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Twitter Offers brings virtual coupons to your stream

Just in time for the holiday season, Twitter is bringing virtual coupons that you can link to your debit or credit card straight from your stream.

GoPro plays Fetch with your dog Special

GoPro responds to customer demand with Fetch, a camera mounted harness system for your dog. GoPro expects Fetch to serve as a gateway product to a new, wider target market.

Op-Ed: Sayonara SEO firms, hello content relations

Oh search engines; you glorious portals to millions of tidbits of information that have made settling arguments over useless facts painless.

The Mobile Data Effect: Why advertisers moved online, and how Resonate is bringing them back Commissioned

Few things can be as difficult as marketing. Firms want to know how to reach, intrigue, and persuade consumers, all without breaking the bank. To accomplish this, brands need to know where the consumers are and what they want.

Montreal entrepreneur Steve Danson on the growing integration of mobile advertising and platforms Commissioned

Mobile advertising is beginning to have a strong impact on consumers. In this report, Steve Danson, Montreal entrepreneur, breaks down what you need to know about this growing trend.

Op-Ed: Marketing analyst's book shows days of 'Beaver Cleaver long gone' Special

In his recent book, "BUYographics," senior research data analyst and award-winning journalist, Matt Carmichael has some sobering and unexpected insights into the current marketing demographics of the United States.

Op-Ed: Coca-Cola and the power of brand association

Atlanta - Brand association is a powerful tool in corporate marketing. If a brand can have their product positively associated in a consumer’s mind, they pretty much won that consumer over for life. In the world of positive brand association, Coca-Cola is king.

Air New Zealand pulls bikini model ads after complaints

Air New Zealand (ANZ) thought that everything would be fine after it released a comical safety video featuring supermodels from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. That was until quite a few flyers took offense.

Coors Light treasure hunt derails Toronto traffic

Toronto - Officials at Coors Light thought it would be a great idea to hide cases of beer around Toronto this summer. The search and rescue promotion was meant to be fun but instead caused a bomb scare which derailed traffic and went viral on social media.

Op-Ed: Why P&G’s restructuring has marketers panicked

Back in 1993, brand powerhouse Procter & Gamble did away with the title of “advertising manager” in favor of a new one that better described the roles of these employees: “marketing director.”

Op-Ed: Startup marketing goes old school

Toronto - At a time when digital tools such as social media and content marketing are all the rage, some startups are discovering that going un-digital can be an effective approach to marketing.

Op-Ed: Content marketing — From brand journalism to tools for diagnosis 

We think about content marketing as being the same as brand journalism. But for considered purchases and B2B, content marketing is more effective when it's less about articles and more about tools.

Video: Dr. Oz called into Senate review

Dr. Oz has for some time been making claims about how miraculous his products are. Now senators are calling him in for a review of how much his products do and how much is just marketing.

Op-Ed: How Shark Robert Herjavec measures B2B content marketing

Page views? Time on page? Are these real content marketing performance indicators? No. Find out what meets a Shark's criteria.

Car shoppers embracing the online age

According to a new report published Tuesday, a rapidly expanding number of car buyers are now finding great deals just by shopping exclusively on the Internet.

Op-Ed: Next up for content marketing? Curation & quality

Toronto - As content marketing becomes a corporate staple, brands need to be paying more attention to curation and quality. These are two ways that brands can stay ahead of the content pack.

ScribbleLive Chat: Marketing to men in a digital age

In this live chat that ended Tuesday, marketing experts explained what it takes to get men to engage with content in connected world. Hear insight from executives at Playboy and

Op-Ed: 4 steps to a customer-led, goal-driven B2B content marketing plan

Content marketing is effective, but it's not easy to plan. If it isn't strategic, based on corporate priorities, it won't get the right results. Without focus on customer needs, it won't get attention. Here's what to do.

Look, listen, leap: Social Media World Forum North America 2014 Special

New York - Look, listen, leap for the marketing win: Social Media World Forum North America 2014 (#SMWF) conference highlighted the importance of listening, data gathering and analysis to enable business opportunities.

A day in the life of publicity and marketing head Hunter Scott Special

Hunter Scott is the head of marketing and publicity at LaFamos PR, a boutique public relations firm in Hollywood, California, which has been around for nearly seven years.

