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Meat producers upset over USDA demands

Reports have surfaced that the advisory panel for the U.S. government's upcoming dietary guidelines may recommend less meat consumption, to the dismay of meat producers.

Vultures developed resistance for their horrifying diets

Copenhage - One question that has puzzled scientists is how vultures can live on a diet of carrion that would at least trigger severe food-poisoning, and probably kill most other animals.

Insight into how red meat harms arteries

According to an animal study, gut microbes produce an important metabolite that promotes atherosclerosis in association with the consumption of red meat.

Store worker accused of hiding $1,200 worth of meat in his pants

An employee at a New York grocery store is being accused of exiting the store with more than $1,000 worth of meat hidden in his pants.

New warning over barbecued food

The Food Standards Agency in the U.K. has issued a warning about barbecued food and the risks of food poisoning. The Agency recommends that food should be pre-cooked in an oven first.

Meat addiction is driving up our carbon footprint

Our consumption of meat around the world, which is only expected to grow, puts severe damage on the environment. Mother nature is not happy with us at all.

Edible antimicrobials can protect meat

Antimicrobial agents incorporated into edible films applied to foods to seal in flavor, freshness and color can improve the microbiological safety of meats, according to new research.

New test for pork virus

A virus in the U.S. has killed over 6 million pigs. Researchers have developed a new test to monitor for the disease. The hope is that improved detection can be used to slow down the rate of infection.

Feeding pets raw meat carries safety risks

The American Animal Hospital Association and American Veterinary Medical Association have discouraged the inclusion of raw and undercooked meats in pet food, citing a potential for food-borne illness.

Meat recalled due to ‘unsanitary conditions’

Windsor - Yauk’s Specialty Meats, a Windsor, Colorado company, has expanded its recall of its meat products to include more foodstuffs produced under insanitary conditions.

Canadian ham recalled due to Listeria infection

Some 2,600 pounds of whole boneless ham prosciutto product have been recalled across the U.S. and Canada due to possible contamination with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.

Beer that tastes like meat—The Butcher from Bluejacket Brewery

Washington - Bluejacket Brewery have brewed a beer, 'The Butcher,' that tastes like the hot-dog delicacy found in the 'half-smoke' sandwich. This meaty, dark lager is the initiative of Greg Engert, one of the top U.S. beer experts.

22,000 pounds of meat recalled due to possible contamination

Around 22,000 pounds of meat were recalled on Tuesday due a possible contamination that was discovered after testing was done by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Rat meat sold as mutton in China

People in China have been revolted and outraged by news that crooks have been selling rats and rodents as mutton for the last 4 years.

Video: Louisiana taste-test of 20-lb nutria swamp rat

Imported from Argentina in the 1930's for their fur, these giant swamp rats escaped into the wild and are now devouring the roots of wetland plants and transforming the Bayou into a wasteland. A solution has been found, with several tasty recipes.

Man accused of selling outdated meat at discount store

Front Royal - A Maryland man was fined and given probation after he pled guilty to 10 misdemeanor counts of selling outdated meat at his discount store in Virginia. Originally he had been charged with 10 felony counts.

South African beef products contain donkey, water buffalo & goat

Stellenbosch - As more and more tests are run following the recent horsemeat scandal in Europe, now a study in South Africa has found donkey, water buffalo, soya and goat content in minced meats, burger patties, sausages, deli and dried meats.

The changing Japanese diet: more meat, less veg

Tokyo - The Japanese government is concerned about the diet of the typical citizen. The average volume of vegetables, fruit and seafood that Japanese adults eat every day has fallen during the past ten years leading to concerns about health and nutrition.

ABC, Diane Sawyer slammed with $1.2 billion lawsuit

In March, ABC News reported on Beef Products Inc. over its food products, allegedly reporting that the food it manufactured was not safe, not meat and not healthy, dubbing it “pink slime.”

