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Mcdonald's News

Swimwear is created with McDonald's straws and marine plastics

Swimwear is created with McDonald's straws and marine plastics, in an effort to help the environment. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Ford and McDonald's join forces on new sustainability initiative

Ford Motor Company and McDonald’s USA will soon be giving vehicles a caffeine boost by using part of a familiar staple in the morning routine, coffee beans, in vehicle parts such as headlamp housing.

McHive — The world's smallest McDonald's creates quite a buzz

The world’s smallest McDonald’s franchise has opened its doors in Sweden, and it’s the bee’s knees—literally. While the familiar Golden Arches, the drive-thru window and entrance are recreated in detail, McHives' customers are honeybees.

McDonald's earnings are better than estimates at $1.79 per share

McDonald's Corp exceeded analysts' forecasts both for revenue and profits in a report on Monday as it clocked higher sales in foreign markets and in the US customers spent more at its outlets.

McDonald's is first restaurant company to set emission standards

This week, McDonald’s became the first global restaurant company to set an emissions reduction target in line with what the science says is needed to hold global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius.

McDonald's Canada: over 90K job-seekers' info hacked

On Friday, McDonald's Canada announced that about 95,000 job applicants' information was compromised in a cyber attack on its jobs website.

Video released of two police officers shot in Arizona Walmart

Chandler - The surveillance video shows two Chandler, Arizona police officers in a local Walmart after receiving a call. The alleged trespasser pulled out a gun and shot the two officers multiple times before one of the injured officers returned fire, killing him.

Creator of the 'Big Mac' dies at 98

Pittsburgh - Jim Delligatti has passed away at 98-years-old. He is credited with introducing the Big Mac sandwich that quickly became a huge hit throughout McDonald's restaurant chain.

Report: McDonald's Corp. planning to move HQ to downtown Chicago

Chicago - McDonald's plans to move its corporate headquarters from the Chicago suburbs to the downtown Fulton-Randolph Market District, a local business publication has reported.

All-day breakfast cracks a major winner for McDonald's

New York - McDonald's all-day breakfast offerings are less than a year old but are already having a measurable effect on the highly competitive fast-food marketplace.

McDonald's vows to solve mystery of the missing mozzarella

Oak Brook - McDonald's Corp. has responded to a wave of criticism on social media about a new appetizer offered as a replacement for its popular dollar menu.

McDonald's reports menu changes boosted restaurant sales

New York - McDonald's Corp. reported Monday that introduction of all-day breakfast and other menu changes helped sales rise nearly 6 percent in the fourth quarter last year.

McDonald's fires worker who threw water on Detroit homeless man

Detroit - A worker at a Detroit McDonald's who doused a homeless man with water after offering him a hamburger has been fired after the video went viral and stirred outrage.

McDonald's customers soon will place orders by computer

McDonald's restaurants are set to introduce new self-serve kiosks allowing patrons to place orders, and even customize their choices, at the push of a button.

How far would you go for a Big Mac? How about Siberia?

Moscow - McDonald's, the biggest burger chain in the world, is expanding its customer reach to the ends of the globe, or at least to Siberia. The fast-food giant is extending its corporate dominance despite the strained relationship between the U.S. and Russia.

McDonald's reports profit overall despite decline in U.S. sales

New York City - The world's largest hamburger chain is still looking for the magic formula to beef up its menu and reverse years of declining U.S. sales.

Someone deep fried a Big Mac from McDonald's

A photo of a Big Mac from McDonald's has surfaced, but this wasn't just an ordinary Big Mac. It was a deep fried Big Mac.

McDonald's hopes small changes make big difference

Oak Brook - Even after decades of profits, America’s most-enduring contribution to world cuisine — McDonald’s — proved again this week it is not immune to self-examination and self-improvement.

Tyson Foods to end use of antibiotics in poultry by 2017

The nation's largest poultry producer, Tyson Foods, announced on Tuesday they plan to eliminate the use of human antibiotics in its chicken flocks by September 2017. The move signifies a major shift in the poultry industry.

McDonald's will raise pay for 90,000 workers, but there's a catch

McDonald's Corp. will be raising the pay for some 90,000 employees by 10 percent, as well as giving paid vacations. The raise will be $1 more than the legal minimum wage at 1,500 McDonald's-owned restaurants in the U.S.

Bacon-obsessed woman convicted in McDonald's shooting

Grand Rapids - After just one hour of deliberating, a jury in Michigan concluded that a woman who fired a shot into a McDonald's after employees twice forgot to put bacon on her hamburger was guilty of firing at the building intentionally.

