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Math News

Saint Francis Prep math teacher retires, grandson graduates

Fresh Meadows - Saint Francis Preparatory High School math teacher, Robert Guthenberg, has retired after 42 years of service to the school.

Math helps scientists to make bones stronger

Based on a new mathematical mode, biologists have shown injections of peptide raise the density of bones degraded by osteoporosis back to healthy levels. This is promising news given that new treatments for osteoporosis are needed.

Mathematics can help explain our bodies and disease

Understanding how biological systems interact, including how the body responds to disease, is highly complex. To help biomedical scientists to understand the complexity two mathematicians have introduced a new model.

Pizza Hut to give away three years' worth of pizza on Pi Day

If you are good at math, you may be able to prove it to the world and reap the rewards of a whole lot of pizza on March 14.

How to slice pizza properly? Math has the answer

Liverpool - Most people like pizza and the conventional way to slice it is by cutting triangular shapes. But what it someone really likes crusts, whereas someone else would rather avoid a particular topping? Mathematicians have the answer.

Walking in different directions can increase your math skills

A team of researchers from the University of Bologna and the Italian National Research Council performed a study that showed walking actually increases your ability to do math.

Ant movements correspond to mysterious math

A new study shows that as ants forage for food they select routes that connect with statistical distributions of probability. This collective behavior has been shown by mathematicians.

Baby chicks can do math like humans

Like humans, baby birds visualize increasing numbers from left to right, according to a new study looking into whether this similar trait in humans is learned or innate.

Math teachers beware: New app solves equations with a camera

While smartphone use is usually cracked down on in school, math teachers now have a new problem aside from texting and Facebook. A new app can solve math problems with a smartphone camera.

Monkeys can do math

A new study has shown that monkeys trained to recognize number values can add-up and do simple sums. The researchers think that being able to estimate has survival value for monkey populations in the wild.

Nature vs nurture debate for exam grades

London - A child’s genetics influences high school exam results more than than school or family environment, according to a new study.

Dr. Abraham Nemeth, inventor of the Braille math code, dies at 94

Nemeth Code is the code for mathematics and scientific notation in North America. It's regularly taught as a form of Braille study, bringing new independence into student's lives. The creator of this life-changing code died today.

Treegonometry — How to decorate the perfect Christmas tree

Sheffield - It’s an annual problem as seasonal as Jingle Bells – spend ages decorating the Christmas tree, stand back to admire it then find garlands hanging forlornly and Christmas tree lights, dense on one side and sparse on the other. Now a solution exists.

Michigan State professor goes berserk, strips naked in class

Lansing - A Michigan State University professor was taken into protective custody after he stripped naked in front of his class and began shouting unintelligibly in the school hallway.

Op-Ed: Sir Isaac Newton’s Theology and Eschatology

Today, Sir Isaac Newton is famous for his scientific achievements. He redeveloped physics for the Western world during the 17th century. His discovery of the gravitational laws dominated physics before Einstein’s special and general relativity theory.

Slavery math assignment causes parents outrage

Norcross - Several parents of elementary school children in Gwinnet County, Georgia were shocked and outraged when their children brought home from school math homework assignment that had word problems referring to slavery and beating of slaves.

Physicists develop mathematical model that predicts tumour growth

Heidelberg - According to an article in New Scientist magazine, physicists have developed a mathematical model which shows how tumours evolve.

Op-Ed: AAAS science website great for students & teachers hypothetically

Science is a driving force in our society today. There could be none of the great achievements that mankind has made without science as a foundation. But how can students learn about science online?

Nearly 25 percent of US army applicants fail entrance exams

A disturbing new study underscores the state of the US education system - finding that almost 25 percent of army applicants cannot meet standardized test requirements posed by military recruiters.

Israeli professor wins top math medal

A Fields Medal is the equivalent of a Nobel Prize when it comes to mathematics. The medal is only given out every four years. This year one win is Prof. Elon Lindenstrauss of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

'Do The Math' explores living on food bank for a week

Toronto - Last week the Stop Community Food Centre started the second phase of "Do the Math," a drive to highlight the failure of Ontario's current social assistance rates to support healthy citizens.

Study Finds Female Teachers Influence Girls in Fearing Math

“I hate math.” “I’ve never been good at math.” Often these are statements used by girls to describe their math anxiety. Psychologists have found female teachers’ influence may help to cause girls to fear math.

Spot Grading-The New System

In the Raytown, Missouri school system, teachers are allowed to do what is called, "Spot grading". I encountered this grading system, first hand through my son.

Op-Ed: Mole Day is Coming

Celebrated annually on October 23 from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m., Mole Day commemorates Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry.

Assemblying the Geometry of Music

Over the past couple of centuries, scholars have been fascinated with the connection between math and music. Now, three music professors have devised a new way for analyzing and categorizing music that takes advantage of the complex mathematics.

Sin City High Schools Cannot Pass Basic Math Exams

A preliminary report on student comprehension of high school math skills at the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada shows that greater than 90 percent of students failed Basic Algebra and close to as many failed Geometry.

Study Shows Girls Like Math and Science

According to the stereotype, girls like reading and writing and boys like arithmetic and science. However, a new study of elementary schools shows that girls actually like math and science more than the language arts.

Rhesus monkeys perform math addition almost as well as college kids

According to a Duke University study, Rhesus macaque monkeys performed as well as college students at quick mental addition. The researchers are now trying to see whether other animals have math skills like humans.

No Math For Next Year's Ninth Graders

Parkdale Collegiate Institute in Toronto hopes that a bold new move won't be the wrong one. Next fall the ninth grade students will not be taking math. Don't worry there will be physical education so the bodies of the youngsters don't fall behind.

UK Schools Struggle To Do Their Sums In Order To Stay Top Of The Class

Pupils are struggling with A level Math according to authorities, as they tell pupils to drop the subject
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The Fields Medal
The Fields Medal
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