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Europe, Middle East map redrawn by World War I

Paris - Empires would fall, regions reconfigure, new countries form: the end of World War I overhauled the global balance of power and redrew the maps of Europe and the Middle East.Here is an overview.

Map of 250 indigenous massacres reveals Australia's violent past

Sydney - An online map which has so far documented 250 massacres of indigenous peoples after Australia was colonised by the British is set to be expanded, researchers said Friday, as they seek to uncover the country's dark past.

EU launches online map to navigate sanctions maze

Brussels - The European Union is launching an interactive online map Friday to help businesses and officials steer through the jungle of international sanctions in force against regimes, organisations and individuals around the world.

Essential Science: First genome-wide cancer map produced

An interesting new map shows over 760 genetic dependencies across multiple cancers. The map suggests new opportunities for developing innovative cancer treatments for scientists and start-up biotech.

First 'wired' map of the brain produced

Cardiff - If the brain is a giant and powerful computer, then the network of neurons that inter-space the grey and white matter can be thought of as a wiring system.

First physical map of the Internet produced

Despite the reach of the Internet and its growing complexity, no physical map of the Internet had been produced, until now. The outcome highlights the Internet-dependent nature of our world.

South Korea blocks Google export of map data

Seoul - South Korea on Friday rejected Google's request to export government-supplied data for its global mapping service, arguing it would make the country more vulnerable to attack by North Korea.

Rockstar Games have 'about 45 years worth of ideas' for GTA VI

Rockstar Games have announced that they already "have some ideas" for the next major installment in the massive gaming franchise Grand Theft Auto. It appears as though GTA VI is beginning to enter early development.

Minecraft Denmark map attacked

A virtual replica of the entire landmass of Denmark, created on Minecraft to help educate children, has been disrupted by "cyber vandals".

World map back tattoo records man's travels

A backpacking enthusiast tattooed the map of the world on his back and has been filling it in with color blocks as he travels.

Madrid online: Sightsee in Madrid without leaving home

Madrid - If you are planning a trip to Madrid, capital of Spain, a website has been developed that will give you all the necessary information prior to traveling. 101 Masterworks virtually takes you there.

Obama launches project to map the human brain

Starting in 2014, the federally funded initiative, announced on April 2, will seek to develop new technologies capable of mapping the activity in the human brain.

Video: Take a tour through the universe in 3D

Berkeley - The largest 3D map of the universe ever created pinpoints one-million galaxies and its creators hope it will help solve some of astronomy's greatest mysteries.

UK uses 'real-time' flood mapping

Heavy rain continues to fall across the UK. To help people concerned about flooding, a new interactive map service has been launched.

New-old map of America found — Happy birthday America

The original of the first map using the name 'America' sits in The Library of Congress, but a copy was found tucked away, perhaps for centuries, and is more than 500 years old.

Highest-resolution NASA map of moon ever

A new topographical map that NASA has released of the moon is the highest resolution ever taken. The imaging system onboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) that originates from the Arizona State University in Tempe is responsible.

French TV redraws map of Belgium

France's main private television channel, TF1, apologises for mixing up Flanders and Wallonia on a map during a prime time news broadcast on Belgium.

Argleton, 'Not Real G' Spot

Argleton is a town that often shows up in online map directories in Lancashire in the UK. The problem is, it doesn't really exist.

Most Detailed Map of Earth Released by NASA and Japan

The most complete and detailed map of the world made to date has been released, a collaboration between NASA, the American space agency, and the Japanese US and the Japanese trade ministry.

New Maps for Call of Duty: WaW

The Call of Duty: World at War site has just updated the details on the new Map Pack, revealing 4 new. The zombie map will come with 10 new achievements/trophies.

Company-sponsored Online Tool Finds Every Public Bathroom in U.S.

A new website finds all the toilets in a particular U.S. city or zip code, thanks to Web developers working for the anti-diarrheal drug Imodium. Bathroom Finder lists the public johns on a map and in a scrolling list.

