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Op-Ed: The insider's guide to attracting start-up media coverage

Start-ups love the idea of getting media coverage but often their efforts go unrewarded. Here's how to capture the spotlight.

Iran earthquake coverage very limited

Photojournalists have been banned from taking photos of the earthquake damage in Iran according to some reports on Twitter. If this is true then the world will have a hard time understanding the true damage in the areas affected.

Religion not covered by mainstream media as much as some think

It takes a couple of months to compile and research the entirety of the previous year, but now that has been done with the religion coverage for 2011.

Defying Unfavorable Attention, China's Liu Xiaobo Still in Prison

Melbourne - In December 2010, on International Human Rights Day, Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. One year later, as informed by a press release from PEN International, he and more than thirty other writers remain in prison.

Op-Ed: Wall Street is Occupied protest not getting media coverage

New York - Wall Street is being occupied by protesters against corporate greed. Several of the peaceful protesters have been arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protest by those who say they are the 99 percent of Americans who are facing economic crisis.

Op-Ed: Anthony trial or fashion police? Sometimes it was hard to tell

The move of the Casey Anthony murder trial from the legal confines of a Florida court to the unrestrictive court of public opinion is an opportunity to look at how many media colleagues cashed in on the tragic death of a 2-year-old girl.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley press tour kicks off at Beverly Hills Hotel

The promotional tour for the sold-out fight between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley scheduled for May 7 at the MGM Grand Garden Hotel in Las Vegas, kicked off yesterday at the renowned Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

G20 protester laments lack of media coverage for peaceful marches

Toronto - A person called Prapti sent out an email lamenting the lack of media coverage for the non-violent protests of the G20 meeting held in Toronto at the end of June.

Op-Ed: Australian budget 2010- This is media coverage?

Australia may have the world’s best performing economy, but the performance of some key players leaves a lot to be desired. The most leaked budget in Australian history didn’t generate much warmth, but it did set off some pre written press releases.

Afghanistan to ban media coverage of Taliban attacks

Kabul - The government of Afghanistan recently announced that they will no longer have media coverage of Taliban attacks because they feel it emboldens the Islamist insurgents.

Op-Ed: Copenhagen- Too hard, and the media runs away again

Too scared to read the news, or can’t find a vertebrate news source? There it was, all over the headlines. Then it wasn’t. Copenhagen, after the utter failure to even address basic issues, fell off the front pages like a dying cockroach off a fridge.

Op-Ed: Public Was Warned About H1N1 At Onset, Will They Remember That?

In April the world learned of a new flu-swine flu or as it is now known H1N1. The media was very quick to cover the story about a flu that was hitting Mexico which could be the pandemic we had been warned about.

Op-Ed: ‘This is not America’

First of all music is a personal thing. If it wasn't then I’d love the Spice girls, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson.

Op-Ed: Ugly lesson - A free ride for hate from Gaza internet coverage

The blogosphere has yet again proved it’s a sucker for propaganda and spin. The more rabid the position, the more hits that position will get. That’s the fuel for the hate which is making the world such a fun place to live.

Op-Ed: The U.S. and its economy won’t be fixed by paid cheerleading

Anyone would think that whoever gets elected will just sprinkle some pixie dust and the US will return to the Disneyland of voters' dreams. That is not going to happen any time soon. America is looking at a very rough ride for years to come.

Op-Ed: Sense of proportion? Palin and family get more media than two wars and the economy

Ah, the happy hysteria of a US election. Sarah Palin and family now know what it’s like under an electron microscope. If innuendo and dis-informational claptrap were news, it’d be news. What’s in the media barely qualifies as information.

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