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McDonald's is testing burgers that take 7 minutes to make

McDonald's is testing a customizable burger system that would make it more similar to a Five Guys or Shake Shack. And that includes a seven-minute average wait time, reports The Economist.

McDonald’s emphasizes 'love' in new marketing campaign

With the launch of the colorful, upbeat cartoon commercial showing arch-enemies getting along with the help of McDonald’s products, the fast-food chain is shifting from a product-centric company to a consumer-centric message.

McDonald's to expedite Build Your Own Burger concept

Restaurant chain McDonald's has announced plans to fast track build-your-own burger concepts in the wake of another quarter of down sales for the fast food giant.

Big 'Mc-slump' in global sales reported by McDonald's

McDonald's Corp. may be the world's largest restaurant chain, but it has not made them immune to declining sales in the U.S. and abroad. Global sales continue to fall for the sixth straight month, taking a toll on its profits this quarter.

Fast & Furious food delivery from McDonald's in Melbourne (Video)

Melbourne - For the ultimate in fast food, McDonald's in Melbourne, Australia is now making deliveries. In fact, pretty flashy deliveries, as customers' burgers and fries arrive by either a red Ferrari F430 Spider or a white luxury Lamborghini.

Man says McDonald's coffee cup contained a dead mouse

Ron Morals, of Fredericton, said that he got a cup of coffee from a local McDonald's on his way to work, and discovered a dead mouse in his cup.

McDonald's Japan introduces squid-ink burger

The world of strange food seemingly knows no bounds. Japan is a particular hotspot for weird concoctions, so the latest probably won't come as a surprise: a squid-ink burger.

Op-Ed: McDonald's adds literacy commitment to 'Happy Meals'

Fast food giant McDonald's has been leading the way in promoting literacy around the world since 1982, with at least 15 book series in all added to their iconic "Happy Meals." On Aug. 1, 2014, McDonald's India began adding books to their kid's meals.

China 'cult' members on trial for McDonald's killing: Court

Beijing - Five people accused by Chinese authorities of being members of a religious cult went on trial Thursday for beating a woman to death at a McDonald's restaurant, the court said.

McDonalds China food scare puts business sales at risk

The McDonalds China issue proves how business scandals cause a domino effect involving other companies, their employees and society. It is important to have a capable sales team in cases when an emergency recovery is needed.

No burgers at some China McDonald's over food scare

Shanghai - McDonald's outlets in Beijing and Shanghai have yanked their flagship burgers off the menu after a key US supplier recalled products made by its Shanghai factory, which is alleged to have used expired meat.

Why that fast-food burger you just ate includes wood pulp

Many fast-food items produced by leading global brands include the oft-overlooked ingredient microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) or "powdered cellulose." It's better known as wood pulp.

McDonald's new ambassador 'Happy' is scaring the social media

It seems McDonald's new Happy Meal ambassador, dubbed rather originally "Happy," is not going down well on the social media. Going more by the name of "McScary," people are just not impressed.

McDonald's employees arrested protesting for living wage

As this is being submitted, police are arresting employees of McDonald's and their supporters who have shut down McDonald's headquarters.

Worldwide fast-food strike planned for May 15

Fast-food workers all across America have not given up on their demands for a living minimum wage. On May 15, they will be joined by their counterparts across the globe in an international demand for fair wages and the right to form a union.

McDonald's launches seasoned french fries

Stockton - A McDonald's restaurant in Northern California was selected as one of the first locations in the world to sell the fast-food chain's newest offering -- seasoned french fries.

For Crimea, forget the hamburgers, no more methadone

It is bad enough that an American institution such as McDonald's has been forced to move out of Crimea, but the lives of about 800 heroin users have also been disrupted in the turmoil of the Russian takeover. The methadone clinics have also been closed.

Teenager gets a second tattoo of a receipt

It appears that Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from Norway wasn't happy with his first tattoo of a McDonald's receipt. As he has recently got a second tattoo which covers most of the teenagers forearm.

McDonald's closes its Crimea stores

Simferopol - US fast food giant McDonald's said on Friday it was temporarily shutting its three stores in Crimea following the Ukrainian peninsula's annexation by Russia.

Video: Man punches woman in McDonald's drive-thru

Winter Haven - On Saturday night, a 68-year-old man punched a woman in the face in the drive-thru line at McDonald's, and the incident was caught on film.

