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Marvel comics News

Marvel announces new comic book with female Thor

Marvel comic mythology has it that whomever is worthy of wielding the hammer Mjolnir will hold the power of Thor. In October, that worthy person will look a little different.
In the Media by Michael Thomas - 3 comments

Marvel Comics planning to kill off Wolverine

Marvel Comics confirmed its plans Friday to kill off one of its most iconic characters. Following a series of comics set for release in June, a follow-up series will come out in September ultimately ending in Wolverine's death.
In the Media by Scott Tuttle

Colossal role for Michael Douglas in Ant-man film

In a universe where ageless marvels travel throughout a fictional history, it seems rather fitting that 70-year-old Michael Douglas take on the role of one of the most troubled super-heroes to ever grace comic-book pages.
In the Media by Joe Duarte - 2 comments

WWE's Batista set to return in time for Wrestlemania 30

Word has leaked that former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler, Dave Bautista is set to return to the ring next year.
In the Media by Eric Morales

Marvel Comics to debut female Muslim superhero

Many have devoured the pages of comics that have told the adventures of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk. In January, Marvel Comics will debut a new superhero who will look substantially different.
In the Media by Andrew Ellis

5 Marvel Comics shows to air on Netflix streaming starting 2015

Marvel Comics and Netflix have joined forces to bring five live-action Marvel Comics series to the Netflix streaming service come 2015 starting with "Daredevil."
In the Media by Can Tran

Spoof science paper on the powers of Wolverine

A well-written spoof research paper has appeared. The paper concerns a fictional superhero, and outlines the molecular keys to the Marvel comics creation Wolverine’s regenerative abilities.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 3 comments

Video: 'LEGO Marvel Super Heroes' launch trailer

"LEGO Marvel Superheroes" is now available for the PC and consoles across North America. A launch trailer has been made available for viewing.
In the Media by Can Tran

Video: 'LEGO Marvel Super Heroes' E3 2013 trailer

At this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2013), Warner Brothers unveiled a trailer for "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" for the PC and consoles.
In the Media by Can Tran

'Star Trek Into Darkness' should steer clear in ride to the top

This is a crucial week for one movie. No, not “Iron Man 3” or “Star Trek Into Darkness," which boldly opens today. That film is “The Great Gatsby.”
In the Media by Tim O'Brien - 2 comments

Video: Marvel Comics' 'Agents of Shield' official trailer

The extended trailer has been released for the upcoming fall live-action show from Marvel Comics called "Agents of SHIELD" which is due to air on ABC.
In the Media by Can Tran

Video: Marvel Comics' 'Agents of Shield' preview trailer

The first promotional video trailer has been released for Marvel Comics' "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." which airs on ABC this coming fall.
In the Media by Can Tran

Marvel Comics' 'Avengers Assemble' heads to Disney XD

"Avengers Assemble," the newest animated series from Marvel Comics, will come to Disney XD in July. On May 26, there will be a one-hour preview.
In the Media by Can Tran

'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' premiering on ABC in Fall 2013

ABC has picked up 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' to premier in Fall 2013 and a promo trailer will debut on Sunday during the season finale of 'Once Upon A Time'.
In the Media by Stan Rezaee

Walt Disney Animation plans for Marvel Comics' 'Big Hero 6' film

Walt Disney Animation has announced plans for a CGI-animated film about Marvel Comics' "Big Hero 6" which is due to come out November 2014.
In the Media by Can Tran

Video: 'Marvel Heroes' destruction trailer

The latest trailer has been released for the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG title from Marvel Comics called "Marvel Heroes."
In the Media by Can Tran

Peter Parker is dead but Spider-Man lives

Philadelphia - Peter Parker, the web slinging alter ego of pop culture phenomenon Spider-Man has reached the end of the mortal coil, after 50 years of saving heroines and the world at large.
In the Media by Richard Mccallum

