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Troops in Washington DC area ordered back to their bases

A US official told Reuters that the Pentagon will be sending back to their home bases, the remaining 900 active-duty troops who were sent to Washington DC for potential use to control civil unrest.

Op-Ed: Pentagon ends subsidy for venerable newspaper Stars and Stripes

Washington - US Defense Secretary Mark Esper defended the Pentagon's decision to remove all federal funding of the military paper Stars and Stripes in its 2021 budget request. Esper told reporters in Brussels that the independent paper was not a priority.

Op-Ed: US lawmakers resist plans to withdraw troops from Africa

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has been publicizing the Pentagon plan that would see troops from Africa moved to Asian areas around China and Russia, for some time.

Op-Ed: Esper denies seeing evidence of imminent attack on US embassies

On Friday President Trump said he believed that assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was plotting to attack four US embassies. However, Trump offered no evidence for his belief. The appended video contains Trump's remarks on the imminent attacks.

Op-Ed: Letter to Iraqi PM contradicts Defense Minister on US withdrawal

General Mark Milley US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair said that the letter announcing that US troops would be withdrawing from Iraq wast just a draft and said that is not what is happening.

Op-Ed: US officials claim US will not leave Syria any time soon

Mark Esper, US Secretary of Defenses and General Mark Milley testified to the US House Armed Services Committee that the US will continue to have troops in Syria for many years. They claimed it was hard to foresee all US forces withdrawing anytime soon.

Pentagon now admits plans to send more troops to the Middle East

Washington D.c. - On Thursday, the Pentagon spent much of the day refuting a report by the Wall Street journal that Trump was considering sending 14,000 more troops to the Middle East to counter any Iranian aggression.

US troops redeployed from Syria to Iraq cannot remain there

Just a few days after the US announced that US troops from Syria were being redeployed to western Iraq US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that instead the troops will be returning to the US after all.

US to deploy 700 troops from Syria into western Iraq

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says that the current US plan is to send all US troops leaving Syria to be redeployed into the western part of Iraq to engage in anti-ISIS operations.

US sends missile defense system and 200 personnel to the Saudis

The Pentagon announced Thursday that it has approved sending air and missiles defense along with 200 personnel to help protect Saudi Arabian oil facilities. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said this was just an initial deployment with more to follow.

US probably to deploy intermediate-range missiles to Asia

Washington - The US is taking advantage of the fact that it has withdrawn from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) by planning to put some intermediate-range weapons in Asia

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