Op-Ed: Stop wasting time! Turn your social media posts into real traffic

As you work up to high-concept, artistic, “Big Brand” content, take time to create the ground level content that will convert your social media traffic into REAL traffic.

Review: Digital Media Summit unites online presence with overall strategy Special

Toronto - The Digital Media Summit is Canada’s social media and interactive marketing conference, recruiting the sagest gurus, including Shingy and Gary Vaynerchuk, to help people optimize their digital and social media strategies.

Pandora pushes 'promoted stations' via collaborative marketing

Most music lovers would not peg industry giants such as Kleenex, Skechers, or Taco Bell as being experts in music making. Yet, Pandora is teaming up with such brand makers to promote uniquely targeted stations on their streaming radio service.

Facebook launches mobile advertising Network

At its F8 developer conference, held April 30, Facebook launched its new mobile advertising network called Facebook Audience Network.

Smart content marketing relies on smarter efficiency in scale Special

Digital content marketing solutions are evolving at an ever faster clip, and the answers are now aligned along intelligent distribution lines.

5 conferences every online marketer should attend in 2014

If you work in marketing products online then there are a number of conferences you can attend this year led by some of the best at the game in order to further your knowledge of your business. We look at five great US-based ones.

Marketing challenges for big brands as face of families changes

Marketing campaigns are changing gears as the definition of the modern family takes new shape, says director of strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Op-Ed: Have we hit 'peak human marketing'?

Four years ago tech and data to many marketers meant Facebook and pageviews. Today marketing technology has exploded. Is the marketing industry about to experience the tech-related pain publishing has gone through?

Op-Ed: For young guys on mobile, Twitter & Reddit erupt as leaders

New research coming out of Consumer Sharing Trends Report 2014 reveals that Twitter’s back and stronger than ever. And what social channel saw the second most dynamic growth, you ask? Reddit.

Peugeot Citroen shares slump as unveils recovery plan

Paris - French auto group Peugeot Citroen, fighting to recover from crisis with a new Chinese shareholder, presented a global recovery strategy on Monday, but its shares slumped.
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Hubspot international operations 2012
Hubspot international operations 2012
Hubspot Press Release
Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association conference on youth marketing
Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association conference on youth marketing
File photo: A Multi-Channel Content Marketing event  New York City
File photo: A Multi-Channel Content Marketing event, New York City
 In short  the middle class (as we have known it) has changed   says author and journalist Matt Carm...
"In short, the middle class (as we have known it) has changed," says author and journalist Matt Carmichael. He cites in detail that, "many of these changes have been building for decades and have been hastened and exacerbated by the recession."
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A marketing campaigns from Tourism Australia
A marketing campaigns from Tourism Australia
Tourism Australia
/newsrooms power the intersection of marketing  social media and journalism. As a division of Digita...
/newsrooms power the intersection of marketing, social media and journalism. As a division of Digital Journal Inc., we deliver content, coverage and global networks built on award-winning technology to brands everywhere.
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AOL s Digital Prophet Shingy imparts his wisdom at the 2014 Digital Media Summit.
AOL's Digital Prophet Shingy imparts his wisdom at the 2014 Digital Media Summit.
Digital Media Summit
Umang Shah relays 10 do s and don ts of (online) marketing at the 2014 Digital Media Summit.
Umang Shah relays 10 do's and don'ts of (online) marketing at the 2014 Digital Media Summit.
Digital Media Summit
LinkedIn released a report detailing the SMB market s social media incorporation.
LinkedIn released a report detailing the SMB market's social media incorporation.
Indiana s new  Honest to Goodness  logo  from WLWT News in Cincinnati.
Indiana's new "Honest to Goodness" logo, from WLWT News in Cincinnati.
WLWT News, Cincinnati
Nice ice cream marketing here.
Nice ice cream marketing here.
Six Flags
A gypsy woman requests help to sell her vegetables when her streetside marketplace was closed
A gypsy woman requests help to sell her vegetables when her streetside marketplace was closed
AWNY breakfast conference on custom publishing and branded content
AWNY breakfast conference on custom publishing and branded content
Small business marketing strategy
Small business marketing strategy
Sam Ingersoll Small Business Marketing Blog

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