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Mastercard News

Apple Card can cause damage to wallets and jeans

Apple's credit card, released during August 2019 to a selected group of Apple aficionados ahead of a major roll-out, has been found to be capable of affecting the color and texture of certain materials, like denim.

Op-Ed: Facebook cryptocurrency Libra — Hopes and doubts abound, but...?

Sydney - Facebook has basically laid down the gauntlet to conventional finance with its cryptocurrency Libra. Big credit cards and PayPal have got onboard. The obvious fear in the financial sector is creating issues already.

Mastercard is dropping its name from its logo

Mastercard has dropped the words "Mastercard" from its logo. It will now appear as just the two intersecting circles of red, yellow, and orange in the middle.

Mastercard ends meals-for-goals campaign with Neymar, Messi

S - Mastercard on Monday said it was changing a campaign in which thousands of free meals were to be given to the needy every time football superstars Neymar and Messi scored goals.

Mastercard's new credit card comes with a fingerprint sensor

Mastercard has announced what it's describing as a "new generation" of credit cards. The company has included biometric technology that adds a fingerprint to the card for additional security. It's used when verifying payments and replaces the PIN code.

MasterCard starts online payment using selfie

MasterCard has started rolling out in at least a dozen European countries a new online payment technology using a selfie.

Op-Ed: Pay for your groceries with a selfie? Amazon is patenting it

Sydney - This could be a great idea, or a gift for every Photoshop-inclined criminal hacker on Earth. The theory is that instead of passwords, you use a picture of yourself to pay for things. The logic takes a bit of getting used to.

MasterCard 'Selfie Pay' will let you blink to make purchases

Credit card provider MasterCard has announced it has begun rolling out a new biometric authentication technology previously known as Selfie Pay. It will allow card holders to complete transactions by scanning their face or providing a fingerprint.

EU charges credit giant MasterCard with antitrust violations

The European Union on Thursday formally charged credit card giant MasterCard with antitrust allegations, alleging the credit giant is artificially raising monthly minimum payments for its European customers.

MasterCard wants to replace passwords with selfies and speech

Card provider MasterCard has begun a trial of a new technology that could see its customers verifying purchases with a quick selfie as opposed to a password. The aim is to make something "cool" that is quicker and easier than a password.

New way of paying with your face being tested by MasterCard

Recently, MasterCard announced that it wants to add a layer of biometric security to its credit cards and all their customers have to do is take a selfie.

Contactless payments to be accepted in 'every' EU store by 2020

Mastercard's head of emerging payment products has said that contactless payments with cards and phones will be accepted at every store in the UK and Europe before 2020, sparking a debate on whether this will actually be possible.

Op-Ed: Credit cards — How many is too many?

This is a question many credit card users ask themselves. The real answer to the ‘how many’ question is this: it depends.

MasterCard, Visa form group to enhance payment security

Credit card companies MasterCard Inc and Visa Inc said they had formed a new cross-industry group to enhance payment system security across networks. The move follows several data breaches at U.S.

Mastercard, Visa form cross-industry group for payment security

Credit card companies MasterCard Inc <MA.N> and Visa Inc <V.N> said they had formed a new cross-industry group to enhance payment system security across networks.

Target CEO: Banks need to issue chip-based credit cards in U.S.

With the FBI now warning all retailers on similar breach possibilities, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel is refocusing attention on the need for chip-based credit card technology adoption in the United States.

The push for mobile point-of-sale unites industry giants

The poise and promise of mobile payments continue to drive new partnerships across the vast commercial landscape of the United States.

'Beat the Blockade' — WikiLeaks open for donations via France

London - WikiLeaks is now open for donations, as they have found yet another way around the banking blockade by Visa and MasterCard, through a French non-profit.

Lawsuit over 'swipe fees' settled, will consumers pay the price?

Now that a proposed court settlement has been made in a seven year long dispute between credit card issuers and millions of merchants over credit card swipe fees, the question of how this will affect credit-card carrying consumers remains.

'Beat the Blockade' — WikiLeaks win in Icelandic courts

Icelandic courts have ordered Visa and Mastercard's local partners to accept payments for WikiLeaks donations, or face daily fines.

MasterCard and VISA warn of massive data breach, impact unknown

A massive data breach has occurred involving MasterCard and VISA cardholders. It is possible 10 million credit card holders may be impacted by this significant breach.

Op-Ed: PayPal warns publishers about bestiality, rape and incest content

Sydney - In what is being called a censorship move, PayPal has informed e-book publisher Smashwords that if it doesn’t remove content containing references to rape, bestiality and incest, it will withdraw its services.

Wikileaks to sue Visa and Mastercard over 'financial blockade' Special

Wikileaks, the site behind last year's infamous American diplomatic cables leak, is suing credit card companies Visa and Mastercard for blocking donations to the website.

WikiLeaks founder parodies classic Mastercard commercial

Julian Assange, the creator of WikiLeaks has decided to give Mastercard a taste of their own medicine by spoofing their "priceless" advertisements in response to their allegedly shady business tactics.

Op-Ed: WikiLeaks using card's own campaign to fight back? Priceless

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, responded to Mastercard's attempts to substantially reduce donations to the organization through the implementation of a financial blockade by delivering a powerful message in the form of a commercial.

Senior leaves behind purse, MasterCard goes on spree

When an elderly lady accidentally forgot her purse leaving it behind in a grocer's shopping cart two suspects took it and used the victim's credit card buying electronics, clothing and liquor.

Federal Reserve proposes rules to see debit card fees cut

The Federal Reserve, by order of Congress, proposed new rules for fees on debit card transactions Thursday. The rules could see more competition between banks and payment card networks.

Hacktivists and the Internet Special

Recently a 16-year old Dutch boy was arrested, and it seems that he may have some connection with Operation Payback and the recent action by hacktivists that targeted sites such as PayPal and Mastercard.

SNL's Julian Assange hijacks the airways from British jail cell

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was portrayed by satire TV show Saturday Night Live, formulating his next disruptive plans from his British jail cell.

Hackers retaliate in support of WikiLeaks founder

A group of hackers called Anonymous claimed to have cracked several sites of international credit card service, MasterCard and Visa,on Wednesday in an apparent revenge over WikiLeaks backlash.
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