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Is John Boehner a racist for not liking Mexican food?

Americans react to a fake report that House Speaker John Boehner doesn't like Mexican food in this hilarious yet slightly disturbing man on the street interview video.

Video: Americans react to fake report of Obamas getting divorced

A video surfaced of a media personality walking the streets to gauge the reaction of Americans to fake news of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle getting a divorce after 21 years of marriage.

Shocking video: Americans sign petition to 'give people cancer'

A new shocking video proves that the average American is either purely evil, completely ignorant, or simply not paying attention most of the time.

Op-Ed: Video: Joe Biden is dead?

Joe Biden, vice president of the United States of America, has passed away — at least that's what some Americans blindly believed.

Video: Americans believe the Holocaust is a Jewish beach party

Are there really people in America who are so uninformed that they would believe someone who says the Holocaust is an annual beach festival? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Americans let strangers search their backpacks

They're no longer just signing little petitions; the American people are now willingly allowing total strangers to go through their belongings.

Mark Dice sells his one ounce gold coin

After months of trying to sell his one ounce gold coin on the street, Mark Dice has finally cashed in his coin, proving to YouTube viewers that authentic gold really is worth a lot of money.

California man offers residents $5 bill or Silver Dollar for free

Oceanside - Mark Dice, an author and critic of the current state of affairs, likes to depict what he calls the ignorance of Americans. His latest video shows him giving local residents the option of receiving a free $5 Federal Reserve Note or a free Silver Dollar

A Ron Paul Christmas? Man creates ornament, places it at Macy's

Oceanside - Mark Dice, an online media personality, created a Ron Paul Christmas ornament that also featured the retiring Texas Republican Congressman's farewell speech. He made the decision to head out to Macy's and hang it on a Christmas tree.

Man posts videos ridiculing American Black Friday shoppers

Oceanside - Mark Dice, a well-known online personality in the conspiracy theory world, not only heckled Black Friday shoppers on Thursday night, he also asked Best Buy consumers about their credit card debt on Friday.

Mark Dice: Boycott the Super Bowl, read a book instead

Los Angeles - Mark Dice, founder of The Resistance and author of "New World Order," spoke on KTLA to urge viewers to boycott the Super Bowl and to read a book instead.

Man gets signatures for petition to repeal first amendment

Mark Dice went around a California neighborhood to get signatures to his petition to repeal the first amendment of the United States Constitution. However, it was all in jest to prove a point that Americans are unaware of the Constitution.

Man attempts to give away one-ounce gold coin for free

California resident Mark Dice tried to, once again, give away a one-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin for free just by answering a simple question: How much is gold worth?

Man tries to sell 1 ounce gold coin for $50

Mark Dice, a California native, tried to sell a one ounce Canadian gold bullion coin for $50 but no one knew how much it was worth nor were they interested. Unfortunately for them, one ounce of gold is $1,100 USD.

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YouTube screengrab
YouTube screengrab
YouTube screengrab
Mark Dice s Ron Paul Christmas ornament - YouTube screengrab
Mark Dice's Ron Paul Christmas ornament - YouTube screengrab
YouTube screengrab
A YouTube screengrab of a Mark Dice video.
A YouTube screengrab of a Mark Dice video.
YouTube screengrab

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