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Medicine News

New AI partnership to develop cardiovascular medication

The artificial intelligence company Exscientia is to work with pharmaceutical multinational Bayer in order to apply machine learning for the development of a new generation of cardiovascular and cancer medication.

Why gene therapy is set to transform medicine

Advances in gene therapy offer the possibility to transform medicine. These types of medicines were given their first market approvals in 2017, and since then sector growth has accelerated.

Q&A: Collaboration turns nuclear bombs into medicine Special

Phoenix, a leading nuclear technology company, and SHINE Medical, a medical isotope production company, are turning nuclear bombs into medicine, used for medical imaging for Cancer and Heart Screenings.

Q&A: Tackling underrepresentation in clinical trials Special

Today’s clinical trial and research space faces a number of challenges, including limitations in data quality and trials that effectively address underserved populations, impacting the efficacy of drug benefits and treatments of complex diseases.

Medicines pose global environmental risk, experts warn

Paris - Residues from billions of doses of antibiotics, painkillers and antidepressants pose a significant risk to freshwater ecosystems and the global food chain, a new analysis said Thursday.

Microbiologists 'colonize' Nottingham to discuss hot topics Special

Nottingham - Each November pharmaceutical microbiologists converge for the annual Pharmig conference to discuss medicinal safety and the latest developments in all-things microbiology. On day one of year's event pharmaceutical regulators outlined their expectations.

TB drug price slashed in global push to thwart killer disease

Hyderabad - A pharmaceutical multinational on Thursday slashed the price of a key anti-tuberculosis drug boosting the battle against the world's deadliest infectious disease, as a new treatment was also set to begin extensive testing.

AI-powered drug discovery in days, not years

A new study has found that artificial intelligence can drastically speed up drug discovery, from years to just days. This has significant implications for the discovery of new medicines for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector.

Mystery of unique probiotic yeast solved with CRISPR

Microbiologists have found discovered that the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii produces high amounts of acetic acid. By locating the genetic basis for this, the researchers could cancel the acetic acid production to find its probiotic effect.

Review: Ashley Puckett shines on new refreshing country single 'Medicine' Special

Emerging country singer Ashley Puckett will be releasing her new single "Medicine" via the independent record label MTS Records.

3D-printed pills sample the gut microbiome to aid treatment

To explore the inner complexities of the human gut microbiome, researchers have developed a 3D-printed pill that can sample bacteria found in the gut. This is designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to a shifting microbiome.

Pharma going green? Making Tylenol from plant material

Researchers based at the University of Wisconsin - Madison have developed at method to synthesize acetaminophen — the active ingredient in Tylenol — from a natural compound derived from plant material, reducing the reliance upon fossil fuels.

Global health procurement: Low-income countries pay too much

A sweeping study into global health procurement finds that some low-income countries are paying over twenty times more for generic drug products. Lifesaving medicines continue to remain out of reach for many of those who need them the most.

Fecal transplant deaths: Call for improved regulations

Following the death of one patient and another falling seriously ill, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has called for greater controls over fecal transplants. The patients became infected with a multi-drug resistant bacterial infection.

French doctor suspected in 17 more poisoning cases

Besan - A French doctor already under investigation for poisoning seven patients has been charged with poisoning 17 more people at a clinic in eastern France, one of his lawyers said.

French anaesthesiologist suspected in 17 more poisoning cases

Besan - A French doctor already charged in the poisoning of seven patients was brought before a judge Thursday on suspicions he may have poisoned 17 others at a clinic in eastern France, prosecutors said.

Party City closure of 45 stores unrelated to heliuum shortage

Helium is an essential chemical element used in MRI scanners, rocket fuel tanks, and floating party balloons. It’s also a finite natural resource, and a global shortage has made it harder to sell balloons at Party City, which is now closing 45 stores.

Handheld ultrasound scanners developed for rural Africa

To aid rural medicine in rural Africa, a new handheld ultrasound device has been developed. The device is portable, resembling a smartphone and could help to revolutionize medical diagnosis in remote areas.

Computer kidney provides safer tests for new medications

Waterloo - New research, from Canada, based on a computational model of the human kidney has been designed to permit the safe testing of medicines. The aim is to help fast-track the development of novel drug products.

Majority of the public don’t know if their medicine is safe

London - The Independent Pharmacy have revealed that although 28 million U.K. residents would shop online for medication, 94 percent of over 55’s don’t know how to check if their medicine is legitimate or not.

Mini miracle: 'Record-breaking' preemie leaves Tokyo hospital

Apo - A baby born in Tokyo weighing the same as a large onion has gone home healthy, becoming the smallest newborn boy in the world to leave hospital safely.

Hospitals will be moving to digital pathology: Study

The adoption of digital pathology technology is expected to increase during the next decade and the main adopters of this technology will be healthcare organizations, such as hospitals and diagnostic laboratories, according to a new report.

Japan trial to treat spinal cord injuries with stem cells

Apo - A team of Japanese researchers will carry out an unprecedented trial using a kind of stem cell to try to treat debilitating spinal cord injuries, the specialists said on Monday.

Germany seeks ban on gay conversion therapies

Berlin - German Health Minister Jens Spahn said Friday he will seek to ban conversion therapies that claim to change sexual orientation.

Avoiding the falsification of medicines with blockchain

Counterfeit medicines are a problem around the world, with many producers of false medicines attempting to illegitimate drugs from pharmaceutical companies. Blockchain could be the answer to stem the tide and the U.S. FDA are interested.

Q&A: Improving healthcare with the IoT Special

The Internet of Things has numerous applications in healthcare, ranging from remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration. Such technology can aid patients to keep safe and healthy.

Miracle treatment or dangerous drug? Indonesia cashes in on Kratom

Pontianak - The sweltering backwaters of Indonesian Borneo have become the unlikely ground zero for the global production and export of Kratom, a tree leaf hailed by some as a miracle cure for everything from opioid addiction to anxiety.

Taiwan's traditional medicine stores struggle on life support

Taipei - Traditional medicine store owner Gu Cheng-pu knows her dispensary can only stay open as long as her ailing father-in-law lives, their careers hostage to a quirk in Taiwanese law that is killing off the industry.

Clogs gift for EU medicines agency's Brexit move

Amsterdam - Dutch officials handed over a pair of clogs and the keys to the European Medicines Agency's temporary base in Amsterdam on Wednesday as the watchdog prepares to leave London after Brexit.

Essential Science: Antimicrobial found in ancient Irish soil

Swansea - A bacterium discovered in ancient Irish soil has been shown to be capable of halting the growth of certain ‘superbugs’. The discovery offers new hope for tackling antibiotic resistance.
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Medicine Image

Medical marijuana
Medical marijuana
Via Flickr user Mark (CC BY 2.0)
Ebola virus particles  by Thomas W. Geisbert  Boston University School of Medicine.
Ebola virus particles" by Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine.
Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine (CC BY 2.5)
Fish oil supplements
Fish oil supplements
Via flickr user rjp
Cough syrup
Cough syrup
Hansa D. Bhargava
A pharmacy technician learns the correct procedure for disinfecting a vial of medicine.
A pharmacy technician learns the correct procedure for disinfecting a vial of medicine.
A sphygmomanometer  a device used for measuring arterial pressure.
A sphygmomanometer, a device used for measuring arterial pressure.
Smallpox was once a world-wracking disease that destroyed lives. Dengue Fever is one right now but c...
Smallpox was once a world-wracking disease that destroyed lives. Dengue Fever is one right now but could some go the same way as its cousin due to a new vaccine study.
James Gathany via CDC
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
Dr. Christina Lee of the School of English at University of Nottingham.
Dr. Christina Lee of the School of English at University of Nottingham.
University of Nottingham
Accudial medicines
Accudial medicines
Accudial medicines
Accudial medicines
A handful of multivitamins
A handful of multivitamins
Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
Alexander Beydeman (1826—1869)
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
Tom Varco (CC BY-SA 3.0)
This is one full head of garlic beside another with removed cloves (one clove of garlic has been pee...
This is one full head of garlic beside another with removed cloves (one clove of garlic has been peeled)
Donovan Govan.
Various vitamins in a bowl
Various vitamins in a bowl
bradley j

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