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Malawi News

Volunteers join grim search for Malawi flood victims

Blantyre - While helicopters and boats fan out across Malawi's devastated floodlands to search for the living, families and friends of the missing have begun the grim task of digging for the dead.

Safari in Malawi for a warm, friendly adventure (Videos)

Normally when speaking of safaris, people immediately think Kruger National Park, or the wilds of Kenya, but there are other unique and beautiful locations on the African continent, perfectly suited for the vacation of a lifetime.

Malawi's new leader Mutharika names key ministers

Blantyre - Malawi’s newly-elected President Peter Mutharika on Thursday named half of his 20-member cabinet, nearly a month after the chaotic elections that brought him to office.

U.S. congratules new Malawi president

Washington - The U S. government offered congratulations to Malawi's new President Peter Mutharika, hailing active and peaceful elections.

Malawi's new president sworn in after disputed elections

Blantyre - Peter Mutharika called on Malawians to rescue their country from "collapse" as he was sworn in as president on Saturday, after ousting his arch-rival Joyce Banda in disputed polls.

Mutharika wins Malawi's disputed presidential vote

Blantyre - Democratic Progressive Party leader Peter Mutharika was declared the winner of Malawi's disputed presidential election after defeating President Joyce Banda.Mutharika, the brother of former president Bingu wa Mutharika, took 36.

President declares Malawi election 'null and void'

Blantyre - Malawi's President Joyce Banda on Saturday declared this week's chaotic election "null and void" and called for a fresh vote, but the high court rejected the decision.

Malawi president Joyce Banda says 'serious irregularities' in election

Blantyre - Malawi's President Joyce Banda on Thursday called for an immediate manual audit of this week's election results, alleging serious irregularities after the electoral commission reported its vote tallying system had collapsed.

Malawi vote counting system collapses

Blantyre - Malawi election officials have had to resort to fax and email to tally votes from this week's election after the electronic system broke down, delaying the release of any results, the chief elections officer said Thursday.

Malawi wants to take border dispute with Tanzania to court

Malawian President Joyce Banda announced that Malawi would renounce the mediation efforts with Tanzania currently conducted by the Forum of Former African Heads of State and Government and would appeal to the courts to solve the re-activated dispute.

Madonna's charity builds 10 schools in Malawi

Madonna’s Charity, Raising Malawi, announced that it finished building 10 primary schools in Malawi, allowing 4,871 children to be educated in the small southern African country.

Lake Malawi: At least 47 illegal immigrants drown

People trying to escape drought and war in Ethiopia and Somalia have drowned whilst trying to cross Lake Malawi in a small boat. At least 47 people are reported dead so far.

Lake Malawi: At least 47 illegal immigrants drown

People trying to escape drought and war in Ethiopia and Somalia have drowned whilst trying to cross Lake Malawi in a small boat. At least 47 people are reported dead so far.

Malawi's president reported dead

Confusion over exactly what has happened to the President of Malawi continues as media outlets such as Reuters and AFP are now quoting sources as saying that he is dead following the cardiac arrest he suffered yesterday April 5.

President of Malawi suffers cardiac arrest

The President of the small African country of Malawi has been rushed to hospital following a cardiac arrest on the morning of Thursday April 5. President Bingu wa Mutharika is said to be in intensive care.

Unique Roadshow Highlights Climate Change in Africa Special

With the UN Climate Summit barely two weeks away, Africa is abuzz with its biggest and most colorful road show ever to highlight the continent’s climate change woes: the ‘Trans African Caravan of Hope.’

Explorer who aimed to walk across Africa forced to bike sections Special

An explorer who set out to walk across Africa was forced to take a motorbike for some sections for safety reasons. Julian Monroe Fisher aimed to walk 4,000miles from Mozambique to Angola but was advised to take a motorbike due to danger from elephants.

Malawi high commissioner kicked out of Britain

London - In what has been viewed as tit-for-tat, Britain has ordered Malawi’s acting ambassador, Flossie Gomile Chidyaonga to leave the country.

