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Cocaine-laden ghost boat washes up in Marshall Islands

Majuro - Marshall Islands police have found the Pacific nation's largest-ever haul of cocaine in an abandoned boat that washed up on a remote atoll after drifting on the high seas, potentially for years.Attorney General Richard Hickson said the 5.

Under the dome: Fears Pacific nuclear 'coffin' is leaking

Majuro - As nuclear explosions go, the US "Cactus" bomb test in May 1958 was relatively small -- but it has left a lasting legacy for the Marshall Islands in a dome-shaped radioactive dump.

UN chief concerned nuclear 'coffin' leaking in Pacific

Suva - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres raised concerns Thursday that a concrete dome built last century to contain waste from atomic bomb tests is leaking radioactive material into the Pacific.

No room for climate delay, UN chief tells online summit

Majuro - The world is not moving fast enough to curb global warming and needs immediate action to address the issue, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told an online climate change conference Thursday.

Online climate meet offers talkfest without the gas

Majuro - World leaders will participate in an innovative climate change summit on Thursday that will take place entirely online so it is carbon neutral.

Marshall Islands leader survives no-confidence motion

Majuro - Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine narrowly survived a vote of no confidence Monday, seeing off a challenge she alleges was orchestrated by Chinese-backed business interests intent on undermining the Pacific nation's sovereignty.

Marshalls decries inclusion on EU tax blacklist

Majuro - The Marshall Islands has described its inclusion on a European Union tax haven blacklist as "sad", with the Pacific nation's chamber of commerce alleging the move was politically motivated.

Taiwan president to visit Pacific allies amid China pressure

Taipei - Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen will visit three Pacific nations in the next month, the foreign ministry said Friday, as fears grow of China influencing its dwindling list of allies.

Decomposed body in boat washed up on remote Pacific island

Majuro - A decomposed body, believed to be Mexican or Colombian, has been found in a washed up boat on a remote Pacific island, officials said Wednesday, raising the possibility it had drifted 9,400 kilometres (5,800 miles) from Latin America.

'Earhart' photo taken years before disappearance: expert

Majuro - A photograph supposedly showing Amelia Earhart alive in the Marshall Islands in 1937 that caused a stir earlier this month is from a Japanese book published years before the famed aviatrix disappeared, a military expert said Wednesday.

UN court rejects Marshall Islands nuclear case against Pakistan

Den Haag - The UN's highest court Wednesday threw out a bid by tiny Marshall Islands to sue Pakistan for "failing to halt the nuclear arms race", moments after rejecting a similar case against India.

UN's highest court rejects epic Marshall Islands nuclear case

Den Haag - The UN's highest court on Wednesday narrowly threw out landmark cases brought by the tiny Marshall Islands against India, Pakistan and Britain for allegedly failing to halt the nuclear arms race.

Pakistan 'breaches obligations' on nuclear arms, UN court told

Den Haag - Pakistan is violating its "obligations" to the international community by failing to reduce its nuclear arsenal, the Marshall Islands told the UN's highest court on Tuesday.

Marshall Islands warn over nuclear arms race at UN court

Den Haag - The Marshall Islands Monday painted a vivid picture of the horrors of nuclear war decades after some of its atolls were vaporised in atomic tests, in an unusual legal battle against the nuclear arms race.

Bikini nuclear refugees seek U.S. aid to leave Marshall Islands

Majuro - Nearly 70 years after they were uprooted to make way for United States' nuclear tests, Bikini Islanders have approved two new resolutions seeking Washington's aid to relocate again -- including one citing the "psychological toll" of leaving their atoll...

Periled by climate change, Marshall Islands makes carbon pledge

Paris - The Marshall Islands, a small island country at high risk of climate change-induced sea level rise, vowed Sunday to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a third within a decade.

Rising sea levels unearth 'WWII Japan soldiers' in Pacific

Tokyo - The skeletal remains of what are believed to be Japanese soldiers have been exposed on a remote Pacific island where rising sea levels have eroded the seashore, Japanese and local officials said Monday.

Salvadoran castaway visits family of dead shipmate

San Salvador - The Salvadoran castaway who says he survived more than a year at sea flew to Mexico Friday to visit the family of a man who died during the odyssey across the Pacific.Jose Salvador Alvarenga, 37, was "looking forward" to the visit, his lawyer told AFP....

Islanders afraid to go home 60 years after Bikini Atoll H-bomb

Majuro - The Marshall Islands marks 60 years since the devastating US hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll Saturday, with angry exiled residents saying they are too fearful ever to go home.Part of the intense Cold War nuclear arms race, the 15-megaton Bravo test ...

Doubts, fears and tears at Salvadoran castaway's homecoming

Cara Sucia - The Salvadoran fisherman who says he survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific enjoyed an emotional welcome home Wednesday full of tears, hugs and painful questions about what comes next."I am just so happy to be here again with my family," Jose Salvado...

Salvadoran castaway released from hospital

San Salvador - The Salvadoran fisherman who says he survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific was released from a hospital on Tuesday after a week-long stay, but his destination was kept secret."I'm doing well, thank you very much," Jose Salvador Alvarenga told report...

Anti-depressants, no sea for Salvadoran castaway

San Salvador - Salvadoran castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga, still in hospital after his 13-month Pacific odyssey, will need antidepressants and anxiety medication, doctors said Monday.Due to Alvarenga's fear of the sea, which medics earlier linked with possible post-...

Details of castaway's Marshalls arrival emerge

Majuro - Fresh details have emerged of castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga's first encounter with other people after months at sea -- including how Marshall Islands residents communicated with him in broken Spanish learned from popular children's television show D...

U.S. drift study backs Marshalls castaway's remarkable tale

Majuro - A U.S. study of the prevailing wind and current conditions during the 13 months castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga claimed to be at sea supports his remarkable tale of having drifted 8,000 miles across the Pacific.

Salvadoran castaway extends hospital stay

San Salvador - The Salvadoran fisherman who survived 13 months drifting in the Pacific will undergo additional medical tests and stay in hospital until at least Monday.Doctors who have seen Jose Salvador Alvarenga since the 27-year-old returned to El Salvador on Tues...

Salvadoran castaway undergoes psychological tests

San Salvador - The Salvadoran fisherman who says ships ignored his cries for help during a 13-month sea odyssey underwent psychological tests Thursday to determine whether he is fit to return to his family's village.Doctors say Jose Salvador Alvarenga returned to his...

Salvadoran castaway says ships ignored cries for help

San Salvador - The castaway who survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific cried for help as several ships passed by during his ordeal, ignoring his pleas.As Salvadoran Health Minister Maria Isabel Rodriguez relayed a new chapter in Jose Salvador Alvarenga's amazing ta...

Castaway says boats ignored cries for help

San Salvador - The castaway who says he survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific cried for help as several ships passed by during his ordeal but they ignored his pleas, El Salvador's health minister said Wednesday.After meeting Jose Salvador Alvarenga in a hospital, ...

Salvadoran castaway gets emotional welcome home

San Salvador - The Salvadoran castaway who says he spent 13 months adrift in the Pacific arrived home Tuesday to the warm embrace of a family that thought him dead.Jose Salvador Alvarenga traveled across the ocean by plane this time, two weeks after the fisherman was...

Salvadoran castaway set for emotional welcome home

San Salvador - The Salvadoran castaway who says he spent 13 months adrift in the Pacific was due to return Tuesday to his homeland, where his family eagerly awaited the reunion with balloons.Jose Salvador Alvarenga was traveling across the ocean by plane this time, t...
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