Daily Relief: Tuesday 25 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a father with 98 children, a gorilla playing with kittens, and a look at the reactions of those who think the world is ending.

McDonald's COO retiring; role being eliminated

McDonald's Corp <MCD.N> on Thursday said its operations chief will retire later this year and won't be replaced in that role, with the restaurant chain opting instead to give additional responsibilities to two senior executives.

Workers sue McDonald's for stealing wages

New York - US workers accused fast-food giant McDonald's Thursday of systematically stealing wages through illicit practices like forcing them to work off-the-clock and failing to pay overtime.Seven class-action lawsuits were filed Wednesday and Thursday in Calif...

Workers sue McDonald's for systematic theft of wages

New York - US workers accused fast-food giant McDonald's Thursday of systematically stealing wages through illicit practices like shaved hours and unpaid overtime.Seven class-action lawsuits were filed Wednesday and Thursday in California, Michigan and New York d...

McDonald's hit by worker lawsuits claiming it steals wages

McDonald's Corp workers in three U.S.

McDonald's U.S. sales continue to struggle in February

McDonald's Corp <MCD.N> on Monday reported a bigger-than-expected drop in comparable global sales for February, hurt again by slow business in the United States.

Peruvian restaurant transports patrons back in time

Diners at a McDonalds in Peru can now be brought back to a time when the counters were too high and the world was a much bigger place.

McDonald's looking to heat up U.S. sales with breakfast, coffee

Raymond Tremblay, a loyal McDonald's Corp <MCD.N> customer from Los Angeles, thinks the fast-food chain sells tasty food at reasonable prices and he cannot think of a quick fix that would hel...

Europe, China help McDonald's offset soft U.S. sales in January

McDonald's Corp on Monday reported better-than-expected global sales at established restaurants for January as gains in Europe and China helped the company offset weak numbers in United States, where customers remained cautious in their spe

Sweden invites Norway for cheaper Big Macs with border billboard

Stockholm - Norway is a prosperous country with a great economy. The only problem is high prices for food, including McDonald's ubiquitous "Big Mac," selling for one-third more than it does in Sweden. A video and billboard tempts Norwegians to a cross-border deal.
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A McDonald s Happy Meal
A McDonald's Happy Meal
Calgary Review
Ukrainians gather Friday outside a closed McDonald s restaurant in the Crimean city of Simferopol.
Ukrainians gather Friday outside a closed McDonald's restaurant in the Crimean city of Simferopol.
Photo: Stringer/Reuters
McDonald s Corp. corporate headquarters in Oak Park  Ill.
McDonald"s Corp. corporate headquarters in Oak Park, Ill.
Rob LaRosa
McDonald s Happy Meal breakfast meal available in India.
McDonald's Happy Meal breakfast meal available in India.
Source SEIU: Police outside McDonalds HQ are arresting ~1 fast food worker every 4 minutes
Source SEIU: Police outside McDonalds HQ are arresting ~1 fast food worker every 4 minutes
Service Employees International Union
A typical menu selection at McDonald s.
A typical menu selection at McDonald's.
Julie Kertesz/Paris, France
Sabelink Tattoo
Fast Food
Junk Food
Photo by ebruli
Sabelink Tattoo
A McDonald s Big Mac with fries
A McDonald's Big Mac with fries
Flickr user rob_rob2001
Cockroach in McDonald s harsh brown
Cockroach in McDonald's harsh brown
McDonald s new mascot  Happy.
McDonald's new mascot "Happy."
Fast food workers attend a protest against McDonald s outside one of its restaurants in New York Dec...
Fast food workers attend a protest against McDonald's outside one of its restaurants in New York December 5, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Eduardo Munoz
The creepy new McDonald s mascot
The creepy new McDonald's mascot
Photograph: McDonalds
A McDonalds restaurant in France.
A McDonalds restaurant in France.
Google Images
A Chinese boy  wearing spring colors  does his homework at a northeast McDonald s restaurant
A Chinese boy, wearing spring colors, does his homework at a northeast McDonald's restaurant
McDonald s in Krasnogorsk  Russia
McDonald's in Krasnogorsk, Russia
McDonalds outlet on the Champs-Elysée  Paris
McDonalds outlet on the Champs-Elysée, Paris
Diane S Murphy on Flick'r