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Mapping News

Drone project aims to put floating Lagos slum on map

Lagos - John Eromosele records the coordinates of a bustling canal on his smartphone from aboard a dug-out canoe navigating the floating slum of Makoko in Nigerian megacity Lagos.

Market in geographical information to rise to $13 billion

More and more companies are reliant upon location data for their businesses, and the rate that this will continue will create a global market for core geographical information in excess of $13 billion by 2025.

Former Windows-exclusive HERE Maps abandoning Windows 10

HERE Maps, the popular mapping, navigation and transit service, has announced it will discontinue its apps on Windows devices on June 30. The company's services have been on Windows Phone since the beginning and were formerly exclusive.

Apple has made 2.5m corrections to Maps in the past four years

Apple's own mapping service, Apple Maps, arrived famously broken at its launch with some serious errors that led to authorities branding it unsafe for use. Since then it has evolved dramatically, helped by 2.5 million corrections.

Google Maps to warn drivers of approaching railway crossings

Google has entered a new partnership with the Federal Railroad Administration that will see its Maps software alerting drivers when they approach a rail crossing. The aim is to ensure that people are aware that they may have to stop ahead.

Google Maps shows an Android peeing on an Apple logo in Pakistan

An image of an Android urinating on an Apple logo has been spotted on Google Maps. Clearly visible on the company's renowned mapping service, it is joined by a message nearby that pokes fun at Google's content review policies.

Are underwater drones capable of exploring the deep sea?

Some are speculating that drones may soon be able to map the ocean floor. Evidence so far has not been promising after several failed tests to head towards the ocean floor. At the same time drones do represent our best chance to study this frontier.

Hip-hop etymology: Mapping the largest vocabularies of rappers

New York - An NYC-based designer and coder formulated a list of 85 rappers to study the extent of each rapper's vocabulary through their lyrics. His findings were released in an online interactive mapping format.

What Antarctica looks like without ice — the Bedmap 2 Project

A new study of the physical properties of the Antarctic landmass has revealed the most detailed map yet produced, showing a landscape of mountain ranges gorges and ravines significantly deeper than ever imagined.

'Connectomics' provide a map of the wonder that is the brain

The human brain is a highly complex piece of biological human architecture. With a field of study known as "connectomics," scientists hope to decipher the synapses and ultimately the overall makeup of the mind and possibly the source of mental diseases.

GeoEye successfully launches satellite

GeoEye confirms that the satellite has reached it's planned orbit and responding to signals from earth. Today's launch is another milestone for Google.

Google acquires ImageAmerica to boost mapping

As well as everything else in the world, Google has acquired ImageAmerica. They build high-resolution cameras that take aerial photographs. The search engine giant announced the move on Friday.

Google Maps Mapping the Locations Mentioned in a Book

Google Book Search shows a map that contains some of the locations referenced in a certain book.

Microsoft Mapping Goes 3D

Microsoft comes out with more then just some cool imaging program.

Flash Earth

Flash Earth is an experimental application that uses satellite and aerial imagery from online mapping websites...

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Mapping Image

An 1889 poverty map of Old Nichol slum  East End of London  The streets are colored to represent the...
An 1889 poverty map of Old Nichol slum, East End of London, The streets are colored to represent the economic class of the residents: Yellow (“Upper-middle and Upper classes, Wealthy”), red ("Lower middle class - Well-to-do middle class"), pink ("Fairly comfortable good ordinary earnings"), blue ("Intermittent or casual earnings"), and black ("lowest class...occasional labourers, street sellers, loafers, criminals and semi-criminals")
Original: Charles Booth's Labour and Life of the People. Volume 1: East London (London: Macmillan, 1
Left: Greenland topography color coded color-coded from 4 900 feet (1 500 meters) below sea level (d...
Left: Greenland topography color coded color-coded from 4,900 feet (1,500 meters) below sea level (dark blue) to 4,900 feet above (brown). Right: Regions below sea level connected to the ocean; darker colors are deeper. The thin white line shows the current extent of the ice sheet. Credit: UCI.
The distribution of active floats in the Argo array  colour coded by country that owns the float  at...
The distribution of active floats in the Argo array, colour coded by country that owns the float, at the end of May 2014.
The RoadTracer map process in operation.
The RoadTracer map process in operation.
MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
University of Vermont
Screenshot of front page of Google Maps
Screenshot of front page of Google Maps

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