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Male pattern baldness News

Arthritis drug used for hair loss, man regrows full head of hair

Scientists at Yale University have made what may be a breakthrough discovery in the treatment of hair loss. By administering drugs used for the treatment of arthritis they managed to cause a 25-year-old male to regrow a full head of hair.

Baldness medication turns one man into a woman

Propecia used for treating male baldness, turns one man into a woman. William McKee was a very successful entrepreneur, but now he lives life as Mandi McKee.

Cure for hair loss as scientists regrow, replant hair - in mice

A research team from Tokyo University says it has managed to “significantly advance the technological development of bioengineered hair follicle regenerative therapy.” That's another way of saying that the have regrown hair, though it's only in mice.

Baldness protein clue found in study that may lead to treatments

Pennsylvania Furnace - A study has revealed a biological clue to the cause of male pattern baldness. The discovery has led to the prospect of treating baldness with creams or even reversing thinning hair.

Study reveals cause of male baldness

U.S. scientists say the root problem of male-pattern baldness is new hair trying to grow, and suggest the problem could be cured using stem cells in a cream.

Claim: Anti-baldness drug affecting men’s sexual health

Some doctors are claiming that a proprietary drug used to combat baldness in men is interfering with their sexual health.

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