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Indiana cop claims McDonald's served him tea laced with chemicals

Indianapolis - An Indiana police officer isn't "Lovin' it" after he allegedly drank sweet tea laced with cleaning fluid at a local McDonald's. The officer stopped by the fast food chain Saturday to use the self-serve drink dispenser.

Watch McDonald's employee trash restaurant after being fired

Saint Paul - A customer filmed an employee's epic meltdown at a McDonald's in St. Paul, Minnesota, after he was fired. The furious ex-employee was caught on camera smashing and trashing everything in sight in the area behind the counter.

McDonald's workers say franchise called staff 'too dark'

Nearly a dozen workers are suing McDonald's, alleging "rampant" racism, sexual harassment and name-calling, as well as illegal terminations.

Just in time for the Super Bowl — Chicken nugget war starts again

Fast food enterprises are relying more and more on deals and freebies to draw in customers these days, and reminiscent of the chicken nugget war of 2014, Burger King has opened fire on McDonald's in a new round of the fast food wars.

McDonald's calls off fry rationing in Japan

New York - Large and extra-large orders of McDonald's french fries will be back next month on restaurant menus in Japan, the company announced Friday.

Ports gridlock forces McDonald's to 'hold the fries' in Japan

McDonald's restaurants in Japan have suffered another blow to a business already trying to make a comeback after being hit with a vendor scandal earlier this year. Now, it's a slow-down at West Coast ports cutting the flow of goods, like french fries.

USDA approves low carcinogen GM potato for McDonald's supplier

Washington - The US Department of Agriculture has approved for commercial planting a new genetically modified potato being touted as having lower levels of a potentially carcinogenic substance produced when potatoes are fried.

McDonald's menu is driving away cash-strapped customers

McDonald's menu is getting too expensive for cash-strapped diners. The company said its prices increased 3 percent through the end of June, compared to the previous year, Bloomberg's Leslie Patton reports.

Bourbon and Big Mac getting the cold shoulder in Russia

Moscow's food safety regulator, Rospotrebnadzor has been working hard this past week, closing seven more McDonald's restaurants over apparent sanitary violations. The watch-dog agency has even been barking at the heels of the company behind Jack Daniels.

Swastika burned into McDonald's bun shocks, angers woman

Morehead City - A North Carolina woman was shocked and angered when she found a swastika burned into the bun of her McDonald's chicken sandwich.

McDonald's loses crucial labor ruling

New York - For many years McDonald's was able to avoid many cases and claims by putting responsibility on the franchisee. After a ruling they are now known as a joint employer of workers at franchises, which means they have many more responsibilities for workers.

U.S. company withdraws outdated, tainted food products

Rocked by a recent food safety scandal, a prominent U.S food supplier is withdrawing all products produced by its Chinese subsidiary due to health and safety concerns.

McDonald's diners get shocking visit from stabbing victim

New York - The internet is buzzing with pictures of a stabbing victim who walked into a nearby McDonald's restaurant shortly after the incident. While the attached video is not overly graphic discretion is advised for those with very young children.

McDonald's CEO: 'We will support' a minimum wage hike

Chicago - The CEO of one of the world's largest fast-food corporations, known for paying its workers what critics claim are poverty wages, has announced his company will support a minimum wage hike.

No fries with that — McDonald's HQ closes before worker protest

Oak Park - The world's largest fast-food chain's corporate headquarters near Chicago closed Wednesday after hundreds of McDonald's employees threatened to protest demanding higher wages.

McDonald's shuts restaurants in Crimea amid US-Russia tension

Kiev - Residents of Ukraine's embattled Crimea region learned Friday they probably won't be "lovin' it" at a McDonald's restaurant anytime soon after the US-based chain said it was temporarily suspending operations there.

McDonald's introduces $12 burger

McDonald's in Switzerland unveiled, part of its Signature Line, called "The Prime" and it goes for a little more than $12 USD.

Video: McDonald's Japan 'US Vintage' menu goes Retro-80s Style

In a promotional video, McDonald's Japan is launching the third and final phase of its "American Vintage" campaign by embracing 1980s pop culture.

McDonald's employee accused of selling heroin in Happy Meals

Pittsburgh - A McDonald's employee in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was arrested Wednesday and charged with selling heroin in the Happy Meals from the drive-thru window.

