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ESA and Roscosmos sign deal for ExoMars Mars explorer missions

The European Space Agency and the Russian federal space agency, Roscosmos, announced today that they entered a formal agreement to work together on the ExoMars programme, looking ahead to the launch of two missions to the planet Mars in 2016 and 2018.

Curiosity sniffs the Martian air but no clues yet to life on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover sampled the air on Mars this week. At a teleconference on November 2, NASA announced Curiosity had not found any evidence of methane, which is often a sign of life, in the Martian atmosphere.

Mars rover Curiosity digs deep and finds something like Hawaii

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has continued its solitary mission to the Red Planet, this week making a start on analysing soil samples scooped up from the Martian surface. Initial results show similarities between Martian soil and soil found on Hawaii.

Curiosity on Mars – NASA puzzled by 'unique' Jake Matijevic rock

NASA’s Mars roving explorer Curiosity has already revealed a treasure trove of discoveries on the Red Planet. Its latest find is a pyramid shaped chunk of rock, that’s proved to be something of a surprise even to NASA.

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Curiosity Digs In: These 2 photos show a  bite mark  where NASA s Curiosity rover scooped up some Ma...
Curiosity Digs In: These 2 photos show a "bite mark" where NASA's Curiosity rover scooped up some Martian soil (left), and the scoop carrying soil. Scientists enhanced the color in this version to show the Martian scene as it would appear under lighting conditions on Earth.
NASA s Mars rover Curiosity used a mechanism on its robotic arm to dig up five scoopfuls of material...
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity used a mechanism on its robotic arm to dig up five scoopfuls of material from a patch of dusty sand called "Rocknest," producing the five bite-mark pits visible in this image from the rover's left Navigation Camera (Navcam). Each of the pits is about 2 inches (5 centimeters) wide.
NASA/JPL Caltech

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