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Postal slowdown sparks claims of plot to undermine US vote

Washington - The United States Postal Service is popularly known for delivering mail despite snow, rain or heat, but it faces a new foe in President Donald Trump.

2.7 million people in America still get Netflix DVDs in the mail

Do you still receive Netflix DVDs in the mail? If yes, you are not alone. In early 1998, Netflix started out as a DVD through the mail company, and for 2.7 million people in the United States, that is still the case.

Blocked by Israel for years, Palestinian mail finally arrives

Jericho - Palestinian postal service employees are working overtime to sort through some 10 tonnes of letters and packages blocked by Israel for up to eight years, Palestinian officials said Tuesday.

US-Cuba mail service fully implemented after trial phase

Havana - Direct mail service between the United States and Cuba was fully established Friday at the end of a trial period despite a toughening stance by President Donald Trump towards the island's government.

U.S. Postal Service has to lower prices — But there's a price

Washington - Now for something completely different; the cost to mail a letter is going down in the United States. Yes, prices going down — you heard that right.

Cuba, U.S. could soon sign renew flights, mail: Havana

Havana - Cuba and the United States could soon sign agreements renewing direct flights and mail services between the two countries, Cuba's foreign ministry said Tuesday.

Houston cop relieved of duty for sending speeding tickets in mail

Houston - The Houston Police Department is conducting an internal investigation regarding the ticket-writing habits of a senior police officer after a local news team began sniffing about and asking him about his roadside behavior.

Mail processing centers close and put strains on businesses

Duluth - Mail delivery is lagging and many businesses and consumers depend on the timely delivery of their mail, but the trend in a slowdown continues.

Texas letter carrier accused of delivering meth with mail

Waco - A Texas mail carrier was delivering more than just magazines and letters to locals along his route, according to charges filed by state authorities following a nearly year-long investigation.

Bongo International on how businesses can access international shipping Commissioned

In recent years, soaring shipping costs have increasingly affected online retailers. No one is immune. Amazon, for example, saw its shipping costs increase to nearly $1 billion in the first quarter of 2014 - a 28 percent increase over the previous year.

FedEx indicted for shipping illegal online pharmacy meds

Washington - The US Justice Department announced Thursday that package-delivery giant FedEx has been indicted for allegedly facilitating the distribution of controlled substances and prescription drugs sold by illegal online pharmacies.

Canadians protest loss of door-to-door mail delivery

Montreal - Mail carriers and the elderly have come out strongly against the phasing out of door-to-door mail delivery in Canada since it was announced in December, holding protests and -- suitably -- writing letters.The union representing Canada Post workers said...

Lost in the mail? Letter to Napoléon Bonaparte delivered

Ajaccio - It seems the French census agency are a little too thorough sometimes, after they sent out a letter to a certain French citizen, who hasn't been around for quite some time. In fact he died almost 200 years ago.

Canada phasing out door-to-door mail delivery to urban centres

Canada Post will stop offering door-to-door delivery of regular mail to urban residents over the next five years, it's been announced. One-third of Canadians receive mail at their door but will soon have to get their mail via community mailboxes.

Housewarming greetings sent to dead people in Switzerland

Thanks to the Swiss post office, a whole load of people received greeting cards, welcoming them to their new residences and wishing them well settling in. While that sounds very pleasant, unfortunately the recipients were dead.

UK holiday couple's postcard arrives 45 years late

Leicester - Postcard posted in 1968 from the Isle of Wight, finally makes the journey to its destination in Leicestershire; 45 years too late.

Op-Ed: How Facebook could potentially replace e-mails altogether

Communication is becoming more and more convenient by the second. Perhaps not by the second, but as time progresses, so does the efficiency when it comes to communication.

Unopened fan mail to Taylor Swift found in dumpster

A Nashville resident contacted a local news station in Nashville after she found hundreds of unopened fan mail in dumpster.

Opposition to U.S. postal service ending Saturday deliveries

Opposition to the plan announced by the U.S. postal service to end Saturday deliveries has come from businesses, households and unions.

Mali Islamists destroy shrines in Timbuktu

Islamic extremists from the Ansar Dine group which has taken over northern Mali and imposed sharia law, are destroying ancient monuments in Timbuktu.

Op-Ed: 'Cards of Love' group illustrates the value of US Postal Service Special

Cards of Love is about "a person taking one minute, one stamp, and one card to make a difference in one life," and these inspirational cards are delivered the old-fashioned way.

Should the private sector be the one to deliver Canada's mail?

Calgary - Why is the government delivering Canada's mail? Should the free market deliver mail to millions of Canadians instead? These are the questions being posed by two professors at The School of Public Policy.

Quaint community post office in Johnson, Ark. to close Oct. 22 Special

Johnson - The official notice was posted on September 19 and highlighted in pink are the words "Actual discontinuance date: 10/22/2011" meaning the Johnson, Arkansas Post Office, open since 1992, will cease to exist in less than a month from now.

U.S. Postal Service could close this winter

The United States Postal Service, facing massive budget problems, may soon close its doors. The only solution is if the parties can miraculously reach a compromise for a bailout.

US Postal Service nears default, losses mount

Washington - The US Postal Service (USPS), faced with a looming $9.2 billion deficit, is so short of funds it cannot make a $5.5 billion payment due this month, and unless Congress implements emergency action, could face a complete shutdown by winter.

No mail for millions? Canada Post workers may strike by Thursday

Ottawa - Millions of Canadians may not receive mail on Friday morning because Canada Post workers could strike at 11:59 p.m. EST Thursday. Canadian Union of Postal Workers has filed a notice of striking if the two sides do not reach an agreement.

Denmark offers postal users text messaging instead of stamps

People in Denmark who are stuck for a postage stamp have been offered a text messaging service where they can purchase a stamp by SMS.

Woman tries to mail dog using Priority Mail

Minneapolis - An 11-year-old boy will not be unwrapping a dead puppy as a birthday gift thanks to employees of a Minneapolis post office being witted enough to suspect something odd about a moving package, which tumbled off the counter.

Incendiary devices in mail injure two at Maryland state offices

Packages the size of a book were mailed to Maryland state offices that contained incendiary devices. When the packages were opened Thursday they released a flash of fire, smoke and sulfur. Two employees who were handling the mail were burned.

USPS prepares for busiest week of the season

With 12 days until Christmas, there is no one busier than your friendly neighborhood mail carrier. In the busiest week of the year, the USPS is hard at work.
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Mail carrier for the USPS
Mail carrier for the USPS
Terry Ross (CC BY-SA 2.0)
A USPS mail carrier in Detroit  Michigan
A USPS mail carrier in Detroit, Michigan
KHOU reporter Jeremy Rogalski and David Carter.
KHOU reporter Jeremy Rogalski and David Carter.
A USPS mail carrier in Detroit  Michigan
A USPS mail carrier in Detroit, Michigan
Anthrax mail hoax
Anthrax mail hoax
Wikimedia Commons
Google Inbox
Google Inbox
REMEMBER WHEN: The price of a first-class postage stamp was 8 cents in 1973.
REMEMBER WHEN: The price of a first-class postage stamp was 8 cents in 1973.
U.S. Postal Service / Wikimedia

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