New Species Conservation Concept Used on Madagascar

“Preserving biodiversity in the midst of tremendous pressures, such as habitat destruction and global warming, is one of humanity’s greatest environmental challenges in the 21st century.”

Op-Ed: Map of the world's emerging infectious diseases

For those pining for systematic information gathering, this map will be some relief. It’s based on stats dealing with emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) from 1940-2004. One result is a correlation between conservation and disease transmission.

Map of the Lakota Nation Revealed

Declaring freedom is a powerful responsibility. Can the Lakotah provide for it's people without making their desperate conditions even harsher? Will the release of their map cause problems with the United States government? What is Lakotah's next step?

Scientists Map Imprinted Genes

Scientists at Duke University have created the first map of imprinted genes throughout the human genome, and they say a modern-day Rosetta stone – a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning – was the key to their success.

Technology helps track fire progress in southern California

The Los Angeles Times created a Google Maps "mash up" to show the progress of fires and fire containment in southern California. This is a fascinating (and useful) example of how technology can be leveraged to inform the public about important events.

Another Tool To Map Website Visitors

Here is a simple tool which maps the visitors of your web site or blog., a free online tool, shows the physical location of your site’s visitors in a map and refreshes automatically with time.

Do You Live Where There's Peace?

This world is a massive orb of people. How can some places be peaceful and yet right next door to them be a warring nation? The planet's key to survival is peace. The nations have to join together on the global issues or else we will all fall.

Did They Find Little Madeleine McCann?

God I hope they are wrong. I hope that her parents will be able to open a door someday soon and find their beautiful little girl standing there with her arms wide open looking for a hug.

Iran video shows Britons pointing to map

Iran's official Arabic language television channel aired short video clips Sunday showing what it said were two of the 15 captured British sailors pointing to a map of the Persian Gulf.
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Bilateral maps of Canada  Bilateral maps of Japan.
Bilateral maps of Canada, Bilateral maps of Japan.
Location of the Antarctic Peninsula in West Antarctica
Location of the Antarctic Peninsula in West Antarctica
Anna Frodesiak
Libya forces press assault on IS in Sirte
Libya forces press assault on IS in Sirte
Map of Mexico
Map of Mexico
A  crime map  of San Fran  courtesy of Trulia
A "crime map" of San Fran, courtesy of Trulia
Air traffic around Ontario  via
Air traffic around Ontario, via
Via flightradar24
Map showing interstate 10 between California and Arizona.
Map showing interstate 10 between California and Arizona.
Map of London showing Temple (north side) and the south bank.
Map of London showing Temple (north side) and the south bank.
Bas-Uele Province is in the reote northeast of the DR Congo.
Bas-Uele Province is in the reote northeast of the DR Congo.
Royal Museum for Central Africa
No Derivative Works
Latin American countries where the Zika virus has been reported.
Latin American countries where the Zika virus has been reported.
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Map showing Gaza and Egypt.
Map showing Gaza and Egypt.
Video screen capture
Migration out of Africa
Migration out of Africa
Spreading homo Sapiens.jpg which is in the public domain
A team of scientists developed Internet Atlas  the first detailed map of the internet’s structure ...
A team of scientists developed Internet Atlas, the first detailed map of the internet’s structure worldwide. The lines represent crucial pieces of the physical infrastructure of the internet that billions of people rely on.
University of Wisconsin–Madison
24 hostages at  a high school in Marinette  Wisconsin  have been freed.
24 hostages at a high school in Marinette, Wisconsin, have been freed.
Map from Google Maps with DJ overlay of information
Map of Bauchi  Nigeria
Map of Bauchi, Nigeria
Screen Capture
Status of Zika virus reporting as of 2016 by country  showing countries that are highly environmenta...
Status of Zika virus reporting as of 2016 by country, showing countries that are highly environmentally suitable (having a suitable area of more than 3,800 square miles) but which have not yet reported symptomatic cases of Zika virus in humans. “Currently reporting” countries are those having reported cases since 2015.
Messina et al., eLife, (2016)

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