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Males News

Zika virus shrinks testicles of mice

A new concern about Zika virus infection. Studies conducted using mice indicate that the viral infection can lower male fertility by shrinking the testicles.

Male animals are more sickly than females

Mexico - Which is the sickliest sex? Males or females? Across the animal kingdom is seems that males are more troubled with ill-health than females.

Miley Cyrus dislikes male strippers

After experiencing her own personal lap dance on the 'Ellen' show, singer Miley Cyrus admits that she is not a big fan of male strippers.

Study: White males live longer than black males by 7 yrs in U.S.

A new study says that in the U.S. white males outlive black males by seven years and white females outlive black females by five years. The researchers concluded from the results that the U.S. still needs to improve on the health of African-Americans.

Female-to-Male HIV Transmission Risk Doubles During Pregnancy

A new research study shows that men in a relationship with HIV-positive women doubles their infection risk for the disease.

What people lie about the most and how we do it

Most studies conclude that men and women lie equally but how, why and what they lie about is quite different from the two genders.

Thriving Amazon Ant Colony Has No Males

A University of Arizona biologist has found a rare ant colony in the Amazon jungle with no males. The ants have virtually no sexual organs, but their colony thrives compared to other ant species.

Female Plant 'Communicates' Rejection or Acceptance of Male

University of Missouri researchers have identified pollen proteins that may contribute to the signaling processes that determine if a plant accepts or rejects individual pollen grains for reproduction.

Getting Married? Have Him Tested For The Gene Variant As A True Test Of Fidelity

A recent Swedish study has confirmed a link between a genetic variant and a man's likelihood of becoming a "player." Study data shows that men with the variant behave differently and bring crisis to their relationships.

Why Males Die Before Females

British scientists claim, that in humans and animal species, males age faster and die earlier than females because of intense competition over sex. They found this characteristic in 20 different vertebrate species.

For women, nothing is like the smell of men's sweat

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley said women who sniffed a chemical found in male sweat experienced elevated levels of an important hormone, along with higher sexual arousal, faster heart rate and other effects.

Texas police arrest suspect in male rape

A man arrested on suspicion of rape may be a suspect in the rapes of several men in the Houston area over the past year, police said Wednesday.

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The popular perception of male Lions is that they don t hunt and spend most of their day lazing abou...
The popular perception of male Lions is that they don't hunt and spend most of their day lazing about. However, Lions will aid in hunting, and obviously need to hunt if they aren't part of a pride.

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