Study: Meat-eating contributed to human conquering, domination

Stockholm - It seems if we were herbivores then we wouldn't be as advanced as we are today, at least according to a new study out of Sweden. The research found that carnivory contributed to human success and population growth.

Why 70% of U.S. ground beef includes 'pink slime'

An ABC News report interviewed a former United States Department of Agriculture scientist who knows almost three-quarters of American ground beef contain "pink slime," beef trimmings that once were only used in dog food.

Would you like your pork chop with a side of MRSA?

You might think that paying premium prices for organic meat means you're getting the best quality money can buy. But there may be a downside to buying antibiotic- and pesticide-free meats: deadly bacteria.

Op-Ed: Australian government allows import of whale meat, ouch

How embarrassing. In 2010, the Australian government announced that it wanted an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean Whaling Sanctuary, yet a news report has revealed four Australian companies have been importing whale meat since 2005.

Horse meat may soon be available for human consumption in U.S.

After the U.S. Congress lifted a ban on using Federal funds for horse meat inspection, horses could soon be slaughtered in the U.S. for human consumption. However, animal rights groups are protesting the decision.

Woman mistakenly given cash instead of cold cuts

Braunschweig - An elderly woman shopping for cold cuts in a German butcher shop was accidentally handed a bag containing more than 2000 euros ($2,835 USD).

Dairy and fish not safe for health, says nutritionist Special

San Diego - All animal foods including fish and dairy are a health risk for you, says nutritionist Dr. Janice Stanger, author of the book "The Perfect Formula Diet".

Eating the Amazon - demand for cheap meat fuels deforestation Special

Europe’s demand for cheap meat is dramatically changing the landscape of the Amazon. Rainforest around Santarém has been replaced with fields over the last five years thanks to the advent of soya farming in the area.

Sausage Pancake Bites from Dunkin Donuts are 'meat munchkins'

Dunkin Donuts launched a new breakfast food last week for a limited time only as a market test item. The Sausage Pancake Bites are a quick breakfast on the go.

Diets lower in meat could prevent 45,000 deaths a year

According to a new report issued by Friends of the Earth, people changing to a diet which contains just three meat meals a week could prevent approximately 45,000 premature deaths and save the UK's NHS £1.2 billion a year.

Photo of mechanically separated chicken nauseating the Internet

Who doesn't love chicken nuggets? They're golden brown, cooked on the inside and when dipped in plum sauce, they're absolutely delicious. After seeing a photo of mechanically separated meat, you may not eat them again.
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Meat Image

Ground beef at a supermarket
Ground beef at a supermarket
Chickens in battery cages on a factory farm.
March 28  2008.
Chickens in battery cages on a factory farm. March 28, 2008.
Haggis - Traditional Scottish haggis  which is made with a sheep s heart  liver and lungs
Haggis - Traditional Scottish haggis, which is made with a sheep's heart, liver and lungs
AnimaNaturalis Spain held an ecological protest by displaying  A plate of human flesh  in front of t...
AnimaNaturalis Spain held an ecological protest by displaying "A plate of human flesh" in front of the Mercat del Born in Barcelona, Spain.
Video screengrab
 Come hungry ! Hungarian húsleves.
"Come hungry"! Hungarian húsleves.
A slab of cured pork
A slab of cured pork
File photo: Ground beef
File photo: Ground beef
Cooking chicken thighs
Cooking chicken thighs
A moose
A moose
University of Michigan
Bullets ready for the blender
Bullets ready for the blender
AnimaNaturalis Spain held an ecological protest by displaying  A plate of human flesh  in front of t...
AnimaNaturalis Spain held an ecological protest by displaying "A plate of human flesh" in front of the Mercat del Born in Barcelona, Spain.
Video screengrab
A photo of mechanically separated chicken.
A photo of mechanically separated chicken.
Rotisserie chicken on a spit
Rotisserie chicken on a spit
Another Pint Please
Red meat
Red meat
Chance Agrella