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Is the COVID lockdown the perfect opportunity for biohacking? Special

Josh Clemente, former SpaceX Lead Life Support Systems Engineer and Co-founder of Levels outlines what a truly personalized health & wellness program is and how this can enable an individual to access to real-time metabolic data.

Cloud computing comes to medical software

A new developer platform for healthcare professionals has been developed. Called the HealthTap Cloud, the software is designed to herald in a range of health applications designed for use in the hospital setting.

Brain tumor research funding declared inadequate

London - Funding for research into brain tumors is inadequate and it receives too low a profile. These comments have been made in relation to global research and specifically for funding in the U.K.

Data scientists, doctors learning to seek consent

People don’t mind sharing data when they can be partners in its management and application. That is the major takeaway from a recent study conducted by the Society for Participatory Medicine.

Researchers may have discovered key to blood type conversion

Researchers at the University of British Columbia are closing in on a major medical breakthrough, having discovered a process for snipping sugars off of A and B type blood cells, making them more similar to the universal type O blood type.

New treatment may cut peanut allergy by 86%, study says

A new study suggests that infants exposed to peanuts before their first birthday may be at reduced risk of developing peanut allergy.

Study reports Hatha Yoga can boost cognition in elderly

Preliminary investigations reported in a new study published in the Journals of Gerontology suggest that the practice of hatha yoga helps older people relax, and also boosts brain function.

Experimental Ebola drug shows promise, but more help is needed

The current Ebola outbreak in west Africa is the deadliest in history, but a possible silver lining of the infection of Americans assisting in the region is that the U.S. medical research sector will now focus intensely on the infamous virus.

Stem cell spinal cord research resumes

Three years have passed since the medical research organization Geron closed its stem cell program. Now news is in that the group BioTime have received funding to relaunch a Phase 1 trial for spinal cord injury.

Medical research and the problem of gender

A 2001 U.S. Institute of Medicine report on gender differences recommended major reforms in research and medicine, due to the lack of women involved in research projects. A new report suggests that little has changed.

Human head transplants within reach, says neuroscientist

Face transplants, the human genome map, and the cure for HIV—within one generation all three have made the leap from science fiction to science fact. Could head transplants some day also make that leap? One scientist thinks so.

Video: Anti-suicide nasal spray gets $3 million in Pentagon grant

Depression and suicide rates in the military are at an all time high. It’s been estimated that more soldiers in America’s army are taking their own lives each day and surpassing the amount killed in combat.

Op-Ed: A hideous conspiracy theory — The 'no cures for anything' racket

Sydney - There’s a very ugly conspiracy theory going around- Medical research is deliberately not finding cures for major diseases. Sound disgusting? It is, extremely. The trouble is that it may have some basis in fact.

Henrietta Lack's immortal life: one woman, many medical miracles

Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but in the medical community, she is commonly known as HeLa. At 30, Lacks was diagnosed was cervical cancer and died months later, in 1951. Her cells, however, became (and still are) one of the most important medical tools.

Scientists Retract Study on Positive Autism - Vaccine Link

Many people believe autism is caused by vaccines. They cite a scientific study as evidence. The group that originally published the story now retracts it. But has the damage already been done?

Can't stop eating chocolate? Try the water cure

Scientists have discovered a link between eating chocolate and pain relief. Prior studies have shown that eating sweet things will dull the effects of pain but this study by the University of Chicago shows water can have the same effect.

DNA Testing Without Parental Consent?

Across the nation some state-mandated newborn screening programs have seen hospitals, birthing centers and midwives drawing blood from each newborn baby's heel without parental consent. The purpose has been to test infants for a number of birth defects.

Human-Animal Embryos Created In Britain

For the first time, at the Newcastle University in Britain, embryos have been created that contained materials from both humans and animals.

U.S. team identifies possible Parkinson's trigger

Researchers have "stumbled upon" the trigger for Parkinson's disease, an incurable condition at the moment. A glitch in how cells clear damaged proteins could be the spark that causes Parkinson's.

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A medical laboratory
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