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Myanmar police ordered set up of Reuters journalists: testimony

Yangon - A Myanmar police chief ordered officers to set up a Reuters reporter by handing over sensitive documents to him in a sting operation that also ensnared his colleague, a police official told a court Friday.

Asian push to crack down on 'fake news' sparks alarm

Kuala Lumpur - Inflammatory stories masquerading as real news pose a particularly toxic threat in Asian countries with long-standing religious and ethnic divides, but promises by some regional leaders to tackle the problem carry equal menace.

Reporters defiantly pursue work of murdered Maltese blogger

Valletta - The investigative work of slain Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has been pursued by dozens of colleagues worldwide who this week published a flurry of revelations and delved into the mystery surrounding her murder.

EU parliament demands independent probe into Slovak reporter's murder

Strasbourg - The European Parliament called Thursday on Slovakia to ensure a full and independent investigation into the murder of an investigative reporter while demanding better protections for all journalists in the EU.

A month after journalist disappeared in Haiti, fear and no answers

Port-au-prince - A month after photographer Vladjimir Legagneur disappeared in a violence-plagued area of Port-au-Prince, other journalists are fearful and Haitian authorities have provided little in the way of information.

UK regulator probes Russia's RT channel over impartiality

London - Britain's broadcasting watchdog on Wednesday opened seven impartiality probes concerning Russia's RT news channel, noting "a significant increase" in programmes warranting investigation since the poisoning of a former Russian spy in March.

FBI agent pleads guilty of leaking in case linked to The Intercept

Washington - An FBI agent faced up to five years in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty to providing classified documents to a reporter in the second leak case pursued by the Trump administration linked to The Intercept.

Slovak police chief quits amid row over journalist murder

Bratislava - Slovakia's controversial police chief announced his resignation Tuesday, as the murder of an investigative journalist -- which already toppled the government last month -- continues to make political waves in the small EU country.

Rebels suspend handover of Ecuador press team's bodies: ICRC

Apo - Renegade Colombian rebels suspended plans Monday to hand over the bodies of a three-man Ecuadoran journalist team kidnapped and killed on the two countries' border, the Red Cross said.

El Salvador arrests 200 gang members in nationwide sweep

Sansalvador - Prosecutors in El Salvador said Monday they had detained a man over the November killing of a cameraman and arrested more than 200 gang members in an overnight sweep following another journalist's murder.

New York Times, New Yorker win Pulitzer for #MeToo watershed

New York - The New York Times and The New Yorker won the Pulitzer Prize for public service on Monday for explosive reporting that brought down Harvey Weinstein and spawned a cultural watershed on the issue of sexual harassment.

Malta and London mark six months since journalist's murder

Valletta - Campaigners in Malta and London on Monday marked the six-month anniversary of the murder of anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, as her sons accused the Maltese government of allowing "impunity" over the killing.

Slovakia interior minister quits amid row over journalist's murder

Bratislava - Slovak new Interior Minister Tomas Drucker resigned Monday after resisting public demand to sack the chief of police following an investigative journalist's murder.

Turkey rules to keep US pastor in jail

Izmir - A Turkish court ruled Monday to keep an American Christian pastor in custody, deeming him to be a flight risk, after his trial opened in a case that has raised tensions with Washington.

Detained American pastor goes on trial in Turkey

Izmir - An American pastor will go on trial in Turkey on Monday on terror-related charges after spending the last one-and-a-half years behind bars, in a case that has raised friction between Ankara and Washington.

Slovaks rally demanding police chief ouster

Bratislava - Tens of thousands of Slovaks rallied on Sunday demanding the national police chief resign over concerns that political connections prevent a fair investigation into the murder of a journalist probing corruption.

Ecuadoran journalists who put their lives on the line for a story

Quito - The three members of an Ecuadoran journalist team who died in captivity after being abducted by a Colombian rebel group were following a story on violence that ended up costing their lives.

