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March News

10,000 turn out to mark east Ukraine rebellion anniversary

Donetsk - Around 10,000 people paraded through the centre of Donetsk, the rebel "capital" in eastern Ukraine, to mark the second anniversary of the proclamation of the "Donetsk People's Republic".

Thousands march in Rome for gay rights

Rome - Thousands of people marched in Italian cities Saturday to demand legal recognition for gay couples and their children, days before lawmakers begin addressing the deeply divisive issue.

Thousands gather in tribute to victims of French horror crash

Petit-palais-et-cornemps - Nearly 5,000 people came to a town near Bordeaux on Sunday to mourn the 43 victims, mostly pensioners, of a horrific coach crash that was France's worst road accident in three decades.

Iran nuclear deal backers plan worldwide 'peace' marches

Tehran - Thousands of people are expected to march in cities across the globe on Saturday in support of Iran's deal with world powers over its controversial nuclear programme, activists said.

Thousands march to remember Srebrenica victims

Lokvine - Survivors of the Srebrenica massacre set out with thousands of others Wednesday on a solemn 105-kilometre march ahead of the 20th anniversary of the killing of nearly 8,000 Muslims near the UN-protected enclave.

500,000 Muscovites march in memory of WWII victory

Moscow - Brimming with pride and clutching portraits of relatives, more than 500,000 Russians flooded central Moscow on Saturday to commemorate 70 years since Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, in the biggest march of Vladimir Putin's rule.

Moscow permits march in memory of slain opposition leader

Moscow - Moscow city authorities on Saturday gave permission for opposition leaders to hold a march in memory of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, after they cancelled a planned protest rally.

40,000 attend Moscow pro-Putin rally

Moscow - Tens of thousands of strongman Vladimir Putin's supporters rallied Saturday near the Kremlin walls, a year after protests in neighbouring Ukraine led to the fall of its pro-Russian president.

Canaan Smith to release eponymous debut EP in March

Country singer Canaan Smith will be releasing his debut self-titled EP on March 24 via his record label, Mercury Nashville.

Unlikely scenes as Netanyahu, Abbas march in historic Paris rally

Paris - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas had their closest encounter in years on Sunday when they joined world leaders in a historic march against terrorism in Paris.

More than 5,500 police, military to guard Paris during march

Paris - More than 5,500 police and military personnel will be deployed in Paris on Sunday for a march likely to attract hundreds of thousands and a host of world leaders, France's interior minister said.

Taiwan to review minimum wage after thousands rally on Labor Day

Taipei - Dozens of trade union members, labor rights groups and student groups marched in the streets Thursday, protesting against low pay and the use of temporary workers.

'Ginger Pride' rally in Edinburgh, Scotland made people see red

Edinburgh - As part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a parade was organized by Canadian comedian Shawn Hitchins to demonstrate against "gingerism," or prejudice against people with red hair.

Police arrest EDL leader Tommy Robinson on Woolwich charity walk

London - The leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson has reportedly been arrested by the British police during his charity walk from Westminster to Woolwich, where he intended to lay flowers for Drummer Lee Rigby.

Spanish scientists protest against spending cuts countrywide

Madrid - Friday saw hundreds of Spanish scientists along with their supporters, marching through the streets of Madrid, as well as 18 other cities including Barcelona and Seville.

Op-Ed: Thousands march against Monsanto, GM food

Over the last few weekends, thousands of protesters have taken to the street to march against the seed company Monsanto. The protests occurred in over 400 cities and 50 countries worldwide.

Britain will march in memory of Lee Rigby on Saturday

Marches will be held across the country on Saturday, 1 June to pay respect to Drummer Lee Rigby who was recently murdered in Woolwich, London by two crazed jihadists.

In wake of beheading, 2,000 march in anti-Muslim demonstration

Newcastle - In the wake of the brutal Islamist-inspired beheading of a British soldier in London this week, right-wing protesters marched in the streets of Newcastle to demand an end to the 'Islamification' of Britain.

Madrid — European protest capital with 1,628 demos so far in 2013

Madrid - It's only May, and already the Spanish capital has had the highest number of European street protests, surpassing even Berlin, with 1,628 street demonstrations so far in 2013.

