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Mathematics News

Q&A: How 3D technology can assist with people counting Special

According to David Chen accurate people counting, with the ability to map foot traffic patterns, will provide a better visual of the overall customer behaviour. Chen outlines the technology in an interview with Digital Journal.

Math helps to create a better cup of espresso

For coffee aficionados, seeking the perfect cup of coffee is something that is bound to spark interest. The answer to creating the perfect cup of espresso may lie in numbers and equations, according to a new study.

Q&A: Protecting digital assets with mathematics Special

Today's digital businesses require a new kind of trust paradigm. As physical and virtual worlds intersect, there is a growing number of security and privacy challenges. Unbound Tech is offering a new form of security and privacy.

Mathematics helps us understand the complexity of our microbiome

Understanding as much as possible about the human microbiome carries important implications for our understanding of health and disease. Unravelling the complexities proves challenging, and here new mathematical models may help.

Karen Uhlenbeck: The first woman to win the Abel Prize for maths

Karen Uhlenbeck is the first woman to be awarded the Abel Prize, which is generally regarded as the ‘Nobel prize’ for mathematics. Professor Uhlenbeck received the Abel Prize for her work on "minimal surfaces" such as soap bubbles.

Mathematics' highest prize won by a woman for the first time ever

Austin - For the first time ever, a woman has won the Abel Prize, one of the most prestigious international mathematics awards. In fact, there is no Nobel Prize for math, and the Abel Prize is seen by some as the equivalent of the Nobel.

Glitzy 'Science Oscars' to make stars of researchers

Washington - Nine scientists were recognized Wednesday with a "Breakthrough Prize," a $3 million Silicon Valley-funded award meant to confer Oscars-style glamour and prestige on the basic sciences.

Advancing the participation of young women in tech

Toronto - A movement called #movethedial has been established, with the aim of advancing the participation and leadership of all women in tech. The organization is now accepting applications from youth (ages 14 – 24) with a passion for STEM subjects.

Top math laureate gets new medal after prize stolen

Rio De Janeiro - A Kurdish refugee whose top mathematics prize was stolen minutes after he received the honor this week in Rio de Janeiro will get a replacement medal Saturday, organizers said.

Kurdish refugee wins 'Nobel of mathematics' Fields medal

Rio De Janeiro - Kurdish refugee turned Cambridge University math professor Caucher Birkar was among four winners Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro of the prestigious Fields prize, dubbed the Nobel for mathematics, but had his gold medal stolen minutes later.

Germany's Peter Scholze one of four Fields math medal winners

Rio De Janeiro - Caucher Birkar, a Cambridge University professor of Iranian Kurdish origin, on Wednesday was named one of four winners of the prestigious Fields medal, often known as the Nobel prize for mathematics.

Assad's son takes part in maths competition in Romania

Bucharest - The teenage son of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is competing in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Romania, where he has asked to be treated like any normal student, an education official said Tuesday.

How Canada can bridge its gender deficit in STEM subjects Special

Toronto - STEM fields in Canada are dominated by men — with 20 per cent fewer women venturing into such careers. How can this imbalance be addressed? Mayrose Salvador, founder of Pueblo Science, has some answers.

Op-Ed: Women continue to be underrepresented in STEM fields

Despite government campaigns women remain underrepresented in science and technology. Despite what an infamous ex-Google employee wrote, this is nothing innate. The low levels reflect institutional and societal biases.

Iran front pages mourn trailblazing female mathematician

Tehran - Iranian media have hailed trailblazing Iran-born mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani following her death from cancer, with her image blazoned across newspaper front pages on Sunday.

Maths 'genius' Maryam Mirzakhani dies, aged 40

Washington - Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian-born mathematician who was the first woman to win the coveted Fields Medal, died Saturday in a US hospital after a battle with cancer. She was 40.

Eccentric French maths genius's 'scribblings' go online

Marseille - Nearly 18,000 pages of notes by eccentric French maths genius Alexandre Grothendieck were posted online Wednesday by his alma mater, Montpellier University in southern France.

Mathematics can help explain our bodies and disease

Understanding how biological systems interact, including how the body responds to disease, is highly complex. To help biomedical scientists to understand the complexity two mathematicians have introduced a new model.

Pizza Hut to give away three years' worth of pizza on Pi Day

If you are good at math, you may be able to prove it to the world and reap the rewards of a whole lot of pizza on March 14.

World population may hit 11 billion by 2100

Washington - The world population may grow larger than previously estimated, reaching 11 billion people by century's end, according to a UN-led analysis published Thursday.

Manjul Bhargava, the Fields Medal winning mathematician-musician

Manjul Bhargava, one of four winners of the prestigious Fields Medal announced at the International Mathematical Union (IMU) Congress in Seoul, is a concert-level musician and studied Sanskrit, which provide him with inspiration to pursue Mathematics.

Op-Ed: Mathematicians prove that infinity = minus 1/12

Sydney - No, the answer isn’t 42. It’s minus 1/12. A bit of interesting math has just proven that every bit of arithmetic ever done can be wrong, if you know how to find it wrong. It’s all in how you look at it. 1+1 doesn’t necessarily equal 2.

Kazakh mathematician claims to have solved $1 million puzzle

Mukhtarbay Otelbayev, a Kazakh mathematician from the Eurasian National University in Astana, Kazakhstan, is claiming to have solved a math problem worth one million dollars. The claims are hard to evaluate because the problem wasn't written in English.

Dr. Abraham Nemeth, inventor of the Braille math code, dies at 94

Nemeth Code is the code for mathematics and scientific notation in North America. It's regularly taught as a form of Braille study, bringing new independence into student's lives. The creator of this life-changing code died today.

Study reveals booklovers have improved literacy and maths ability

Considering they read for fun, it comes as no surprise that most booklovers have improved literacy rates, as reading gives them an avenue to improve their vocabulary. What could be surprising is that the hobby is also linked to enhanced maths ability.

Treegonometry — How to decorate the perfect Christmas tree

Sheffield - It’s an annual problem as seasonal as Jingle Bells – spend ages decorating the Christmas tree, stand back to admire it then find garlands hanging forlornly and Christmas tree lights, dense on one side and sparse on the other. Now a solution exists.

State schools 'fail' most able children

England's state schools are failing to meet the needs of the most able children, according to research commissioned by the Sutton Trust. The research ranks England 26th out of 34 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.

Physicists develop mathematical model that predicts tumour growth

Heidelberg - According to an article in New Scientist magazine, physicists have developed a mathematical model which shows how tumours evolve.

Mathematicians create a perfect head of creamy stout

Limerick - Irish mathematicians have been researching the way beer bubbles form and have come up with what they think is the perfect formula for a creamy head of stout.

World Maths Day unites children around the world

On Tuesday millions of children from around the world played online arithmetic games to raise money for UNICEF and to get their name on the prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’ honour board.
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Mathematician Karen Uhlenbeck has become the first woman to win the Abel prize  sometimes called the...
Mathematician Karen Uhlenbeck has become the first woman to win the Abel prize, sometimes called the Nobel prize of mathematics.
Andrea Kane, Institute for Advanced Study
A partially disassembled Rubik s Cube
A partially disassembled Rubik's Cube
Luigi Chiesa

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