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Medical News

FDA approves first marijuana-derived drug

Washington - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a medication called Epidiolex. This is the first FDA-approved drug derived from marijuana.

AI-based diagnostic for faster blood tests

Medical startup firm Sight Diagnostics has begun producing an artificial intelligence-based diagnostics device, enabling faster blood tests to be conducted.

Babylon vs Doctors: Can a chatbot provide better medical advice?

London - The healthcare chatbot company Babylon has claimed its chatbot beats doctors at medical exams. This claim is disputed by some in the medical profession.

Digital medical visits: Risks and benefits

It's estimated that one in ten people record their consultation with their doctor. A new report recommends that doctors should embrace this, although both parties need to weight up the good and bad points.

App helps doctors screen for opioid dependency

The problems of opioid dependency have been widely reported and the problem is affecting many high-income nations. To overcome the challenges faced by the medical community, a new digital health solution is proposed.

Smartphone app for diagnosing cardiac disease

A new medical smartphone app has performed better than a traditional medical exam for cardiac assessment, based on the findings of a randomized clinical trial and reported to the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Doctors ask Syria to lift 7-year ban on access to wounded

Beirut - Doctors Without Borders on Wednesday called on Syria's government to reverse its seven-year ban on the medical charity, issuing an urgent appeal for access to wounded people in regime-held territory.

Low vaccination rates among Canadian adults

Toronto - A new report shows a concerning relatively low level of vaccination rates among adult Canadians. This is despite of Canadian government information, and scientific advice, as to the value of immunization.

More than skin deep: brotherly bond saved French burns victim

Paris - "Life". For Franck Dufourmantelle the word tattooed on his charred arm in English was like "a nod from destiny".

'Life support' for transplant livers better than freezing: study

Paris - Keeping transplant livers on "life support" at body temperature preserves them better than the prevailing method of near-freezing, and could reduce the number of donor organs thrown away, a study said Wednesday.

'The man with three faces' has second transplant

Paris - Jerome Hamon is getting used to his new soubriquet "the man with three faces".He remains in a Paris hospital, three months after undergoing his second face transplant, but has quickly accepted his new "identity".

Night owls risk dying younger, should sleep in: study

Paris - People who stay up late and have to drag themselves out of bed are likelier to die younger than those who rise and set with the Sun, researchers said Thursday.

U.S. health companies launch blockchain pilot

The expansion of blockchain technology has extended to healthcare. Five U.S. based health organizations have launched a pilot scheme, designed to determine if blockchain technology can improve security.

Philips and Hologic provide imaging systems for women’s health

The companies Philips and Hologic have announced a global partnership agreement intended to provide integrated imaging solutions for women’s health. This will include diagnostic imaging modalities and advanced informatics.

AI technology improves kidney analysis

Boston - A further advancement of medical artificial intelligence technology has been announced with the use of an AI platform to help medical staff to assess kidney disease. The technology is designed to assist, and to not to replace, medical professionals.

A.I. assistive and rehab solutions: Interview Special

State-of-the-art technology like artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the way healthcare clinics and professional medical services operate. Bionik CEO Dr. Eric Dusseux provides an overview of recent developments.

Essential Science: New risk of high salt intake and food raised

The risks of a diet with too great a sodium content are well-documented. What has been less certain is whether a generally healthy diet can off-set consuming levels of sodium above recommended allowances. New research sheds light on this.

Nano-drops improve shortsightedness

Tel Aviv - A new type of medicine, described as a ‘nano-drop’, has been designed as a cure for shortsightedness and nearsightedness. This is an alternative to conventional laser correction techniques and to wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Medical evacuations expected out of Syria's battered Ghouta

- The Red Crescent prepared to evacuate people in desperate need of medical care from Syria's battered rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday, multiple sources said.

Interview: 3D printing promises transplantable hearts Special

The company BIOLIFE4D wants to create transplantable hearts based on patients’ own cells, eliminating organ rejection, through 3D bio-printing. The company's Steven Morris explains more.

3D printing advantages for dentistry

3D printing has the potential to give dentists and laboratory technicians the ability to make high-precision restorations cheaper, easier and faster. A new innovation from DWS Systems allows dentists to make prosthetics rapidly.

Artificial intelligence diagnoses eye diseases

New studies demonstrate how artificial intelligence, in the medical context, can quickly and accurately diagnose a range of eye diseases and other medical conditions like pneumonia.

Essential Science: Cleaning chemicals linked to lung cancer

The association between household cleaning chemicals and respiratory problems has been raised over the past decade. A new study from the University of Bergen in Norway raises concerns about the longer-term impact.

Peanut allergy patch in development

A French medical technology company has developed a new patch to help address the risks surrounding peanut allergies. The patch is to be reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Squid ink provides new dental imaging technology

Improving the accuracy of dental imaging helps patients to receive optimal care. A new imaging method has an unusual material source: squid ink. This helps to improve the clarity and contrast for gum disease inspections.

IV bag shortage affects hospitals treating flu

More serious cases of influenza require patients to be administered intravenous drips. In the U.S. there’s currently a shortage of IV bags, which is hampering efforts to deal with ill patients during the winter months.

Bacterium from dirt could fight melanoma

Scientists have identified a type of organism found in the soil which has the potential to induce the death of melanoma cells. This is through a molecule made as a metabolite from the organism.

Improving patient engagement with new application Special

CareThrough is a 360° care management solution designed to improve quality of care and patient engagement, offering a new way to help navigate these value-based requirements. To find out more about this digital health offering we spoke with Craig Newman.

Microsoft announces preview of AI-powered health chatbot system

Microsoft's launched a private preview of a new AI-powered health chatbot system. The company said intelligent healthcare assistants could "empower" users to access medical info from their smartphone, cutting the time and cost of obtaining healthcare.

Interview: Technology improves wound care management Special

Clinicians can now take wound depth measurements at the point of care using a regular smartphone camera thnaks to new technology. The technology comes from Swift Medical.
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Medical Image

medical technologist operates equipment in a hospital
medical technologist operates equipment in a hospital
Photograph of Hannah Warren  taken by her parents for media outlets
Photograph of Hannah Warren, taken by her parents for media outlets
Genevieve Warren
Medical transport vehicle in London.
Medical transport vehicle in London.
An emergency medical delivery vehicle in London. The type of activity suitable for blockchain techno...
An emergency medical delivery vehicle in London. The type of activity suitable for blockchain technology.
Medical Pavilion at Treasure Coast Square in Jensen Beach  Florida
Medical Pavilion at Treasure Coast Square in Jensen Beach, Florida
medical chart
medical chart
Indrani Soemardjan
HOMEGROWN: Oregon decriminalization advocate Paul Stanford stands in the marijuana garden maintained...
HOMEGROWN: Oregon decriminalization advocate Paul Stanford stands in the marijuana garden maintained by his organization, The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, in Portland in 2013.
Paul Stanford/Wikimedia Commons
A doctor examining a patient
A doctor examining a patient
A woman receives medical attention after part of the ceiling at the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Av...
A woman receives medical attention after part of the ceiling at the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue collapsed in central London December 19, 2013.
With permission by Reuters/Neil Hall
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Coming soon....
Creative Commons image by SurfaceWarriors
Creative Commons image by SurfaceWarriors
Creative Commons image by SurfaceWarriors