Kidnapped Ecuador journalist team confirmed dead

Quito - Ecuador on Friday confirmed the deaths of two journalists and their driver who had been kidnapped by renegade Colombian rebels -- and quickly launched a retaliatory military operation in the area where they were snatched.

Ecuador's Moreno returns home after report says abducted journalists dead

Quito - Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno announced Thursday he would return home from the Summit of Americas in Peru to address a "critical situation" related to a team of abducted reporters following reports they had been killed.

Popularity of tigers, lions, bears could be their downfall: study

Tampa - Iconic animals like elephants, tigers, lions and panda bears are everywhere in movies, books and toystores. But their wide pop culture presence skews public perception of how endangered these animals really are, researchers said Thursday.

National Enquirer paid $30,000 for story on alleged Trump love child

New York - Tabloid newspaper the National Enquirer paid $30,000 to a former doorman at Trump Tower who claimed Donald Trump had a secret love child with his housekeeper, according to a report first published by The New Yorker on Thursday.

'Burning man' image wins AFP top prize at World Press Photo

Amsterdam - Agence France-Presse photographer Ronaldo Schemidt won the prestigious 2018 World Press Photo of the Year Award Thursday with a fiery image of a masked Venezuelan protester which judges said symbolised a country "burning".

Fabrice Fries elected new head of AFP

Paris - Fabrice Fries was elected as the new head of Agence-France Presse Thursday after the surprise departure of current CEO Emmanuel Hoog.

AFP CEO Emmanuel Hoog to step down

Paris - AFP's chief executive Emmanuel Hoog announced Wednesday that he was withdrawing his bid for a third term at the head of the international news agency after failing to secure government support.

Fox, Ziggo Sport raided by EU anti-trust authorities

London - US media giant Fox and Dutch broadcaster Ziggo Sport said Wednesday they were cooperating with EU anti-trust officials after unannounced searches of their offices as part of a probe into sports media rights.

Myanmar court refuses to drop case against Reuters journalists

Yangon - A Myanmar court on Wednesday rejected a motion to drop a case against two Reuters journalists arrested while investigating a massacre of Rohingya Muslims, even as seven soldiers were given lengthy sentences for their role in the killings.

Kanal Turan: the tiny TV channel taking on oil-rich Azerbaijan

Strasbourg - Under the spotlight in a studio in the French city of Strasbourg, an Azerbaijani TV anchor pins a microphone onto his lapel as he gets ready to present the news.

Facebook set to verify identity of major page owners

As the full extent of Facebook's data misuse and increasing questions over the credibility of material that purports to be 'news', Facebook is to embark on a page verification program.

Slovakia's police chief refuses to quit over journalist murder probe

Bratislava - Slovakia's police chief refused to quit on Friday, a day after tens of thousands of protesters demanded his ouster, as he questioned the president's motives for backing calls for his departure.

Trump to again snub White House correspondents' dinner

Washington - Donald Trump will again snub the annual White House correspondents' dinner, organizers said Friday, amid sustained attacks by the president on US media.
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A French advertising poster for a pop music radio station (detail)
A French advertising poster for a pop music radio station (detail)
Police order members of the media to leave the area where protests are taking place in Ferguson  MO.
Police order members of the media to leave the area where protests are taking place in Ferguson, MO.
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A man reading a newspaper
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Author and media expert Jeff Jarvis
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Journalism must continue to move forward to cover the challenges facing people in 2017
Journalism must continue to move forward to cover the challenges facing people in 2017
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A Gallop survey on media distrust in the U.S., 2010
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Media personality Regis Philbin
A total of 4 397 newspaper articles from 11 newspapers were coded on multiple elements of framing in...
A total of 4,397 newspaper articles from 11 newspapers were coded on multiple elements of framing including topic, source and implied moral evaluation of illicit drug use.
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Al Jazeera news desk in Doha, Qatar.
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An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
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