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John McAfee and Intel agree to settle lawsuit over his name

John McAfee has settled his lawsuit with Intel over the rights to use his name for his new company. McAfee sold his well-known antivirus firm to Intel six years ago. He started a lawsuit last year to regain the rights to use "McAfee" at his current firm.

Cyber security predictions for 2015

Each year various cyber security experts provide their predictions about the immediate future of network and information security in the hopes that people can plan and prepare a little more effectively.

John McAfee hospitalized after suspected heart attack

Guatemala City - Software tycoon John McAfee, was rushed to a hospital in Guatemala after it was suspected he had suffered a heart attack at the detention center where he is being held by the Guatemalan authorities. But doctors said he had only suffered a stress attack.

Belize police say John McAfee has not been captured

Belize City - Following reports that the anti-virus software entrepreneur John McAfee, wanted by the police in Belize for questioning in a case of murder, has been captured after weeks on the run, the Daily Mail is reporting that the police say he is still on the run.

Report: John McAfee captured after CNN interview

Security software pioneer John McAfee, who’s currently evading interrogation by the Belizean government, agreed to meet with CNN for a secret interview Saturday.

Top Christmas scams this 2012 holiday season

While the holiday season is full of cheer, it is also a time when scammers come out in droves. Several top holiday-related scam lists have been published this week.

McAfee, accused of murder, to reporter: ‘They will track me down’

John McAfee, founder of the eponymous antivirus software company, told a reporter Tuesday that he believes Belizean authorities will track him down.

Founder of McAfee Antivirus wanted in Belize for murder

San Pedro - John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus, is a suspect in the murder of an American expatriate in Belize. The man who was murdered was a neighbor of McAfee's. The two men had reportedly been involved in recent disputes with one another.

Massive cyber attack in USA, Europe and Latin America

Leading cyber security company, McAfee, has issued a breaking news report that indicates that the U.S., European and Latin American financial systems are under a massive cyber attack.

Op-Ed: Avoiding the phishers, by email and phone

Internet fraud is booming, and the scam artists are becoming more and more sophisticated. Fortunately, so are we, as are the tools at our command to catch them out.

McAfee says Android has most malware, malicious attacks

McAfee released a report on Tuesday stating that Google's Android mobile operating system has seen a dramatic rise in malware attacks compared to other devices.

McAfee report details rapid increase in Smartphone malware Special

The amount of smartphone malware increased rapidly last year, according to a McAfee threat report for the last quarter of 2010.

Intel pays $7.68-billion for security specialist McAfee

Chipmaker Intel says current security products are inadequate for explosion of Internet-connected devices. The company is now suggesting it plans to integrate security with hardware.

McAfee warns malware threats at all-time high

McAfee, one of the world's top security software companies, warned users to be wary of ever increasing malware attacks. Around 10 million new pieces of malicious code were catalogued this year alone.

McAfee: 10 Most Dangerous Web Search Terms

In a bid to keep you safe from internet hackers, and identity thieves, McAfee brings you the top ten most dangerous web search terms.

McAfee: Unprotected web users get 70 spam messages per day and rising

Security firm McAfee says when spam filters are not used, average web users get 70 spam messages each day. In a month-long study, McAfee learned some users get thousands of spam e-mails.

Fake media file hits 500,000 PC users

McAfee has given a warning that a Trojan has been included in a media download file. The file scored an infection rate of 27% which McAfee says is the most significant bit of malware they’ve seen in years.

Porn Site Booby Trap is New Form of Extortion

Porn sites can do than just shock your eyeballs with impressively erotic images. A new extortion scheme forces the site’s visitors to pay for full subscriptions, otherwise their computers will be flooded with permanent pop-up ads.

Cellphone Spam and Viruses Spark Concern

Digital Journal — As if email spam and viruses weren’t already frustrating us beyond belief, now cellphone users (basically, everyone under 60) are facing increasing threats of “mobile sabotage.”

McAfee Releases Free iPod Malware Removal Tool

McAfee announced it has released a new version of McAfee Stinger that targets two Windows-based threats that are still being identified on video iPods

Microsoft Lashes Back At McAfee, Calling its PR Engine Out of Touch with Reality

Symantec started the public hanging of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows Vista, and it looks like McAfee has showed up to tighten the noose. But Microsoft isn't going to hear any of it, as Guardian Unlimited reports Microsoft is lashing back

Microsoft, McAfee Announce Web Deal

REDMOND, Wash. —, which provides Internet security updates through online subscriptions, will supply security services for Microsoft Corp.'s planned set of online services under a strategic alliance announced Tuesday. Shares in McAfee ju..

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John McAfee in Belize (Nov. 2012)
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