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Medical Technology News

Essential Science: How AI is advancing medical science

Artificial intelligence is becoming more commonplace in medicine, helping to advance drug development and with aiding specialists with deciphering medical images. This week’s ‘Essential Science’ looks at key developments.

Q&A: New surgical repair mesh solution launched Special

Chicago - A Chicago startup is bringing a new surgical mesh to the operating room, delivering a surgical repair solution that remains strong for just long enough before dissolving entirely. Medical student-turned entrepreneur Alexei Mlodinow explains more.

Q&A: New technology to assist with breast cancer survival Special

Richard Carreon, managing director and CEO, ImpediMed discusses how BIS technologies can address lymphedema and other complications arising from breast cancer. The technology aims to boost survival rates.

iOS 11.3 lets you access your medical records in Apple Health

Apple's announced it will let you view your medical records using the iOS Health app. Starting with the next iOS update, patients at select hospitals will be able to access detailed information including lab results and known conditions from their iPhone.

Essential Science: New perspectives needed for digital health

This week's Essential Science takes a different approach. We cast an eye over developments in digital health, focusing on patient centered technology and the need for what are, at times, neglected areas of science.

Robotic advances for MedTech

Medical technology looks set to be transformed by robotics, with several innovative projects underway. Among these are Google's forays into digital surgery platforms.

Medical technologists investigate irregular heartbeats

Investigative medical technology could change the way doctors treat an irregular heartbeat condition called atrial fibrillation.

Israel presents its own pavilion at the upcoming MEDICA 2016 Special

The Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy of Israel together with the Non-Profit Organization Israel Export Institute, will present the Israeli Pavilion at MEDICA 2016 the upcoming international medical exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany

New medical tech device to manage diabetes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a novel device to help with the management of Type I diabetes. The device controls the administration of glucose.

The heart attack monitor that runs on one drop of blood

A new, portable device can assess patients for the risk of developing a heart attack by screening a single drop of blood. The test is also five times faster than comparable diagnostic devices.

Advanced medical technology on show at digital healthcare summit

Healthcare technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Some of the latest inventions were showcased at the Wired Health exhibition.

Technologies for improving medicinal safety discussed in London Special

London - On May 12, 2016 healthcare pharmacists gathered at the Royal Society for Chemistry in central London to discuss the safety and safe preparation of medicines intended to be sterile. Most sterile medicines are biologics.

Essential Science: Medical technology that can dissolve away

Tiny electronic sensors and devices are being developed as medical devices. These can be implanted in the body and then dissolve away without a trace. This avoids the risks involved with removing them.

Cancer spotting app developed

Glasgow - A new app, intended to be used on smartphones, has been developed to help medical staff detect the signs of cancer early.

Plastics are advancing medical technology Special

Plastics help advance the safety and effectiveness of modern medicine. Moreover, plastics enable new advances that deliver more benefits to patients than ever before. To find out more, Digital Journal spoke with Canada's leading medical association.

Black box for doctors may improve accuracy and accountability

Toronto - Dr. Teodor Grantcharov of St. Michael’s Hospital has developed what some are calling the "O.R. Black Box" which records a surgery from start to finish so that doctors can watch for mistakes.

Technology offers a brave new world for physical therapy patients

Technology is opening doors to innovation in patient care and rehabilitation, ranging from robotics to social media and beyond.

Scientists use 3D printer to create tiny, powerful battery

3D printers are continuing to find more everyday uses, and a team at Harvard have now created a lithium-ion battery the size of a grain of sand that could greatly benefit medical and communications technology.

Pioneer of Cryonics and the ‘Prospect of Immortality’ dead at 92

Detroit - Robert Ettinger, the pioneer of cryogenics, died last Saturday after several weeks of health problems; his body will be preserved frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196°C with the hope that medical technology will allow him to continue living.

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