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Maine News

Bright orange lobster caught off the coast of Maine

A lobsterman in Maine ended up catching a rare bright orange lobster on Wednesday. This isn't the first time the man caught a rare-looking lobster.

Man dies after trying to shoot firework off the top of his head

Calais - A young man in Calais, Maine was drinking with his friends and celebrating the Fourth of July Saturday night when he decided to launch a firework off the top of his head. The firework exploded, fatally injuring him.

Op-Ed: Luxury hotels linked to palm oil plantations, forest destruction

If you remember those quaint drawings of big fish eating progressively smaller fish, until there's only one big fish at the end, you have the general gist of how palm oil companies often destroy rain forests.

Nonprofits in Maine could end up being taxed

If a new budget proposal by the governor gets approved in the state of Maine, then nonprofits could end up paying property taxes.

Constitutional carry bill doing well in Maine legislature

A new bill introduced in Maine would allow residents to carry a concealed firearm without a permit; and the bill is already garnering quite a bit of support from both chambers of the legislature.

'To bait or not to bait?' Maine to vote on bear-baiting

Bear-hunting is allowed in 32 states nationwide, but the state of Maine has the most permissive laws governing how to kill your bear. Maine is the only state that allows hunters to use three methods; baiting, dogs, and traps.

Tourists find python in trunk of rental car

Two women on their way to a vacation in Maine Wednesday got the scare of their lives when they opened the trunk of their rental to find a python curled up against their luggage.

Two toned lobster caught in Maine

A lobsterman of the coast of Maine caught an almost perfectly two-tone lobster - orange and brown. Scientists say the odd of this happening are 1 in 50 million.

Transgender student suing school over use of girls bathroom

Bangor - Nicole Maines says her rights were violated when she was forced to use a different bathroom because a student's family member complained.

U.S. Atlantic puffin population at-risk according to CBC

The Atlantic puffin population is at risk in the United States, and there are signs the seabirds are in distress in other parts of the world, says CBC.

Bill requiring warrant for cellphone tracking approved in Maine

Augusta - A bill that would require police officers to obtain a warrant before tracking cellphone placement was passed by the Maine House of Representatives.

Television crew reporting live on missing man — finds him

A elderly Maine man missing since the previous day returned home as a television crew was doing an on-spot broadcast on the efforts to find him. The 73 year-old man, Robert McDonough, has dementia and had wandered away from his home.

'Historic' Winter Storm Nemo lives up to predictions

Winter Storm Nemo has lived up to its projections, dumping in excess of two feet of snow in many parts of northeastern portion of the United States, while heavy winds also knocked out power across the region.

Earthquake in Maine felt throughout New England

Hollis Center - An earthquake hit southern Maine, and was also felt across the New England region. No injuries or damage has been reported.

GOP attacks Maine Democrat's World of Warcraft 'double life'

Republicans in Maine have attempted to discredit Democratic candidate for Senate, Colleen Lachowitz over her pastime – playing the online role playing game (RPG) World of Warcraft.

Maine Senate race: GOP sends mailers to confused Democrats

In what many observers suspect is a move designed to siphon votes from the independent frontrunner in Maine's confusing three-way US Senate race, Republicans have sent out a mailer to Democrats painting the sole Democratic candidate as too liberal.

Maine police find naked man at the bottom of portable toilet

Brunswick - Police took a 29-year-old Brunswick man into protective custody Friday night after they found him at the bottom of a portable toilet on a disc golf course in River Road.

Bangor, Maine prepares for possible zombie apocalypse

Bangor - If you are living in or near Bangor, Maine, fear not - preparations are tested and in place to protect you from a possible zombie apocalypse.

Rare orange lobsters delivered in New England restaurant shipment

Mansfield - A Massachusetts restaurant found six rare orange lobsters in a recent shipment. At first, workers thought they had arrived already cooked and someone had been playing a joke on them.

Ron Paul grabs majority of delegates in Nevada, Maine for RNC

Las Vegas - Didn't former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney win the states of Maine and Nevada in February's caucuses? He was able to win the popular vote, but three months later, it turns out that Texas Congressman Ron Paul is the winner.

