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McDonald, the new face of Ireland's Sinn Fein, takes helm

Dublin - Mary Lou McDonald, who on Saturday became president of Ireland's Sinn Fein republican movement, represents a break with the party's past as the political voice of the IRA.

Video of vicious beating in McDonald's goes viral

Greenwich - A YouTube video showing a McDonald's cashier beating two female customers with a rod has gone viral and made headlines around the world.

McMurderer Granted Unescorted Passes

One of the three men convicted in the 1992 killings of three McDonald’s restaurant employees in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia can leave prison unescorted.

Op-Ed: General Custer Rides Again, History Via 'Happy Meals'

McDonald's has begun selling Happy Meals complete with a toy of General Customer. Why are Indian activists disturbed by this idea?

McDonald's enters coffee wars with free java

McDonald's is offering customers a free morning coffee every day for the next two weeks – a savings of about $1.22, including tax, on a 10-ounce cup..

Op-Ed: Starbucks Struggles With Value - an Answer Found in Coffee Beans

Numerous stunning health benefits found in coffee consumption have little effect on sales at Starbucks as the company struggles to communicate its position in a value-oriented economy. Where do health and economics meet?

Mickey D's Happy Meal Collection Gets Sold For $11,500 In London

For those that buy McDonald’s Happy Meals for their children, one may want to hold onto those goodies for the future. In the case of 11-year-old Luke Underwood, he sold his Happy Meal collection for $11,500.

Woman calls 911 three times when McDonald's out of McNuggets

A customer at a Fort Pierce, Florida McDonald's called 911 3 times when the fast food giant informed her they were out of McNuggets. Latreasa L. Goodman, 27, had paid for her 10 piece McNugget meal before being informed that the restaurant had run out.

Op-Ed: McDonald's Denies Benefits To Hero Employee

Heroes are few and far between. Nigel Haskett is one of those unsung heroes who intervened when a man at the McDonald's he was working at started beating a woman inside the restaurant. In that process Haskett ended up fighting for his own life.

Woman sues McDonald's after drinking sanitizer

A Baltimore woman is filing a lawsuit against McDonald's for mistakenly giving her a cup full of a chemical cleaner instead of iced tea. She is seeking $100,000 on counts of negligence and breach of warranty.

McDonald's Doing Great in UK Despite Economic Downturn

McDonald's has announced that its business operations in Britain is doing very well despite the economic recession that has recently hit Britain's economy.

Couple sues McDonald's over nude photos

A man left his mobile phone with nude photos of his wife in a McDonald’s restaurant. After, someone posted the pictures online, including the man's address and phone number. He and his wife are now suing McDonald’s for damages.

Michael Phelps Leaves Massive Financial Impact on the Olympic Games

When you bring home eight gold medals in a single Olympic season, you're pretty much guaranteed a golden ticket to wealth. U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps is already cashing in on his celebrity status with deals worth millions of dollars.

Eating At McDonald's Helps Virginia Man Lose 80 Pounds

Could Subway's Jared be getting a run for his diet tips by McDonald's Chris? Chris Coleson lost 80 pounds eating at McDonald's in six months.

Get Free stuff Today at McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts and Red Box

The Baltimore Sun reports three free offers for everyone from McDonald‘s, Dunkin Donuts and RedBox. You can get an iced coffee, chicken biscuit, sandwich and a movie rental free, although there are some conditions.

Creator of the Egg McMuffin dies at 89

Herb Peterson has died in his home in Santa Barbara, California, at the age of 89. Peterson himself has achieved some sort of fame for inventing the popular breakfast item known as the Egg McMuffin.

McDonald's goes Feng Shui in California

A McDonald's restaurant in southern California has stripped out the familiar red and yellow colors and switched them to a Feng Shui design that includes water elements, earth tones, red accents and exotic fauna.

Japanese McDonald's Restaurants Sell Outdated Food

Four McDonald's restaurants in Tokyo have admitted to selling outdated salads and possibly yogurts and shakes. McDonald's has taken over the operation of the four fast-food restaurants from their franchise holders.

Cows flee after seeing McDonald's

Cows scared of McDonald’s? Apparently so, eight cows escaped from a trailer, when the rear gate opened as the driver pulled into a McDonald’s restaurant. It took the rescue crew two hours to round them up.

McDonald's must pay $6 million for strip hoax

Louise Ogborn, 21 was awarded $6.1 million dollars by the jury on Friday, after she sued McDonald’s for being forced to strip in the back office because of a prank call from someone who posed as a police officer. She was also abused sexually.

McDonald's Heart Tick Is Not On The Up and Up

That little heart you see on fast food healthy fare may have been going overboard at McDonald's. The restaurant chain has had recent ads that featured the heart tick along with unhealthy alternatives. The Heart Tick is only for low fat heart healthy fare.

McDonald’s Strange Menu Around the World

McDonald’s don’t have the same menu worldwide, each country may or may not have all the items served in the US. Some items are available only at selected countries catering to local tastes.

Rat Bite Case Settled For China McDonald's

How much is the pain and suffering worth if you get a chuck of you taken out by a rat? In the local McDonald's it comes to 2,200 yuan. The Chinese student who sued the mega corporation sought 20,000 yuan.

Happy Meal Sold With Pot, Pipe and Lighter

Family reports that their eight year old daughter found pot, pipe and lighter in a Happy Meal from McDonald's

Police Detain Extremists For Bomb At McDonald’s

Six far-right activists were detained in St. Petersburg in connection with last month's bomb blast at a McDonald's restaurant that injured 6 including 2 young children.

McDonald's Going Upscale With Coffee Shop-Like Decor

The fast food chain synonymous with the Golden Arches and Big Mac is planning a worldwide makeover to make their restaurants relevant to the customers of today.

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