Video: 'Deadpool' game seasons greetings

The latest video for the upcoming game called "Deadpool" has been revealed for viewing. It is a holiday greetings from Marvel Comic's Deadpool who talks about the game's progress.
In the Media by Can Tran

Swede-ing Iron Man

Fresno - This Sunday, do-it-yourself film innovators Dumb Drum of Fresno, California released their latest "Sweded" trailer to the public. This time their inspiration was the trailer for Marvel Studios upcoming Iron Man 3 movie.
In the Media by Dane Swan

Disney sued for billions by Stan Lee Media over Marvel rights

Walt Disney Co., which acquired Marvel Enterprises in 2009, faces a billion dollar litigation following a copyright infringement suit filed by Stan Lee Media Inc.
In the Media by Armando Tamayo - 2 comments

Spider-Man Andrew Garfield ‘honoured’ by Doctor Who legacy

Andrew Garfield, soon to be seen in cinemas donning the Spider-Man costume, has been speaking about the honour of having appeared in Doctor Who.
In the Media by Mathew Wace Peck

Green Lantern comes out, DC parents ‘very proud’

Following a week of speculation, Green lantern, the American superhero, has come out as gay, and his “parents” – DC Comics – couldn’t be more proud.
In the Media by Mathew Wace Peck

Spider-Man ready to spin his web once more

Dedicated to a new generation of fans, Spider-Man is ready to spin his web once more. And yes, fans will marvel at the series beginning April 1 on Disney XD.
In the Media by Tim O'Brien - 1 comment

Fan Expo 2011 descends on Toronto Special

Toronto - Every year during the last week of August, comic book fans join horror and science fiction fans at the Metro Toronto Convention centre for Fan Expo.
Digital Journal Report by Andrew Ardizzi - 2 comments

Meet the New Biracial Spider-Man

Peter Parker dead? Meet the new biracial Spider-Man who is provoking controversy among the web-slinger's legion of faithful fans.
In the Media by Paul Magno - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Captain America continues Marvel's summer movie triumphs Special

Mark Twain wrote, "it isn't the size of the dog in a fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." For one of Marvel's perennial characters–Captain America–the adage holds true as Steve Rogers' heart propels the movie to summer film success.
Digital Journal Report by Andrew Ardizzi

Op-Ed: The iPad can't replace the total comic book experience Special

Since stepping back into the world of comic books in 2004, I've frequented various comic book shops, wherever I've lived, every Wednesday to pillage the shelves of the store's latest releases.
Digital Journal Report by Andrew Ardizzi

Op-Ed: X-Men: First Class best movie of the series Special

Comic book films are an interesting animal. Filmmakers have almost always failed to delicately balance paying homage to the source material and making a good movie. In trying, it seems for every good comic book movie there are five terrible ones.
Digital Journal Report by Andrew Ardizzi - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Captain America's newest arch-villians are Tea Partiers

In the newest adventure of Marvel Comics' Captain America, our superhero sets off in dogged pursuit of America's latest and greatest mortal threat: Tea Partiers. What is contained within the pages of Captain America #602 is both shocking and disturbing.
In the Media by Johnny Simpson - 7 comments

'Spiderman' Lizard Latest Pet Craze in Britain

The Mwanza Flat-Headed Rock Agama, a Kenyan reptile with color hues and segments uncannily similar to the famed Marvel Comics superhero, is fast becoming a pet craze in the UK. Spidey fans have been flocking to exotic pet stores to snatch up their own.
In the Media by Johnny Simpson - 2 comments
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Announcement poster for  Avengers Assemble.
Marvel Animated Universe Wiki
Announcement poster for "Avengers Assemble."
Promotional art for the free-to-play MMORPG title  Marvel Heroes.
Promotional art for the free-to-play MMORPG title "Marvel Heroes."
Screenshot of  LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
Screenshot of "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes."
A promo for  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
A promo for 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'
Chris Evans portrays Captain America in Marvel s latest comic book film adaptation.
Marvel Comics (screen grab)
Chris Evans portrays Captain America in Marvel's latest comic book film adaptation.

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