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Mansour Hadi News

Op-Ed: Forces of Saudi-supported Yemen president Hadi lose Aden airport

Aden - Forces loyal to the United Arab Emirates are reported to have taken control of the airport in Aden ousting fighters loyal to the Saudi-supported president Mansour Hadi.

Op-Ed: Yemen government in exile rejects peace talks with Houthi rebels

Sanaa - Exiled Yemen president Mansour Hadi and his government announced on Sunday that they will not participate in planned UN peace talks. Hadi insists that Houthis must withdraw from any areas they seized during their offensive, including the capital Sanaa.

Op-Ed: Talking peace while preparing an offensive in Yemen

Sanaa - The Saudi coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, some time ago decided that the bombing campaign alone was not sufficient to defeat the Houthis. Special forces and military equipment were sent to bolster local militia in Aden.

Op-Ed: Senior official in Yemeni exile government hard at work in Aden

Aden - Mohammed Ali Marem may be the only senior official of the internationally-recognized government of President Mansour Hadi who is working inside Yemen. Most officials are located in the safety of Ryadh, Saudi Arabia.

Yemen government in exile sends ministers to Aden

Aden - Several ministers of the government-in-exile of Mansour Hadi arrived by helicopter from Saudi Arabia in preparation for the revival of institutions of state in the city of Aden.

Op-Ed: U.N. and others press for a humanitarian pause in Yemen conflict

Sanaa - Pressure is building from the United States, other countries, and the United Nations for a "humanitarian pause" in the bombing and fighting in Yemen during Ramadan.

Violence breaks out at Yemen Geneva peace talks

Geneva - A news conference by the Houthi rebels held in Geneva on the sidelines of the peace talks was interrupted by protesters throwing shoes and calling the Houthis "criminals" and "dogs" who were "killing the children of South Yemen."

Op-Ed: UN to hold Yemen peace talks in Geneva on June 14

Geneva - The Prime Minister of the government in exile of president Mansour Hadi said that the upcoming peace talks slated for June 14 in Geneva will be aimed at "restoring power" to the Hadi government.

UN to hold Yemen peace talks on May 28

Geneva - The UN has set May 28 to begin Yemen peace talks in Geneva but only one party to the conflict may attend. The Hadi government based in Saudi Arabia demands that the rebel Houthis give up some of the territory they have taken as a condition of taking part.

Op-Ed: UN imposes sanctions on Houthis but Yemen conflict continues

Sanaa - In a sign that the Saudi-led bombing campaign and offensive against Houthi rebels is not going well, the newly minted vice-president appointed by the internationally recognized president Mansour Hadi has urged the Houthi fighters to end their offensive.

Op-Ed: Saudi violence continues unabated

Sanaa - Mansour Hadi was feted as the legitimate Yemen president by members of the Arab League. He resigned in January, but after managing to flee house arrest in the capital Sanaa, he sought refuge in the south in Aden where he declared he was president again.

Op-Ed: 'President' of Yemen proposes talks in Saudi Arabia

Aden - The "president" of Yemen, and US ally, Mansour Hadi proposed Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, as the site for UN-sponsored talks between Yemeni political groups and Houthi rebels.

Op-Ed: Yemen government resigns after continued Houthi rebel's pressure

Sanaa - President Mansour Hadi and his government resigned on Thursday under pressure from Houthi rebels as negotiations were deadlocked according to Hadi.

Government offensive against Al Qaeda continues in Yemen

Sanaa - In an offensive in the south of the country, Yemeni forces killed 37 suspected Al Qaeda fighters according to Yemen's Defence Ministry. Hideouts in a town in Shabwa province were attacked according to the army. Several soldiers were also reported killed.

Op-Ed: Traditional patronage politics has survived Yemen Revolution

Sanaa - Atlaf Zaid Alwazir is a blogger and researcher who works in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. She writes in an Al Jazeera article of the fate of the Yemeni revolution three years after it began.

Yemen refuses extradition request for alleged Al-Qaeda financier

Yemen President Mansour Hadi has refused to extradite to the U.S. the head of an ultraconservative political party. The president said that he will refuse to hand over any Yemeni citizens to a foreign country.

Op-Ed: Yemeni president cements ties with Washington

Sanaa - Yemen president Mansour Hadi had a visit with President Obama on August 1. The visit helped cement already strong ties between the two, as Hadi is a firm supporter of the war against Al Qaeda in Yemen and US drone attacks.

Op-Ed: UN Security Council group meet in Yemen to support reconciliation

Sanaa - As a UN Security Council team offered support for Yemen's political transition, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets demanding that ex-president Abdullah Saleh have his immunity from prosecution scrapped.

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