McDonald's and Seniors in New York City reach a McDeal for peace

New York - Elderly residents and a New York City McDonald's have reached a McDeal, thanks to local politicians and community leaders. The restaurant and the elderly citizens had been at odds over how long the customers would stay when they ate.

Reducing the super-size myth

Des Moines - A recent high-school science experiment has shed new light on the seemingly ages-old mindset about the health dangers of consuming fast food, putting the spotlight not on what you eat but how you eat.

McDonald's reminds employees to tip au pairs, pool cleaners

The same McDonald's employee resource website that has advised workers to apply for government welfare and sell their holiday gifts to make ends meet is in the news again.

McDonald's plays classical music to break up drunken fights

A number of McDonald's in Stockport, England, are using classical music to break up drunken fights. The music is from Bach and Brahams.

McDonald's advises employees to sell Christmas presents for cash

McDonald's is advising its poverty-wage employees to break their food into smaller pieces in order to feel more full and to sell Christmas presents for sorely needed extra cash.

Man deemed unfit parent after refusing to take son to McDonald's

New York - A Manhattan man is filing a defamation suit against a court-appointed psychiatrist who allegedly told a judge that he was an unfit father and should be denied parental visits because he refused to take his son to McDonald's.

U.S. voting begins in Voice of McDonald's global singing contest Special

With its international voting completed, the U.S. is the final stop on the Voice of McDonald's voting trail. Who will make it to the finals in Orlando? It's up to the voters and the judges to decide.

McDonald’s has no time for youths’ posh meal deal

London - Two teenage school friends have been thrown out of McDonald’s for “supersizing” their meal, to bring “romance and a bit of class”.

Hundreds of fast-food workers strike in New York City

New York - Hundreds of mostly low-wage fast-food workers launched a one-day strike in New York City on Monday, demanding better pay, the right to unionize and an end to what many of them call "abusive labor practices."

McDonald's tells workers to get second jobs and turn off heat

McDonald's and Visa have launched a website advising the fast-food giant's low-wage employees on how to survive on their meager earnings.

Two McDonalds in the U.S. to stop serving halal food

Dearborn - The only two McDonald's in America doing so, have stopped serving food prepared according to Islamic law after settling a lawsuit that alleged the items were not consistently halal.
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A drive-thru at a McDonald s restaurant
A drive-thru at a McDonald's restaurant
Wikimedia Commons
A McDonald s Happy Meal that comes with a soft drink  burger  fries and a toy.
A McDonald's Happy Meal that comes with a soft drink, burger, fries and a toy.
Christina Kennedy
McDonald s employees protesting against low wages.
McDonald's employees protesting against low wages.
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Newly renovated McDonald s establishment.
Newly renovated McDonald's establishment.
McDonald's Canada
Screenshot of McDonald s YouTube video.
Screenshot of McDonald's YouTube video.
McResources tip guide
McResources tip guide
Due to a ruling  McDonald s may have to change how they react to employee complaints.
Due to a ruling McDonald's may have to change how they react to employee complaints.
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McDonald s unveiled an animated creepy new mascot
McDonald's unveiled an animated creepy new mascot
A Russian McDonald s menu
A Russian McDonald's menu
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The potatoes are peeled and washed
The potatoes are peeled and washed
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Darcy the cow at the local McDonald s drive-thru.
Darcy the cow at the local McDonald's drive-thru.
Happy Meal Books: McDonald s Happy Meal Commercial 2
Happy Meal Books: McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial 2
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The construction and location of McDonald s stores in New York varies immensely. This one in Harlem ...
The construction and location of McDonald's stores in New York varies immensely. This one in Harlem is a far cry from the one on Broadway.
McDonald s employee trashes up his workplace after being fired
McDonald's employee trashes up his workplace after being fired
BRAND NEW BAG: This is what the inside of McDonald s new french fry seasoning bag looks like -- if y...
BRAND NEW BAG: This is what the inside of McDonald's new french fry seasoning bag looks like -- if you did it right! Just drop your fries in and shake!
McDonald s establishment.
McDonald's establishment.
McDonald's Canada
The potatoes are cut into strips  fried and frozen
The potatoes are cut into strips, fried and frozen
McDonald s in Sweden have a history of serving cleaner to customers.
McDonald's in Sweden have a history of serving cleaner to customers.
Håkan Dahlström