Giant 27-pound lobster caught in Maine released back to sea

West Boothbay Harbor - A giant 27-pound lobster caught last week in the waters off the Maine coast has been released back to the sea after a brief stay at the Maine State Aquarium.

Holiday weekend draws nature lovers to Maine's Marginal Way Special

Ogunquit - They call the state of Maine "America's Vacationland." And even in the off season, the beaches of coastal Ogunquit draw visitors from all over the world.

Republican Maine Caucus Results: Mitt Romney wins, Paul second

Augusta - Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has won the Presidential Preference Poll in the state of Maine for the week-long caucus. Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who has persistently campaigned in the state, won second place.

Maine child labor law eliminates some protections for children

On Tuesday, Maine Governor Paul LePage signed legislation that increased the number of hours a child may work during the school year.

Dining on lobster, Maine sets record lobster harvest in 2010 Special

Portland - Maine lobstermen had a record setting year with 93.4 million pounds of lobster harvested in 2010, breaking the previous years record of 81.2 million pounds. Lobster can be found on menu's served deep fried, steamed, sauteed in butter or as a lobster roll.

Biking in Maine

Now that we've officially moved into a new year, there's many who will make (and break) resolutions. It's also time to think about setting goals and trying something new over the next 12 months.

Montel Williams lights up the Maine Medical Marijuana Conference

Portland - Montel Williams spoke at yesterday's medical marijuana conference in Maine. In tears as he shared his pain with the audience, he was encouraged by one attending Sheriff to take his medicine, prompting Montel to light up a joint and take a few puffs.

Old Sails to Get New Life as Tents in Haiti

Matching the well-known frugality of Yankee sailors with the equally well-known resourcefulness of the Haitian people gave John Eide an idea he hopes will help provide shelter for the thousands left homeless by last month’s earthquake.

'Brain-Harvesting' Suit Ends in Mistrial

The first of more than a dozen lawsuits alleging a Maryland research lab improperly took the brains of deceased loved ones has ended in a mistrial.

Focus of Gay Marriage Fight Moves to Maine

In less than a week Maine voters will decide whether to repeal the state’s same-sex marriage law. Out-of-state money has been coming in from both sides to fuel the battle.
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Maine Image

Maine lobster harvest sets record for 2010.
Maine lobster harvest sets record for 2010.
Lobster roll served on a toasted bun with lemon mayonaise  butter and fries.
Lobster roll served on a toasted bun with lemon mayonaise, butter and fries.
A small patch of snow stubbornly refuses to melt in the February sun.
A small patch of snow stubbornly refuses to melt in the February sun.
Frostbitten berries on the Maine coast.
Frostbitten berries on the Maine coast.
Biking in Maine
Biking in Maine
Bicycle Coalition of Maine
A picture of the mutant lobster with the triple claws that was just caught off the coast of Massachu...
A picture of the mutant lobster with the triple claws that was just caught off the coast of Massachusetts.
Captain Joe's Videos
A lone paddleboarder takes on the Atlantic in February.
A lone paddleboarder takes on the Atlantic in February.
Ogunquit s famed Marginal Way  a mile-long public footpath.
Ogunquit's famed Marginal Way, a mile-long public footpath.
Santiaga  ace orc in World of Warcraft aka Colleen Lachowicz (inset) Democratic Party candidate for ...
Santiaga, ace orc in World of Warcraft aka Colleen Lachowicz (inset) Democratic Party candidate for US Senate in Maine
Facebook Colleen Lachowicz/US Battlenet screen shot
 Here If You Need Me  by Kate Braestrup  published by Little  Brown and Company  New York (2007).
"Here If You Need Me" by Kate Braestrup, published by Little, Brown and Company, New York (2007).
Augusta  the capital of Maine.
Augusta, the capital of Maine.
Terry Ross
The hunter filming this says: This sow bear and her cub came to my bait site where I hunt in Maine t...
The hunter filming this says: This sow bear and her cub came to my bait site where I hunt in Maine this morning. Saturday August 27, 2011. I DO NOT shoot sows with cubs !
Screen grab