Teen gang attacks girl in Brooklyn McDonald's, crowd cheers [Vid]

Brooklyn - Graphic three-minute cell phone footage shows a brutal attack on a high school girl by a group of her peers at a McDonald's in Brooklyn. Viewers have expressed shock at the brutality of the attack as well as the large crowd of youths that stood cheering.

Indiana cop claims McDonald's served him tea laced with chemicals

Indianapolis - An Indiana police officer isn't "Lovin' it" after he allegedly drank sweet tea laced with cleaning fluid at a local McDonald's. The officer stopped by the fast food chain Saturday to use the self-serve drink dispenser.

Watch McDonald's employee trash restaurant after being fired

Saint Paul - A customer filmed an employee's epic meltdown at a McDonald's in St. Paul, Minnesota, after he was fired. The furious ex-employee was caught on camera smashing and trashing everything in sight in the area behind the counter.

McDonald's workers say franchise called staff 'too dark'

Nearly a dozen workers are suing McDonald's, alleging "rampant" racism, sexual harassment and name-calling, as well as illegal terminations.

Just in time for the Super Bowl — Chicken nugget war starts again

Fast food enterprises are relying more and more on deals and freebies to draw in customers these days, and reminiscent of the chicken nugget war of 2014, Burger King has opened fire on McDonald's in a new round of the fast food wars.

McDonald's calls off fry rationing in Japan

New York - Large and extra-large orders of McDonald's french fries will be back next month on restaurant menus in Japan, the company announced Friday.

Ports gridlock forces McDonald's to 'hold the fries' in Japan

McDonald's restaurants in Japan have suffered another blow to a business already trying to make a comeback after being hit with a vendor scandal earlier this year. Now, it's a slow-down at West Coast ports cutting the flow of goods, like french fries.

USDA approves low carcinogen GM potato for McDonald's supplier

Washington - The US Department of Agriculture has approved for commercial planting a new genetically modified potato being touted as having lower levels of a potentially carcinogenic substance produced when potatoes are fried.

McDonald's menu is driving away cash-strapped customers

McDonald's menu is getting too expensive for cash-strapped diners. The company said its prices increased 3 percent through the end of June, compared to the previous year, Bloomberg's Leslie Patton reports.
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Mcdonald's Image

Screenshot of McDonald s YouTube video.
Screenshot of McDonald's YouTube video.
McDonald s establishment.
McDonald's establishment.
McDonald's Canada via Marketwire
McDonald s in Sweden have a history of serving cleaner to customers.
McDonald's in Sweden have a history of serving cleaner to customers.
Håkan Dahlström
McDonald s has announced a license agreement to open restaurants in Siberia.
McDonald's has announced a license agreement to open restaurants in Siberia.
Wochit Business
The potatoes are peeled and washed
The potatoes are peeled and washed
MENU: A McDonald s restaurant in Setagaya-ku  Tokyo  Japan.
MENU: A McDonald's restaurant in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Paul Vlaar/Wikimedia Commons
A renovated McDonald s establishment.
A renovated McDonald's establishment.
McDonald's Canada
McDonald s employees protesting against low wages.
McDonald's employees protesting against low wages.
Kara Newhouse / CC
NEW DIGS?: McDonald s Corp. is said to be in final negotiations to relocate its headquarters to the ...
NEW DIGS?: McDonald's Corp. is said to be in final negotiations to relocate its headquarters to the buildings that used to house Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios in Chicago.
Gregreesehd / Wikimedia Commons
The Ronald McDonald mascot for fast-food giant McDonald s
The Ronald McDonald mascot for fast-food giant McDonald's
Ford is making car parts out of coffee waste from McDonald s.
Ford is making car parts out of coffee waste from McDonald's.
Ford Motor Company
McDonald s in Sweden has created what it calls  the world s smallest McDonald s.  But there s a twis...
McDonald's in Sweden has created what it calls "the world's smallest McDonald's." But there's a twist, would you bee-lieve it – it's not a McDonald's. It's a beehive.
McDonald's Sweden
The potatoes are cut into strips  fried and frozen
The potatoes are cut into strips, fried and frozen
A drive-thru at a McDonald s restaurant
A drive-thru at a McDonald's restaurant
Wikimedia Commons
Darcy the cow at the local McDonald s drive-thru.
Darcy the cow at the local McDonald's drive-thru.
Due to a ruling  McDonald s may have to change how they react to employee complaints.
Due to a ruling McDonald's may have to change how they react to employee complaints.
Mike Mozart
McDonald s unveiled an animated creepy new mascot
McDonald's unveiled an animated creepy new mascot
The so-called McHive was built by set designer Nicklas Nilsson.
The so-called McHive was built by set designer Nicklas Nilsson.
Ford Motor Company
McDonalds Nanterre  France
McDonalds Nanterre, France

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