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Mark Duggan News

Review: ‘Police — Shooting to Kill?’ Special

The inspiration or perhaps the catalyst for this half hour "Panorama" documentary was the execution of Mark Duggan and the inquest verdict.

London's armed police to wear body cameras

London - In the wake of the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man in North London in 2011, armed police units in London will soon be required to wear body cameras.

Op-Ed: Time to end the privilege money can't buy

London - A policeman's lot may not be a happy one, but police officers everywhere enjoy privileges no one else does. It is time this scandal was ended.

Police to wear cameras in hope of greater transparency

London - In the wake of the Mark Duggan lawful killing verdict, the Metropolitan Police have announced all firearm-wielding officers will be equipped with video cameras.

Op-Ed: The shootings at Woolwich — the big unanswered question

London - The immediate aftermath of the horrific murder of Lee Rigby has raised a question no one in the mainstream media has thought to ask.

Kevin Hutchinson-Foster gets eleven years

London - Kevin Hutchinson-Foster has been given an eleven year gaol sentence for supplying a gun to Mark Duggan. His will almost certainly be the only conviction resulting from this case.

Op-Ed: How I murdered Mark Duggan, by Mr Anonymous

London - What do you call a man who shoots another man dead, is not questioned, charged or arrested and is then given carte blanche to slander his victim anonymously? A police officer, of course.

Review: 'The Riots: In Their Own Words' Special

London - The execution of Mark Duggan on August 4 last year was the catalyst for the worst riots in these islands in living memory. This BBC documentary talks to the people involved.

Op-Ed: The death of Mark Duggan — one year on, and still nothing

London - One year ago today, Mark Duggan was shot dead by police from Operation Trident. To date, no one has been charged, and no meaningful information has been released to the public.

Op-Ed: Justice for John Terry, but not for Mark Duggan

London - On Friday, July 13, in an uncharacteristic outburst of common sense, football player John Terry was acquitted of the non-crime of using a racial epithet during a match. The victim of a real crime still waits for justice.

Review: 'Can We Trust The Police?' airs on BBC Special

Can we trust the police? If you don't recognise that as a rhetorical question, you haven't been on the receiving end of our wonderful boys in blue.

Op-Ed: Mark Duggan — You've seen the cover up, now here comes the film

London - Mark Duggan was shot dead by armed police on August 4 last year. To date no one has been charged, suspended or even questioned in connection with his execution. Now, someone is making a film about it.

Review: 'The Code: Reporting police misconduct to the police'

If you are the victim of a crime, you should call the police. What though if the perpetrator is a police officer? According to this video, you might as well not bother.

Op-Ed: The murder of Mark Duggan, and a conspiracy of silence

London - On August 4 last year, unarmed Mark Duggan was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police in North London. To date, no one has been charged with any offence.

Op-Ed: UK police officer news round-up

A round up of recent stories about those brave men and women who risk life and limb every time they set foot outside their front doors. Our lives and our limbs.

Op-Ed: After Stephen Lawrence, what about Mark Duggan?

London - It had to happen. The convictions of Gary Dobson and David Norris for the murder of Stephen Lawrence has opened the floodgates, and the lunatics have come out to play.

Op-Ed: Did the police murder Mark Duggan?

London - The so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission has apparently been dragging its feet into the shooting dead of Mark Duggan. It may be that this delay is more than justified, for entirely sinister reasons.

Op-Ed: Justice delayed is justice denied - even for 'gangstas'

London - Mark Duggan was shot dead by armed police on August 4. The last public update from the so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission was September 8. How long does it take to decide who shot a man, why, and what action is to be taken?

Op-Ed: When the police are the villains — in fiction and in fact

A current storyline in a daytime soap opera finds a scenes of crime officer being called in to investigate a murder he himself committed. It looks like he won't get away with it; in the real world, he almost certainly would.

Op-Ed: Press TV duped by race agitators again

The Iranian television channel Press TV has been duped again, this time by race agitators posing as political analysts and civil libertarians.

Op-Ed: Black crime – when crying 'racism' is not enough

In the wake of the recent rioting, the loony left has been spouting statistics that appear to indict the police, but examining one horrific incident is enough to shred this specious rhetoric.

Op-Ed: The civil unrest – who rioted, and who didn’t

An analysis of the racial origins of the rioters leads to some unsurprising conclusions which we must not allow the politically correct left to make taboo.

Op-Ed: The riots – and the madness of crowds

Earlier this week, Chris Bambery of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party blamed the then nascent riots on police ‘racism’ and oppression. Not everyone who took part in them can hide behind that excuse.

Op-Ed: A pogrom is not a revolution

The Socialist Workers Party is apparently unable to distinguish between a population that rises up against a brutal dictatorship and a gang of thugs that robs innocent shopkeepers before burning their businesses to the ground.

Op-Ed: One sad tale from Croydon’s night of broken glass

The riots that started in Tottenham on the pretext of an as yet unsubstantiated claim of police malfeasance have now spread to other parts of the capital and further afield. One of their saddest victims “died” in Croydon today.

Op-Ed: The ghost of Broadwater farm – riots return to North London

London - Twenty-six years ago, a police officer was hacked to death during a riot in North London; this weekend, the same streets erupted in flames as once again the police lost control.

Rioters battle police in violent clash in United Kingdom

A peaceful protest developed into one of the ugliest scenes in recent UK history as sections of London went up in flame and rioters clashed with police.

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Mark Duggan Image

One of the many images from the August 2011 riots released by the Metropolitan Police.
One of the many images from the August 2011 riots released by the Metropolitan Police.
Metropolitan Police
Mark Duggan who was shot dead by armed police officers in Tottenham  North London  on August 4  2001...
Mark Duggan who was shot dead by armed police officers in Tottenham, North London, on August 4, 2001. His death was the catalyst for the riots that swept the country.
A photograph released by the family

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