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Manatee News

Manatee attack! Girl's great reaction when sea cow swims near her

A manatee is a big sea cow, a slow to move, harmless marine mammal. There are lots in Florida waters in the spring as they move from freshwater into the warming ocean. A young girl in Florida meet one and had quite a time. Screaming.

Manatee to lose protection if endangered status is removed

Valdosta - There is an all-too-real possibility that the manatee may be downgraded from "endangered" to "threatened, and this has wildlife conservationists concerned.

'Manatee Nebula' to be officially named at Florida festival

Crystal River - An oddly-shaped cloud of gas and dust will be officially nicknamed after the endangered sea creature on Saturday as part of a local Florida festival.

Florida woman arrested for riding a manatee

Saint Petersburg - The 53-year old woman was arrested after being photographed riding a manatee on Sept. 30. She faces a second-degree misdemeanor charge under the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act.

Video: Manatees pay a surprise visit to Florida beach-goers

Fort Lauderdale - Fort Lauderdale beach-goers were treated to an unexpected and pleasant surprise Sunday when a group of manatees joined a crowd of swimmers enjoying the shallow surf.

Florida experts monitor manatees during Gulf Oil disaster Special

Crystal River - Experts are watching the continuous flow of oil that is spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and trying to assess the ecological impact on the environment and the creatures that live in the ocean including the manatee, the gentle giant of the sea.

Manatee found dead in Tenn. Lake

A Manatee that travelled 720 miles up the Mississippi river and eluded his would-be rescuers was found dead on the banks of a lake.

Manatee That Made It To Tenn. No Easy Catch

A manatee that took an unheard-of swim 700 miles up the Mississippi River eluded rescuers Thursday

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Manatee Image

A Florida Manatee
A Florida Manatee
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
More manatees.
More manatees.
Manatee s seen in Kings Bay
Manatee's seen in Kings Bay
The endangered Manatee is Florida s state mammal
The endangered Manatee is Florida's state mammal
Adopt a Manatee and get a free t-shirt from the Save the Manatee Club in Florida
Adopt a Manatee and get a free t-shirt from the Save the Manatee Club in Florida
Save the Manatee Club
Ana Gloria Guitierrez  53
Ana Gloria Guitierrez, 53
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office