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Op-Ed: Sanders has momentum; time for Clinton-Lynch deal?

Washington - While true-blue mainstream media producers, newsreaders and scribblers are busy beating on Trump, Independent-turned-Democrat Bernie Sanders isn’t cyberslacking in his campaign plane.

Op-Ed: Brian Williams goes to MSNBC while inaccurate Fox News stays same

Brian Williams will not be returning as anchorman for NBC Nightly News. Instead, he will be joining MSNBC as anchor for breaking news stories and special reports. NBC veteran Lester Holt, who has been filling in for Williams will now be chief anchor.

Op-Ed: Clinton aide investigated for 2008 'off the books' campaign

Washington - Minyon Moore did not run for public office in 2008; however, the senior Clinton aide is alleged to have managed a shadow campaign for Hillary Clinton that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her behalf.

Op-Ed: Social media is the new fifth estate

Denver - If Jean Valjean were alive today his story might well end up on social media. Iraq's weapons of mass destruction certainly would have been a prime target.

Pro-life group holds 'March on the Media' in Washington

Washington - This past week a protest took place in front of ABC News in Washington. The group wanted to highlight what they see as media bias on the topic of abortion, saying both sides of the issue are not presented fairly.

CNN satellite interview from the other side of the parking lot

Two reporters, Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield, recently held a satellite interview ... from all the way on the other side of the parking lot!

Newtown seeks to deny newspapers access to death certificates

The Newtown, Connecticut Town Clerk is seeking to deny newspapers from viewing public record death certificates of Sandy Hook victims, according to the Newtown Bee.

Google threatens to stop linking to French media websites

Internet search giant Google is threatening to exclude French media sites from returned search results if France goes ahead with a proposed law which would force search engines to pay for content.

Video: Rudkowski interviews Hedges about journalism today

Philadelphia - At an Occupy Philadelphia event, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange interviews Pullitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges on the state of the media today.

'Fit to Print' co-producer Nancy Wolfe talks about the new film Special

Featured in articles by Digital Journal, Politico, Huffington Post and more, the new documentary film "Fit to Print" is starting to generate more and more buzz around the news-media world.

Op-Ed: MSM journalists don't know what the Bilderberg Group is?

Luke Rudkowski, citizen journalist, is not shy. In the videos, he interviews journalists from CNN, Fox and MSNBC about the Bilderberg Group.

New wave of citizen journalists — interview with Luke Rudkowski

New York - A new wave of journalists is in the making - they attend events in person and livestream everything to the world. The video is an interview with Luke Rudkowski, one such citizen journalist.

Op-Ed: Israel, its influence, and war with Iran

Washington - As the Iranian Rial begins suffering from new sanctions put in place by the international community, Israel continues its battle cry for “blood and money,” ratcheting its hyperbole and insecurity to new levels with each passing week.

Op-Ed: Where is the mainstream media?

While groups like Reporters Without Borders and PEN International have been pushing an effort to get the plight of journalists detained for a decade in Eritrea attention little is appearing in mainstream media.

Op-Ed: Is The Mainstream Media Reaching a Tipping Point?

A recent PEW Research Center poll exposing an abysmally low public trust, perceived endemic political bias, non-coverage of recent major news stories and a growing backlash all beg the question: will 2009 be the MSM's Last Hurrah?

Is there credibility in citizen journalism? Special

Citizen journalism takes heat for lack of credibility, poor original writing and biased reporting. investigates its failings, its potential and how the future of journalism can blend citizen voices with traditional reporting.

In mainstream media we trust? Special

Polls show a decline in trust levels of the mainstream media. Some journalists say media empires aren't pushing their employees hard enough. New media tools are changing journalism, and critics say the mainstream press needs to evolve.

Did the Internet kill journalism? Special

Technology continues to have a profound impact on the future of media, and citizen journalism is increasingly becoming the elephant in the newsroom. Online news is crippling mainstream media and giving people the power to report the news as they see it.

Wife Beheaded in New York

A Prominent Orchard Park is man charged with second-degree murder in the beheading his wife. The particularly gruesome killing has received scant media attention since it was first reported yesterday.

Op-Ed: The Compulsory Media Lesbian, tabloid media buys a crock

I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for actual news under the tedious non-information heap created by the U.S. presidential election. But spare a thought for the poor mainstream media, stuck with counterfeiting lesbians. Hack City strikes again.

Heroin Addict Turned Top Writer: A Profile of a Citizen Journalist

Growing up poor, Paul Wallis found himself sucked into a world of suffocating drug addiction. After cleaning himself up on the brink of death, he changed his life and became one of the Web's top-rated citizen journalists.

Is American Media Failing Us?

American media is in trouble. Plagued by ethical scandals and concentrated ownership, mainstream media needs to adapt or die. Michael Moore isn’t the only American who wants to reform how news is presented to the world.

Rebuilding Media to Old School Types, “You Don’t Get to Blog”

Instead of interacting with audiences, the attitude of some mainstream media types, self-professed "authorities" on all things news, is one of “shut up and listen." Do these old school tactics work or is new media giving ‘em hell?

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Mainstream media losing its viewership.
Mainstream media losing its viewership.
Screen capture from video
A screen capture of search results about the March Against the Mainstream Media.
A screen capture of search results about the March Against the Mainstream Media.
Reaction of the mainstream media to rape.
Reaction of the mainstream media to rape.

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