‘No Hunting in National Parks’ march and rally in Sydney Special

Sydney - About 3,000 people attended a ‘No Hunting in National Parks’ rally outside NSW Parliament House, Macquarie St in Sydney.

Fuengirola: Protest against fascism, for victims of Francoism

Fuengirola - Every year the mayoress in Fuengirola announces a "Day of the Dog" in the town, always at roughly the same time of year. This year she planned it for the Day of the Second Republic and citizens were enraged.

Huge English Defence League protest march in Manchester

Manchester - Some had prematurely celebrated the demise of the EDL, especially after the imprisonment of their charismatic leader known as Tommy Robinson on what many had described as politically motivated and trumped up charges.

Thousands of environmental activists rally on National Mall Special

Washington - Tens of thousands of climate change activists descended on the National Mall in Washington, DC. People came from numerous U.S. states and Canada to protest various actions relating to energy forms.

Thousands march in support of New York bus drivers (Video)

New York - On Sunday, thousands rallied at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn and then marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to support New York's striking school bus drivers.

Videos: Thousands of Golden Dawn supporters march in Athens

Athens - Golden Dawn held a march in Athens on 2 February to commemorate a 1996 military crisis with Turkey over the ownership of two uninhabited islets, which resulted in the deaths of three Greek military pilots.

Gun advocates call for an armed million man march across America

Emails have begun to circulate among second amendment supporters, calling for armed marches in various states as well as in the nations capitol.

Photo Essay: Scenes of protest in Málaga and Fuengirola, Spain Special

We look back on past protests in both Málaga city and Fuengirola, Spain, and wonder what lies ahead for Spain and the rest of Europe in 2013.

Video: D15 — Sandy survivors' day of action in Rockaways, NY

New York - Residents of Rockaways joined together with Occupy Sandy on December 15, marching the streets and demanding that the government do something to help rebuild the neighborhood after Hurricane Sandy.

Thousands of police protest austerity measures, cuts in Madrid

Madrid - Between 5,000-8,000 police officers from all over Spain marched through Madrid on Saturday, protesting austerity measures and cuts. They even apologized to the public for arresting the wrong people.

Video: French media blackout of protest against radical Islam

Paris - France’s politically correct media failed to cover a patriotic march (in favour of French values and culture and against radical Islam) that took place in Paris last weekend.
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March Image

Fuengirola held a bicycle ride to  move for clean air  on the last day of the European Mobility Week...
Fuengirola held a bicycle ride to "move for clean air" on the last day of the European Mobility Week.
Riot police.
Riot police.
Anti-Dalton McGuinty sign.
Anti-Dalton McGuinty sign.
People praying.
People praying.
A cop with his hand on his firearm.
A cop with his hand on his firearm.
Float during parade.
Float during parade.
As part of the G20 resistance in downtown Toronto  the Aboriginal people  organizers and supporters ...
As part of the G20 resistance in downtown Toronto, the Aboriginal people, organizers and supporters of the Natives protested and marched from Queen's Park to downtown Toronto and back.
Málaga 12m - protest on May 12  2012 - Plaza de la Merced
Málaga 12m - protest on May 12, 2012 - Plaza de la Merced
Hundreds gathered at the Toronto police headquarters to protest against the police s treatment of pr...
Hundreds gathered at the Toronto police headquarters to protest against the police's treatment of protesters, journalists and citizens.
March against Ontario government s measure to cut the Special Diet allowance
March against Ontario government's measure to cut the Special Diet allowance
Thousands rally to support striking school bus drivers  march over Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.
Thousands rally to support striking school bus drivers, march over Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.
Protest in Warsaw  Poland against GMO s
Protest in Warsaw, Poland against GMO's
Karina Karin
Sunday s march from Johnnie Simpson Park to the detention centre.
Sunday's march from Johnnie Simpson Park to the detention centre.
23f anti-austerity demonstration in Madrid  Spain on 23 February 2013.   Enough austerity.
23f anti-austerity demonstration in Madrid, Spain on 23 February 2013. "Enough austerity."
Protest in Warsaw  Poland against GMO s
Protest in Warsaw, Poland against GMO's
Karina Karin
Scientists marched in Madrid and 18 other cities of Spain on Friday against budget cuts in the scien...
Scientists marched in Madrid and 18 other cities of Spain on Friday against budget cuts in the science field.