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Measles News

California legislature toughens mandatory vaccination law

Sacramento - The Golden State would become one of three U.S. states to require childhood vaccinations before most kids could attend public school under a bill being considered by the state Assembly.

California measles outbreak over, state health officials say

Anaheim - An outbreak of measles at two Southern California theme parks that infected scores of people in December and January has been stopped, California public health officials said Friday.

CA bill banning child vaccine exemptions gets go-ahead

Sacramento - After the severest measles outbreak in decades occurred earlier this year, California lawmakers approved a bill this week that would prevent most parents from opting out of vaccinations for their children enrolled in school.

Man who set out to disprove viral-measles link ordered pay up

Berlin-k - A scientist who offered a €100,000 reward to anyone who could prove that measles is a virus must pay up, according to a ruling from a German court. The issue centers on the measles vaccine debate.

Quebec measles outbreak grows, now 119 confirmed cases

The outbreak of the measles in the Canadian province of Quebec has worsened and there are now 119 confirmed cases, health officials say. There is fear there will be more as one of those infected was attending a school while contagious.

Tracking down the U.S. measles outbreak

Genetic tests have not revealed the source of the viral outbreak that started in California’s Disney theme parks. The point of origin remains a mystery.

Toddler dies as measles outbreak hits German capital

Berlin - A toddler suffering from measles has died in the German capital, health authorities said Monday, amid the country's worst outbreak in years and a debate about vaccinations.

Op-Ed: For vaccination, social media now makes the call

Through social media, popular media are holding control of health decisions, despite the information that the president and CDC try to provide.

Politicians debate vaccines as U.S. faces measles outbreak

Washington - U.S. President Barack Obama and American health authorities appealed to the public to vaccinate their children as the country faces an outbreak of measles due to some parents believing vaccines against deadly diseases are dangerous.

Disneyland measles outbreak spreads throughout state

Oakland - Dozens of Californians who visited Disneyland and an adjacent theme park over the past two months have contracted measles in the largest outbreak of the highly contagious virus in years.

Disneyland measles outbreak puts California on alert

Los Angeles - California is battling a surge of measles cases clustered around the famous Disneyland theme park, despite the virus being all but eliminated in the United States, authorities said.

Several Disneyland employees diagnosed with measles

Anaheim - Several employees at Disneyland, Anaheim, California's iconic themepark have been diagnosed with measles, health officials confirmed on Tuesday. This brings the total number of cases to 18 in the county.

Nine cases of measles linked to Disneyland visit in California

Two people from Utah and seven from California all came down with a case of the measles, and they all apparently contracted the disease from the same place. All the visitors had visited California's Disneyland between Dec. 15 and Dec. 20.

Why Canadian homeopaths can sell unproven vaccine alternatives

An investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show Marketplace reveals some alternative health practitioners are offering unproven vaccine "alternatives" to parents. Also, they are downplaying the danger of ailments such as measles.

Measles deaths fall to record low, but rebound in Syria

Geneva - The number of people dying from measles has fallen to a record low, driven down by mass vaccination campaigns, but outbreaks in crisis zones such as Syria remain a threat, the UN said Thursday.

Infected traveller sparks New Zealand measles alert

Wellington - New Zealand health authorities were trying to track down hundreds of passengers on Wednesday who may have been exposed to measles on a Singapore Airlines flight at the weekend.

CDC reports measles cases have tripled over yearly average

In the United States, vaccination programs have all but eliminated measles. But before a vaccine became available, almost everyone came down with the disease, and over 450 people died annually between 1953 and 1963, usually from complications.

Measles outbreak shaping up to be worst in 17 years

If you're refusing to get your kids vaccinated, then you could be part of the key factor in the rising number of measles cases this year.

Texas mega-church linked to measles outbreak

A Texas mega-church previously opposed to vaccinations has been linked to at least 21 cases of measles and is now urging members to get the preventative shots.

Epidemic of measles in Wales

Swansea - An epidemic of measles has been reported in Swansea, Wales with a total of 693 cases reported so far. The Public Health Wales (PHW) have commented that in the last two days a further 73 cases of measles have been confirmed.

Falling immunizations bring 15-year high for measles epidemic

Measles are one of the first diseases that occur when immunization coverage rates begin to fall, which leads to large-scale outbreaks. Fortunately, even though measles is a highly contagious viral disease, it is vaccine-preventable.

Germany: Measles Outbreak Underscores Importance of Vaccination

WHO states a measles outbreak in Germany has highlighted the need for vaccination reminders and better information for parents.

Study Says No link Between Measles Vaccine and Autism

A new study has stated that there is no link between some vaccines and autism. The study involved years of research with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines.

Mayo Clinic Discovers How Measles Spread

Mayo Clinic researchers and their collaborators show that measles do not enter the body through the surface of airways and lungs, like many other major viruses.

Measles Alert In Toronto

The Toronto Public Health has revealed that those who were treated at North York General Hospital on May 13, May 16 and May 17 in the emergency room have been exposed to measles.

US Sees Largest Measle Outbreak In 6 Years

From January 1 through April 25, 2008, CDC received a total of 64 reports of confirmed measles cases in nine states — the highest number for the same time period since 2001.

Public Health Officials In Milwaukee Trying to Contain Potential Measle Outbreak

The Milwaukee County Health Department is concerned about a potential outbreak of measles after 4 people became infected with the highly contagious disease.

CDC Issues U.S. Measles Health Advisory

In the U. S. from Jan. 1 through March 28, 2008, 24 confirmed cases of measles resulting from importations from endemic countries have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Measles Kill 165 Children in Northern Nigeria

Three thousand children have been infected by measles and 165 have died in a northern region of Nigeria; where 90 per cent of the children have not been immunized. an emergency response team is on the scene.

Muslims Urge Followers to Reject Common Childhood Vaccines

Muslims in Britain are being urged to keep their children from childhood vaccination, saying they are unIslamic. . .
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Measles Image

This patient presented on the third pre-eruptive day with “Koplik spots” indicative of the begin...
This patient presented on the third pre-eruptive day with “Koplik spots” indicative of the beginning onset of measles. In the prodromal or beginning stages, one of the signs of the onset of measles is the eruption of “Koplik spots” on the mucosa of the cheeks and tongue, which appear as irregularly-shaped, bright red spots often with a bluish-white central dot.
Close up on the measles virus
Close up on the measles virus
Ear Chair: Disneyland visitors sit atop Mickey Mouse ears that support a park bench at the Southern ...
Ear Chair: Disneyland visitors sit atop Mickey Mouse ears that support a park bench at the Southern California theme park.
Terri Hodges
FANTASY: Tourists visit Toontown at Disneyland in Southern California. State officials say a measles...
FANTASY: Tourists visit Toontown at Disneyland in Southern California. State officials say a measles outbreak that sickened dozens at the park in September and January is over.
SolarSurfer/Wikimedia Commons
This child with measles is showing the characteristic red blotchy rash on his buttocks and back duri...
This child with measles is showing the characteristic red blotchy rash on his buttocks and back during the 3rd day of the rash.
The MMR vaccine can protect against mumps  measles  and rubella.
The MMR vaccine can protect against mumps, measles, and rubella.
Child receiving a measles vaccination.
Child receiving a measles vaccination.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention