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Op-Ed: Alex Hall deserves to become next big male country star

Up-and-coming country artist Alex Hall deserves to become the next big male country star in the genre. He will be performing on Long Island.

Hunter Hayes wins People's Choice Award for 'Male Country Artist'

January 7 was a night to remember for country star Hunter Hayes. He took home the "Best Male Country Artist" award at the People's Choice Awards.

Male sex slave ring busted

An alleged male sex slave ring that has been operating since 2012 was busted. Authorities said that Hungarian pimps forced young gay men to work as sex slaves in Miami and New York City.

Study suggests correlation between finger ratio and testes in men

Seoul - A new report published on August 12th, 2014 suggests a correlation may exist between finger-digit ratios and male reproductive function.

Jason Aldean named top digital male country artist in history

Country superstar Jason Aldean has been named the top digital male country artist in history by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Op-Ed: Top 5 wedding songs by male country artists

Are you getting married anytime soon? If yes, here are five wedding songs by male country artists that will be perfect for your wedding ceremony.

Street artist in France sings in both a 'male' and 'female' voice

Strasbourg - A video is currently going viral of a man performing in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral with two voices and what sound like a male voice and a female voice. His range is something uncommon in a street performer.

Average Americans think they're smarter than average Americans

Most Americans have no problem bragging about their intelligence compared to other Americans and most believe they are smarter than average.

Cases of snail 'imposex' in decline

Scientists report that they are now spotting fewer cases of imposex, a condition in which female sea snails develop male sexual organs. This appears to be the positive outcome from a chemical ban instituted in 2008.

Woman becomes successful male model

Elliot Sailors was a female model who was signed with Ford modeling agency, and she has appeared on Bacardi billboards around the globe.

Booze and you: The effect of alcohol in males and females

The term “drown your sorrows” has been around for a long, long time. Most men talk about drinking to make their partners appear more attractive, while most females tend to drink to forget their woes. Surprisingly, a recent study abolishes both premise

Male menopause may be possible, says scientific study

The authors of the study noted that if women preferred to have kids with younger guys, then men would end up going through menopause instead of women going through it.

Miley Cyrus dislikes male strippers

After experiencing her own personal lap dance on the 'Ellen' show, singer Miley Cyrus admits that she is not a big fan of male strippers.

Alzheimer's disease develops differently according to gender

A new study from the U.S. has indicated that there are key differences in the way Alzheimer's disease develops between men and women.

Abercrombie & Fitch fires male model for eating croissant

Montauk - A "rising star" in the modeling world was fired after he was caught eating a croissant during a photo shoot for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Study: Certain male dance moves attract women

Researchers from Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK have discovered what moves women find attractive while watching men dance.

Men have more summer accidents due to ogling barely clad women

Insurance claim figures show that males have more accidents during the summer months because they get distracted by women in skimpy outfits.

Ancient Egyptians had mummy's sex changed

At New York's Brooklyn Museum, the Egyptian mummy Lady Hor is actually Sir Hor, as revealed by CT scans. The whole process can be followed at Twitter and Flickr under "Brooklyn Museum".

Dozens Reply to Call For Male Prostitutes Special

Inquiries began pouring in at the Shady Lady Ranch just days after owner Bobbi Davis publicized her plans to erect the new services she hopes will arouse new clientele and help to stimulate the limp industry.

Men Getting Unnecessary Prostate Tests

Two large studies by the New England Journal of Medicine were released last week. It found that men are getting prostate tests they don't need, which in turn leads to unnecessary side effects and risky surgeries.

Male visitor gang-raped after passing out at university dorm

Think your kids are safe at college while in gated university housing? During Spring Break, a visiting guest hanging out with his friends passed out and when he awoke, found that he had been sexually assaulted. Police are looking for 3 suspects.

Study finds women have more nightmares than men

According to a new study women suffer more from nightmares than men because they find it harder to switch off their emotions when the day is drawing to a close.

If Mom Asked "Where's the Beef?" You Might Ask "Where's My Sperm?"

If your mom ate lots of beef while pregnant, you may have fertility issues.

Help for the Male Shopper

OK guys, we all have visions of what we'd like to see our women wear. But here's a news flash for some of you, we don't have a clue! Add to that men really don't have fashion sense, or comfort sense either.

'Old women are no good'

After he had raped her the second time, he told her: "Old women are no good." It's reported that she had never done any harm to the man but one of her family members had run over and killed his brother. That's some really sick payback.

Male circumcision a tool in HIV/AIDS fight: study

One of the first fully-scientific studies to examine the link between circumcision and AIDS is calling male circumcision a potential tool that can be used to control HIV infection.

Scientists Work to Impregnate Man

Physicians and scientists from RYT Hospital have been working to develop a viable technique for the successful impregnation of male individuals. Mr Lee is the first human subject to attempt this procedure and now has a healthy fetus develping in his a...

UK Scientists invent 'pill' that can be taken hours before a date

Experts believe it could transform family planning by allowing couples to share the responsibility for cotraception- a role that traditionally falls to women

Male Birth Control Pill?

Recenet studies have shown that researchers may be close to creating a male birth control pill. Researchers conducted a study on mice, targeting a certain protein that has a human counterpart.

Parents in Metro East community want gay penguin book blocked

A picture book about two male penguins raising a baby penguin is getting a chilly reception among some parents in this village who worry about the book's availability to elementary students -- and the reluctance of administrators to restrict access to it.
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Male Mangarahara cichlids are distinguished from the females by their larger size and flowing fins.
Male Mangarahara cichlids are distinguished from the females by their larger size and flowing fins.
Ventral view of Latrodectus hesperus male. The large disks on the end of the spider s pedipalps are ...
Ventral view of Latrodectus hesperus male. The large disks on the end of the spider's pedipalps are used by the male to transfer the sperm to the female.
Red-winged Blackbird  male.
Red-winged Blackbird, male.
Monarch butterfly  male.
Monarch butterfly, male.
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Male Lexias pardalis  a species of Archduke butterfly.
Male Lexias pardalis, a species of Archduke butterfly.