British high commissioner ordered out of Malawi

Fergus Cochrane-Dyet, the British high commissioner to Malawi, could be expelled for criticizing Malawi President, the Telegraph reported.

Explorer about to set off to walk coast to coast across Africa Special

An intrepid explorer is about to set off on a 4,000-mile journey from coast to coast across Africa. Julian Monroe Fisher, 56, is going to walk alone from Pemba, Mozambique to Lobito, Angola through Malawi, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Malawi Muslims united in fighting HIV AIDS Special

Lilongwe - They may differ in ideologies and some beliefs, but when it comes to fighting the deadly HIV /AIDS pandemic, the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) and Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) have united to counter attack the pandemic.

Explorer to walk solo across Africa from coast to coast Special

An explorer is attempting to walk 4,000 miles solo across Africa from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. If successful he will be the first American to walk alone from coast to coast across Africa.

Malawi creating its own 'Mollywood', what does it take? Special

Lilongwe - On Tuesday afternoon, some Malawians flocked to Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) to welcome the Nigerian actor, Desmond Elliot, who is in the country for an almost week-long performance.

Malawi-new solar power provider for rural electrification Special

Lilongwe - A local company, Solar Charge Malawi has joined the government in the budge of electrifying the rural areas using solar energy.

Zain Malawi to connect telecom services to rural areas by 2013 Special

Lilongwe - Zain Malawi, one of the country’s leading telecommunications company, has set 2013 as a year which the rural areas will have quality telecommunications services.

Waste management challenges at Lilongwe, Malawi Special

Lilongwe - Lilongwe is the largest city in Malawi with 670,000 people growing by a rate of 4.3 percent per year, one of the makes fastest growing regions in the country. But with that growth comes major challenges dealing with waste management.

Climate change: How the poor rural people are responding? Special

Lilongwe - Climate change is one of the most serious threats to poor rural people, putting them at risk of hunger which in turn makes it very difficult to progress out of extreme poverty.

Employees cry foul over the amended Employment Act

Lilongwe - The amendment of the Employment Act by the Malawi Parliament has not gone well with the Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) which has said it does not offer employees better benefits.

Malawi parliament passes Child Protection Bill Special

Lilongwe - The Malawi Parliament has passed the Child Care, Protection and Justice Bill number 7 of 2010 which was tabled by Gender, Women and Child welfare Minister, Patricia Kaliati.

Bharti Airtel to invest $100m in network expansion in Malawi Special

Lilongwe - Bhrti Airtel, one of the largest mobile companies in the world, which has recently acquired African operations of Zain, will inject $100 million in network expansion in Malawi.
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Elephant herd crossing a road in Liwonde National Park  Malawi
Elephant herd crossing a road in Liwonde National Park, Malawi
Brian Dell
Street Scene near downtown Blanthyre  Malawi
Street Scene near downtown Blanthyre, Malawi
Brian Dell
Picnic area at Mulunguzi river entering Mulunguzi dam through Williams Falls  on Zomba Plateau
Picnic area at Mulunguzi river entering Mulunguzi dam through Williams Falls, on Zomba Plateau
Malawi  road side impressions along the M1 between Blantyre and Lilongwe
Malawi, road side impressions along the M1 between Blantyre and Lilongwe
Hansueli Krapf
Monkey Bay  Lake Malawi
Monkey Bay, Lake Malawi
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Lake Malawi  bordering Malawi  Tanzania and Mozambique
Lake Malawi, bordering Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique
Solar power to light rural areas
Solar power to light rural areas
A photo of a production process of bread
A photo of a production process of bread
A typical view in Malawi
A typical view in Malawi
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These women in Salima District  Malawi  boil groundnuts at home and carry their tubs to the Siyasiya...
These women in Salima District, Malawi, boil groundnuts at home and carry their tubs to the Siyasiya roadside market.
Swathi Sridharan