeking to improve healthcare in the country, Ghana has begun its first emergency medicine training program. Nurses are being trained and despatched to regions across the country and new recruits are busily signing up.

Obama's personalized medicine plan advances

Washington D.c. - The U.S. National Institutes of Health has assembled a team of medicine and science experts to begin the process of building President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

Medicine for psychological illness found at co-pilot's home: Report

Berlin - German police have found medical treatments for psychological illness at the home of the co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing a jet into the French Alps, killing 149 people and himself, a German newspaper said Saturday.

Let there be Light Special

For 1.5 million people worldwide, the coming of sunset means darkness or the flickering light from cheap kerosene lamps and candles. This ‘light poverty’ has far reaching consequences, in terms of health and economics.
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Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
Alexander Beydeman (1826—1869)
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Fish oil supplements
Fish oil supplements
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A bunch of pills
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Cough syrup
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 Ebola virus particles  by Thomas W. Geisbert  Boston University School of Medicine - PLoS Pathogens...
"Ebola virus particles" by Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine - PLoS Pathogens, November 2008 direct link to the image description page doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000225. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -
Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine - PLoS Pathogens, November 2008 direct link
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Accudial medicines
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A handful of multivitamins
Dr. Christina Lee of the School of English at University of Nottingham.
Dr. Christina Lee of the School of English at University of Nottingham.
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This is one full head of garlic beside another with removed cloves (one clove of garlic has been pee...
This is one full head of garlic beside another with removed cloves (one clove of garlic has been peeled)
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Accudial medicines
Accudial medicines
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Various vitamins in a bowl
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Medical marijuana
Medical marijuana
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CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
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Discarded medicine
A sphygmomanometer  a device used for measuring arterial pressure.
A sphygmomanometer, a device used for measuring arterial pressure.
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
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