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'You will die tomorrow': Turkish reporter recalls capture by IS

Istanbul - "Now stand up, pray and repent," the man told Turkish photojournalist Bunyamin Aygun. "We are going to execute you tomorrow by the sword.""I had all my life before me," he said. "I started dreaming how I would be executed every time I closed my eyes.

AP journalist's killer in Afghanistan jailed for 20 years: CEO

Hong Kong - An Afghan policeman who shot dead a Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press photojournalist was imprisoned for 20 years over the weekend, after his death sentence was commuted, the AP's CEO said in Hong Kong on Monday.

Global reach of French plane crash tragedy

Le Vernet - Hundreds of TV crews are crowding small French towns in the Alps nearest the crash site of a German airliner in a testament to the global reach of the tragedy.

Attacks on Mexico journalists surge

- Attacks on journalists in Mexico have surged during President Enrique Pena Nieto's first two years in power, with assaults reported every 26.7 hours, a press freedom group said Tuesday.Media workers endured an act of violence every 48.

Two months after attack, splits at Charlie Hebdo over money

Paris - Two months after the jihadist attack in which staff at the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo were murdered, a split has emerged in the newsroom over the nearly 30 million euros received since the killings.

French magazine publishes photos of bodies of Charlie Hebdo killers

Paris - French magazine Paris Match on Thursday published photos of the bodies of the two brothers behind the bloody January attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, saying the French "have the right" to see them.

Mexican star journalist's firing sparks outrage

- The firing of one of Mexico's most famous journalists, who revealed the first lady's controversial mansion, sparked outrage Monday among supporters who consider her sacking an attack on press freedom.

Posting on social media will ruin your life, study finds

A study has confirmed the idea that obsessing over creating the "perfect" social media post will end up ruining your life, finding that 60 percent of people have missed an experience because they were trying too hard to take a picture or post about it.

Putin spokesman denies baby rumours

Moscow - A spokesman for Vladimir Putin on Friday denied rumours swirling in the European media that a baby had been born to the Russian leader.

1,000 days inside the embassy: Assange's London life

London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who on Friday agreed to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors in London over rape allegations, has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy for nearly 1,000 days.

Clinton given devilish look on latest TIME cover

Washington - It was either a curious oversight or an ominous editorial directive, but the cover of TIME's latest issue depicts likely 2016 presidential prospect Hillary Clinton apparently sporting devil's horns.

Op-Ed: Is something wrong with the WWE?

Does WWE have an issue with discrimination, and if so, will it effect their bottom line? On the surface, no. But there appears to be more below the shiny veneer.

AFP photo stringer freed after Spain migrant centre arrest

Madrid - A photographer who works for AFP was arrested Wednesday and later released pending charges of transporting illegal immigrants in her car in Spain's north African territory Melilla, which she denied.

Boom in journalist drone use flies into legal obstacles

Paris - Flying over the flaming barricades of the Maidan protests in Kiev, the camps of Auschwitz or hurtling down a ski slope -- drones have become a vital tool for cameramen, but they are increasingly running into legal and practical obstacles.

Greek PM urges Varoufakis to 'talk less, do more'

Atenas - Maverick Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis -- who has become a media phenomenon since Greece's radical government came to power -- has reportedly been warned by his own prime minister to talk less and do more.

Smog documentary blocked by China after becoming viral hit

Bejing - A hard-hitting video investigation into China's grave air pollution problem has been pulled from mainstream video sites, days after it garnered more than 150 million hits online.

World Press Photo award withdrawn in manipulation scandal

Brussels - Organisers of the prestigious World Press Photo awards have revoked a major prize after the entry, which portrayed the gritty Belgian industrial town Charleroi, was accused of being staged in a deepening debate over manipulation of images.

Royal prank radio station faces losing licence

Sydney - An Australian High Court ruling Wednesday opened the door for a radio station at the centre of a royal hoax call controversy to face penalties including losing its licence.

Al-Jazeera reporter fined for drone flights over Paris

Paris - A French court Tuesday fined a British journalist 1,000 euros ($1,100) for flying a drone over central Paris and confiscated the machine, as authorities scramble to explain a recent series of mysterious overflights.

Latest Charlie Hebdo takes dig at far-right party's makeover

Paris - The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo -- the satirical weekly which has become the top-selling newspaper in France since its offices were attacked by Islamist gunmen in January -- takes a dig at the country's far-right National Front.

Nemtsov admitted fears for life weeks before murder

Moscow - Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, gunned down on Friday in a contract-style killing, gave an interview this month admitting he had feared for his life over his opposition to President Vladimir Putin.

AFP apologises to French industrialist after death reported

Paris - AFP on Saturday issued an apology to French industrialist Martin Bouygues, chairman and CEO of the conglomerate Bouygues, for reporting his death.

Nemtsov urged end to Ukraine conflict hours before killing

Moscow - Three hours before his death, Boris Nemtsov gave an interview to a Moscow radio station, condemning President Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine and calling for an end to the conflict.

Gaza floods: Dispelling the myth about Israeli 'dams'

- Once again this winter, following days of very heavy rainfall across the region, the banks of a riverbed running through central Gaza were breached, flooding dozens of Palestinian homes.

Rights lawyer Clooney slams Canada over Al-Jazeera journalist

Montreal - Prominent human rights lawyer Amal Clooney lashed out at the Canadian government, accusing Ottawa of "woefully inadequate" efforts to secure the repatriation of Al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy from Egypt.

Belgian town wants World Press Photo award withdrawn

Brussels - The mayor of Charleroi has said the award of a World Press Photo prize to a study on the gritty industrial Belgian town should be withdrawn as a "serious distortion of reality.

Al-Jazeera journalist in Paris court next week for flying drone

Paris - One of three Al-Jazeera journalists arrested for flying a drone in Paris will appear in court next week after pleading guilty, a judicial source said on Thursday.The other two television journalists have been freed.

Mystery as drones spotted in Paris sky

Paris - Investigators in Paris have been left puzzled by a string of drone sightings over Paris, even as three journalists for TV station Al-Jazeera were arrested Wednesday for flying one from a park on the edge of the city.

Charlie Hebdo returns to newsstands with satire and emotion

Paris - "We're back!". With those words -- and a cartoon depicting the pope, a jihadist and French far-right leader Marine Le Pen as a pack of enraged animals -- Charlie Hebdo marked its return Wednesday.

Charlie Hebdo team bites back with new issue

Paris - More than a month after jihadist gunmen massacred much of the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff, the magazine is back at work with another savage swipe at its favourite enemies.
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The Guardian s Internet site  December 3rd 2010
The Guardian's Internet site, December 3rd 2010
Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin  in a reflective mood.
Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, in a reflective mood.
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The Guardian newspaper
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International organisations trains Kenyan journalists ahead on March 4th General Election
International organisations trains Kenyan journalists ahead on March 4th General Election
Anderson Cooper reporting live from Gaza (Nov. 18).
Anderson Cooper reporting live from Gaza (Nov. 18).
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A man reading a newspaper
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A still from the documentary on Chinese citizen journalists High Tech, Low Life
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David Silverberg appearing on CBC s Lang & O Leary Exchange talking about Apple s MacBook Air
David Silverberg appearing on CBC's Lang & O'Leary Exchange talking about Apple's MacBook Air
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nextMEDIA panel on geo-location