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Meal timing strategies can lower appetite and aid weight loss

New research finds that meal timing strategies can help with weight loss by lowering appetite. Selective timing of meal times can also help to improve fat burning.

How to train a robot to feed you dinner

Washington - A new robot has been developed to assist people with eating. The robot can pass food to people who are ill, injured or elderly, or otherwise require support. The robot has an algorithm that guides to selecting the required food item.

Avoiding fussy eating by children with three R's

Birmingham - A new study purports to tell parents how easy it is to avoid fussy eating habits with their children. This takes the form of three apparently easy steps, according to a research article.

Astronaut launches 'space meal' contest

British Astronaut Tim Peake has launched a competition for a 'space meal.' Major Peake has asked schoolchildren to create the ideal meal for him to eat in space.

Spanish MPs to lose subsidy on 'gin & tonics' in Parliament cafés

Madrid - Turns out Spanish politicians have had access to discounted booze at the café and restaurant in the Spanish Parliament in Madrid. Public outrage has prompted a committee to put a stop to the benefit.

Brittny Pierre admits going on 3 dates a week only for free meals

A fashion blogger Brittny Pierre has admitted in a confession posted online that she was a "dinner whore." She revealed that she went on more than 60 dates with men she met online only because as a struggling musician in New York she needed free meals.

EasyJet under fire after offering pork only menu on Israel flight

Tel Aviv - Passengers aboard an EasyJet flight from Israel to London experienced a bit of turbulence when it was announced shortly after takeoff that the menu options for those wanting to dine were limited to pork products, instead of the standard kosher fare.

Prisoner compensated for being given non-vegetarian meals

A convicted rapist in a Polish prison was awarded compensation for being given meals which included meat after claimed he had converted to Buddhism and required a strict vegetarian diet.

Death Row's strange requests for last meals

Inmates on Death Row in America are traditionally allowed any last meal request they desire before execution. The long walk that follows need not be suffered on an empty stomach.

South Korean parliament brawls over school meals

A physical fight broke out and politicians verbally insulted one another in the South Korean parliament. Politicians were fighting over the issue of free school meals for students.

A sad, sad day for the Happy Meal and its toys

Santa Clara - A lot of sad kids will soon be seen in Santa Clara County's McDonald's restaurants. So, why are Happy Meals to blame for all the long faces?

McDonald's Doing Well in UK, Hires 5,000 More Workers

The UK operations of giant food chain McDonald's announced it is hiring 5,000 workers this year as the food chain continues to register positive sales growth driven by the shift in consumer buying habits after it introduced its super value meal concept

Sheriff Held in his Own Jail After Underfeeding Inmates

A Northern Alabama Sheriff was today in Federal Custody in his own jail after underfeeding inmates and keeping the money that the jail saved.

Texas Children Receive Free Meals Over The Summer

As the final weeks of school draw near, those on the free and reduced lunch program must wait three months before they receive free breakfast and lunches again. Or will they? One of many counties in Texas is offering free meals all summer long.

Eating at home or eating out?

Good health has to start somewhere.

Mothers of newborns should not skip meals

More over they should strive to eat a balanced diet

Meals on Wheels Help Elderly Feed Thier Pets

Meals on wheels and Banfield Veteranary Hosritals helping seniors feed thier pets

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