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Medicine News

Scientists find a new treatment to slow down Alzheimer's Disease

A team of German, Swedish and Italian researchers from Örebro University found a new strategy to slow down Alzheimer's Disease (AD) progression. They tried an old drug (clopidogrel) to test out a new therapeutic strategy.

Pharma News: New products and new health initiatives announced

In the latest pharmaceutical news round-up there is a new push to eliminate polio, a new treatment for COPD, and unfortunate news that a patient has died after taking an anti-psychotic medication.

New study shows chocolate or cocoa may boost athletic performance

A British study performed at Kingston University showed that eating dark chocolate and cocoa may improve athletic performance and help during fitness training. Chocolate and cocoa are already known to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health.

Op-Ed: Why we must wake up to the health benefits of plants

Recently there seems to have been a shift in the acceptance of just how much plants can benefit our health. From marijuana to houseplants, here's why we need to wake up to the health benefits of plants before it's too late.

Researchers reveal the inner working of the Zika virus

A research group have won the race to detail the structure of the Zika virus. This molecular level insight is very important for the development of effective antiviral treatments against the disease that is prevalent in South America.

HIV-infected organs successfully transplanted in the U.S.

Members of a Johns Hopkins Medicine team have performed a landmark surgery, successfully transplanting a kidney and liver from an HIV-positive donor to two HIV-positive recipients.

Weekly pharmaceutical news roundup

This week has seen progress updates issued for new drug products for rheumatoid arthritis, skin dermatitis, and for hepatitis. Each of the products is at the clinical trial stage, and three of the drugs on offer are the result of partnerships.

GSK sets out to help low income countries

London - In a bid seemingly to help poorer nations, drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline has said it will not file patents for drugs in the world's poorest countries to improve access to its products in the developing world.

List of largest medical fines revealed

The last couple of years have seen a slight lowering in the number of cases brought against medical companies; however, at the same time, there was an increase in the level of fines paid out.

Pfizer's pneumococcal vaccine challenged by MSF

The issue of patents, the cost of medicine, and the practices of pharmaceutical companies has come to ahead through a challenge about the manufacture and distribution of a pneumococcal vaccine.

Russian religious leaders condemn ruling on organ removal without consent

Moscow - Russian Jewish and Christian leaders protested Friday over a constitutional court ruling legalising the removal of organs for transplant without the consent of relatives.

New discovery help scientists take a leap in fight against cancer

Scientists from the University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute made a groundbreaking discovery in fight against cancer. A new cellular target has been found that greatly increases the ability of the immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Microbiological safety of medicines discussed in Oxford Special

Oxford - The safety of medicines is of great importance, needing to be of the required formulation and contamination free. This week, in Oxford, U.K., pharmacists and microbiologists came together to review best practice.

Foreign patients turn to India in search of cut-price cures

New Delhi - When doctors told Australian Greg Jefferys he had Hepatitis C and the disease was destroying his liver, the devastating diagnosis was compounded by the cost of a cure.

New study proves social media abuse can be detrimental to sleep

Can't sleep at night? Maybe you're spending too much time on Facebook or Youtube. A new research found an association between sleep disturbances and Social Media (SM) abuse.

Fighting infections with viruses, as antibiotics fail

Paris - When doctors told Christophe Novou that his leg would have to be amputated at the hip due to a raging bacterial infection, the 47-year-old Frenchman thought about killing himself.

FDA approves new epilepsy drug treatment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new treatment for epilepsy called Briviact. The drug is designed to treat partial onset seizures.

New treatment for addressing chronic pain

Chronic pain can reach levels where it becomes unbearable for sufferers. A new process, using opioids, attempts to provide continuous relief.

Ebola vaccine could be a reality? Research moves a step forward

A new study shed some light on the Ebola virus infection mechanism. Thanks to this discovery, researchers can now engineer an Ebola vaccine in the near future.

Clinical trial tragedy in France: An update

Rennes - The unexpected reactions, and fatality, associated with a clinical trial that went wrong in France shocked many people. Now a little time has passed, an investigation by French authorities has revealed a pattern.

Shkreli set to take the Fifth Amendment at hearing

Washington - Ex-pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli has stated he would like to "berate" and "insult" Congress. However, for this week’s hearing he is set to take the Fifth Amendment.

Poland's rapper MP unveils bill on medical marijuana

Varsovia - A Polish rapper-turned-politician on Monday presented a draft bill on legalising medical marijuana in an EU nation where two-thirds of people back the idea.

1,500-year-old wooden foot found in Austria

Vienna - Archeologists in Austria said Thursday they had found what they believe to be Europe's oldest prosthetic implant in the shape of a wooden foot dating from the sixth century.

FDA takes legal action against pharmaceutical company

Washington - A consent decree has been opened against Downing Labs LLC, of Dallas, Texas, together with the holding company. The action has been initiated by U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay.

Russia detains surgeon who punched patient, causing death

Moscow - Russia on Monday detained a surgeon and prepared to jail him pending trial after he punched a patient causing his death in a brutal attack captured on video.

Russian doctor caught on camera flooring patient with deadly punch

Moscow - Russia opened an investigation on Saturday after a hospital doctor was captured on video punching a patient, knocking him to the floor and killing him instantly.

E-cigarettes win approval as 'a medicine’ in U.K.

London - E-cigarettes, which remain controversial, have been granted "medicinal" status in the U.K. This means some medical doctors could soon be prescribing the nicotine infused devices to patients.

Nurofen to be pulled in Australia over misleading claims

Sydney - Nurofen feels pain in Australia over misleading claimsdrug giant Reckitt Benckiser was Monday ordered to pull some of its popular Nurofen painkiller brands off shelves in Australia after a court ruled they made misleading claims.

Essential Science: Personalized medicines, the health innovation

The next 'big thing' in medical science is predicted to be personalized medicines. These are medicines tailored to one or for a small number of patients. This is a leap away from the idea of doctors prescribing from a narrow list.

Op-Ed: Should we be worried about 'smart medicines'?

Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is developing a "smart inhaler" to collect information about use of the medical device. This follows on from an application for a "smart pill," which would tell a doctor whether you have taken your medicine.
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Several boxes of Xanax
Several boxes of Xanax
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A bunch of pills
Smallpox was once a world-wracking disease that destroyed lives. Dengue Fever is one right now but c...
Smallpox was once a world-wracking disease that destroyed lives. Dengue Fever is one right now but could some go the same way as its cousin due to a new vaccine study.
James Gathany via CDC
A pharmacy technician learns the correct procedure for disinfecting a vial of medicine.
A pharmacy technician learns the correct procedure for disinfecting a vial of medicine.
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Cough syrup
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Dr. Christina Lee of the School of English at University of Nottingham.
Dr. Christina Lee of the School of English at University of Nottingham.
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Medical marijuana
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A handful of multivitamins
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
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Various vitamins in a bowl
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CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
 Ebola virus particles  by Thomas W. Geisbert  Boston University School of Medicine - PLoS Pathogens...
"Ebola virus particles" by Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine - PLoS Pathogens, November 2008 direct link to the image description page doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000225. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -
Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine - PLoS Pathogens, November 2008 direct link
Accudial medicines
Accudial medicines
This is one full head of garlic beside another with removed cloves (one clove of garlic has been pee...
This is one full head of garlic beside another with removed cloves (one clove of garlic has been peeled)
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Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
Homeopathy watching horrors of Allopathy
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