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Massachusetts Institute of Technology News

Op-Ed: MIT — Rethinking the realities of Augmented Reality

Sydney - Between the teeming hordes of hype merchants and the very meagre actual products, augmented reality is taking some baby thinking steps into practical things. MIT is looking at making AR safe for users.

MIT used social media to create hurricane Irma risk map

Fort Lauderdale - The Urban Risk Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has launched an open source platform designed to track flooding from Hurricane Irma in the southern Florida county of Broward.

Shape of whiskers make seals experts at finding, catching fish

Boston - Recent research shows that the reason seals are such effective hunters is due to the unique shape of their whiskers. Protruding from an animal's cheeks, whiskers can help them feel touch; something that's important since most mammals don't have hands.

Lizard Squad hacker guilty of hacking PlayStation Network

The teenager partly responsible for shutting down PlayStation and Xbox network for millions of kids on Christmas has been convicted of 50,700 offenses. Despite the enormous number of offenses, the 17-year-old user was let off with a slap on the wrist.

Op-Ed: Bacteria as memory storage – E. coli’s new gig

E. coli are tough bacteria. There are a lot of different strains, but this time they’re working for us. The new approach to managing medical and environmental data is to store it in bacterial genomes.

Op-Ed: Do quantum or classical physics rule? MIT wants to find out

Sydney - The dichotomy between classical Newtonian physics and quantum physics has created more than a few tense debates. Which are the dominant/presiding physical laws? MIT has proposed an experiment to settle this vexed question.

MIT study says Air pollution kills 200,000 per year in the US

Sydney - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that nearly a quarter of a million premature deaths are caused by air pollution, including 53,000 by auto emissions. These findings may also put a big dent in other premature death statistics.

MIT scientists develop novel drug to fight viral infections

Scientists operating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an antiviral drug that promises to end infections from virtually all known viruses, from the common cold to exotic hemorrhagic fevers.

Op-Ed: Computers learn languages from game manuals- And win more often?

MIT researchers set a computer program a test- Start a game with no idea of how to play it, with only the game manual as a reference. The game was the famous Civilization strategy game. The computer played, learned and won.

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