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Marine life News

Climate Crisis: Ocean oxygen levels falling at unprecedented rate

In a new report presented at COP25 in Madrid on Saturday, scientists warned that due to the climate crisis, our oceans are rapidly running out of oxygen - threatening fish species and disrupting marine ecosystems.

Weapons buried at sea are a major threat to marine life: Study

At least one million tons of chemical weapons dumped after the world wars lie rusting on the ocean floor. As the metal rusts away, the toxic chemicals will be exposed threatening marine life around them, scientists warn.

Using the Bay of Fundy's remarkable tides for renewable energy

Parrsboro - A huge tidal turbine was lowered into place on the seabed Monday at a test site near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. A spokesperson for Cape Sharp Tidal said the 1,000 ton turbine was set in place during an ebb tide that lasted four hours.

Methylmercury now being found in Southern Ocean fish and birds

Methylmercury, a potent neurotoxin has been found in sea ice in the Southern Ocean, according to new research. This latest study demonstrates how sea ice bacteria can change mercury into its more lethal form, contaminating marine life and birds.

Does using sonar in the Arctic harm marine life?

As use of the Arctic region in the hunt for valuable minerals and oil continues, boats are using sonar to avoid icebergs. Does this technology harm marine life?

Pink rays hitch ride on backs of stingrays

Pink whiprays have been spotted for the first time catching a ride on larger stingrays. The activity was captured on the Great Barrier Reef off Townsville in Queensland, Australia.

Op-Ed: Trending environmental issues that will affect the world in 2016

The climate meeting in Paris this month ended with a pact agreed upon by nearly 200 countries to curb greenhouse gas emissions. But with climate change already impacting the world, what trending issues should we be watching in 2016?

Abandoned fishing gear harms wildlife

A new report examines the effects of "ghost fishing" on marine life. This is where fish, crabs and other marine life are drawn into nets and traps by the dead and decomposing bodies of other creatures.

River Thames is full of marine life

London - When one thinks of places to watch marine life, the River Thames is not the location that springs to mind. However, in recent years sightings of marine animals have been increasing.

Environmentally conscious Hawaii bans plastic bags

About 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. Of that number, more than 380 billion are used in the U.S. alone. Plastic bags are a big business in the U.S., but the environmental threat posed by them is even bigger.

Worldwide numbers for marine life are inaccurate

It's time to rethink how we classify species in marine ecosystems, say two University of Windsor ecologists in the University of Windsor's Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research.

Australian government gives thousands per day on shark kills

After the first kill of the shark cull in Western Australia, news came out that a single fisherman will receive $610,000 Australian dollars in a year.

Climate change to cause major loss of marine life by 2100

Southampton - Using advanced climate modelling, new research predicts climate change will have a profound impact on deep-sea marine life. Even the most remote ecosystems in the ocean deeps are likely to be affected by climate change, says a new study.

Unseen dangers from the Japanese tsunami may linger for decades

The debris from the tsunami which struck eastern Japan two years ago today could still be washing up on the western seaboard of Canada and the United States decades from now with, as yet, unknown consequences for marine life.

450-million-year-old fossil found in Tennessee woman's yard

Smyrna - A Tennessee woman discovered the 10 pound rock she has been using as a door stop for the past 15 years was much more unique than she first believed.

Marine life saved, relocated following Hurricane Sandy

Newport - New York and New Jersey were not the only areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy, in fact, Rhode Island's Save the Bay Aquarium was heavily damaged, leaving 300 animals homeless.

Cleaning up Marseille beach, one cigarette butt at a time

Marseille - A recent Surfrider Foundation cleanup, at Prado beaches, near the city of Marseille on France’s Mediterranean coast was designed to highlight the insidious effects of one particular source of pollution – cigarette butts.

Scientists: Marine life at high-risk of extinction

An expert panel of scientists discovered the world's oceans are at a high risk of entering a phase of extinction unprecedented in human history.

Philippines mulls $1 million penalty for coral reef destruction

The owners of a Panamanian-registered cargo ship that ran aground off the coast of Sarangani province in the Philippines may be asked to pay at least $1 million for damaging the reef in a protected area of the country.

Radiation levels spike in seawater around Japan nuclear plant

Tokyo - The Nuclear Safety Agency of Japan confirmed on Saturday that radioactivity levels measured in the seawater surrounding the nuclear plants in Fukushima.

80 pilot whales beached in New Zealand, half are dead

A second mass beaching of whales in a month has occurred in New Zealand. This time 80 pilot whales have beached at Spirits Bay at the tip of New Zealand's North Island.

Marine Life Census offers glimpse of life underwater

After 10 years of work, a team of 360 scientists worldwide studying everything from the tiny algae to the largest whale has concluded that there are some 230,000 known species inhabiting the earth’s oceans, and another million or so as yet undiscovered.

Gentle Whale Sharks of the Philippines get president's attention

Philippine president Gloria Arroyo has just taken a bold step in the preservation of whale sharks by issuing an order directing all concerned agencies of government to protect migratory whale sharks locally known as 'Butanding'.

University of Alberta: Volcanic eruptions wiped out marine life 93 million years ago

University of Alberta scientists claim the mass extinction of animals and plants was due to undersea volcanic eruptions, which altered the chemistry of the sea as well as the atmosphere.

Predatory Crabs, Fish Set to Return to Antarctic waters

Predatory crabs and fish are poised to return to warming Antarctic waters for the first time in millions of years, threatening the shallow marine ecosystems surrounding Antarctica. Antarctic marine communities resemble the primeval waters.

The Dolphin Murders

Dolphins are playful and intelligent as well as being one of the most social creatures in the sea. It is now being discovered that Dolphins are also brutal killers, killing baby porpoises as well as their own young.

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Increased acidification of the oceans will prove to be devastating to marine ecosystems.
Increased acidification of the oceans will prove to be devastating to marine ecosystems.
Mass extinctions are  by definition  harsh  but they each seem to be disastrous in their own unique ...
Mass extinctions are, by definition, harsh, but they each seem to be disastrous in their own unique way.
University of California Museum of Paleontology's Understanding Evolution
Pyrosomes are becoming a big problem off the coast of British Columbia.
Pyrosomes are becoming a big problem off the coast of British Columbia.
Nick Hobgood
Red cuttlefish swimming
Red cuttlefish swimming,
John Turnbull (CC BY-SA 2.0)
The metre-long super predator Anomalocaris.
Artist s impression by Katrina Kenny/University of Adela...
The metre-long super predator Anomalocaris. Artist's impression by Katrina Kenny/University of Adelaide.
Courtesy University of Adelaide
A close-up photo of a sea turtle
A close-up photo of a sea turtle

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